Thursday, October 30, 2008

My brains is functioning again :P

This month is going to be almost 3 months I've been coughing my lungs out. uhuk...Dah lah tuh....had to go to the hospital to get dosage of nebulizer for my athma attack. Never had that kind of attack before. The last time I had any attack was when I am in form 3 or form 4, but never to this level. Something must have triggered it. While this was occuring...I can never get a good night sleep and neither did my hubby....poor him.

Becoz of brain never get to function rite. I know how it feels when u r sick rite? You never seem to want to think or do anything. uhuhuhuhu. But now, although the cough is still there....but athma....and less coughing while I'm my brains is starting to function again....eheheh....

However, the down side is....when I got my brain Insonmia is also back. :( My brain seems to like to work late at nite..while my body wants to rest. It normally takes me almost 1-2 hours to really go to sleep once I put my head on the pillow. body and brain don't work well together...uhuk

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aidilfitri 2008 Celebration

First of all...I applogize for leaving this blog unattended for quite sometimes. I wasn't in well health condition and wasn't in the mood of updating any entry. The only days I was doing quite well was the first 4 days of raya...thank God for that. And...I'm feeling much better today. Well...after two dose of nebulizer oxigen and tones of precribes steroid...if that doesn't help..I don't know what will. goes.

This's my turn to celebrate first day of Aidilfitri at my mom's house. It was a bit awkward this year since my sister was unable to join us as she just flew to Australia to do a project for the company she work with. However, this year...both my younger brother decide to take leave for the first day of hari raya. Before this, both of them would opt to work so they could enjoy the triple pay..and sometime...they even do OT. I think it's okay for them to work hard and play hard at the same time. eheheheheh

So on the raya eve, me, hubby and my youngest brother Azrai, had a good time blowing all the firecrakers that Azrai had bought. Can u imagine he spend almost RM600 to buy all those firecrackers. Hell!! If i knew he wanted to burn all his money...I would gladly help him burn it all at any shopping mall...eheheheheh. Think of how many handbags or clothes or shoes I can get. wahahahahaha..but he did buy me a raya shoe. Yey!!! That nite we ended our nite at around 4am. No....we did not sleep that late coz we were preparing rendang or lemang.....but we were chit chatting....uhuhuhuhu.

The next day....we spend our day by visiting our neighbours. Although it was a wonderful day.....but I wish I could go back to our hometown. But this year....they will only gather on the 3rd day of raya...and by then I'm already at my in laws' house. uhuk. Later that nite, without me being aware of what's going hubby and my two brothers, Asraf and Azrai had make plans for a guys nite out. Sish!! So I was left out. uwaaaa!!! They went out at around 11pm to play pool and went to karaoke and got back around 3am. Can u imagine that?? Well..I guess it a good thing that they don't have problem to bond. :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Salam Aidilfitri

Monday, September 8, 2008

Soon....I'm Gonna Vomit Blood


Before you all read this entry, I must first apologize for any swearing words you are about to read in this particular entry. I know it's fasting month...but I am gonna vomit blood soon if I don't scream out loud my thoughts somewhere. uuurrrghhhh!!

It seems that every cycle of life has it's own questions. When we were young...teachers often asked us...what do we want to be when we grow up? Then, later...which university are you going into? After that, how did you do in you exam? Later...after a start to run your own life...until it's time for you to get married. So the questions become....when r u getting engaged?? After the engagement is settled..the next question will r u getting married? So now..I'm married. Although it was a really long journey for me to finally reach was a happy moment.

But now, the most frequent question is "are you pregnant yet"?? or...."when are you getting pregnant??". There's one time..I was asked the question 3 the same person in 5 minutes time. WTF?? If you are pregnant...does that mean I have to be?? B******t!! Maybe you are concerned...but I don't think you have to ask me the same question so frequent, do you? It makes me wanna answer.."Oh..I'm just having fun with having sex right now, babies come later."

Now, in the family....all the ladies who are supposed to get pregnant....are pregnant....except me of each time....the question will be shoved to my face. Hello.....!!! Just becoz everyone else is I have to get pregnant?? And you don't have to ask me each time you see me..don't you think I would have happily share the big happy news with the rest of the world when it happens?? uuurghhh!!! I hate this KG thinking!! It's making me suffocate....and soon I'll be vomiting blood each time I have to hear the golden question again and again. aarrrghhhh!!!! Unless you are going to cover all the expenses incurred pre, during and post better shut up and never ask me that question again.

Malays always says that children is rezeki. I think Allah knows best as to when he is going to bestow us with this rezeki. Am I right?? So if it's not time....then it's not time. No need to pressure me with the question. Pressure and stress is not a gonna help me to conceive either. So SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Which couple in their right mind wouldn't want children of their own?? And furthermore, I'm gonna be 28 soon......don't you think I want a child?? But, if it's not's not time.


Monday, August 25, 2008

OMG!! I'm Addicted!!

Who knows?? Browsing through each channel on a lazy Sunday afternoon can be so dangerous. It happened few weeks ago as I was lazing around on my couch in front of my TV while trying to find something descent and interesting to watch. And guess what...I did find somthing interesting....and I can't get enough of it. Wat is it? It's a Korean Drama called Princess Hours..also knows as Goong/The Imperial Household/Palace. The last time I can't get enough of Korean drama was when Full House aired. Now, every Sunday...I have to sit in front of my TV exactly at 4pm just to watch the drama...and to tell you the truth...waiting for the next Sunday is challenging...wahahahahah.

Last nite I browse through the internet just to check whether I could watch the drama online...guess what?? My search paid off.....but old PC disable me to watch it. uwaaaaaa!!!!

Anyone interested in finding out wats the drama all about?? here's the link:

You can also browse in YouTube..:D

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Lovely Unexpected Gift

I've been with my hubby for 11 years and been married for 1 year plus now. The only time he had ever surprised me with anything was 2 years ago for my birthday. Wait! time before that on my 19th birthday. ehehehehe. Well...surprises are expected on occasion like that, aren't they?

Yesterday, my day did not start quite in a good way. Well, for starters, my dearest beloved hubby have to wake up at 6am, but he sets his alarm at 430am. Yes!!! 430am!! And who's the one who really woke up?? Me of course. I was cranky all morning. With the insomnia and flu I'm having, a good sleep is hard to get. So at 615am I woke him up and send him of to work at 630am. And to make it worse, the road heading back was jammed and a stupid asshole lady driving in front of me was driving as if she was taking a stroll in the park. Damn it lady...step it up!!

So, at 515pm I went to fetch hubby back from work. Normally I don't have this routine. Only for last week, coz he has to attend a course in West Port and he is riding with his I had to send him to the colleague's place near Bukit Subang. After we reach home that Friday, he was rushing to go to a futsal training and I was rushing to attend a wedding. Suddenly the called for me. That's normal. uhuhuhu. Maybe he wants me to pack some of his stuff. Before that, he locked our bedroom door. That was a bit peculiar...hmmmmm. So, I went to him. He gave me a hug....and took out a red box out of his pocket. I was surprised!! Surprised indeed. No occasion and I got gift?? Wow!! Cool. It was a gold bracelet. Simple and lovely.

Well, that's just for a start. uhuhuhu. That nite, after we came back home...he from futsal and me from a wedding..and after I've settled everything need to be settled, we were at our usual spot....on our couch watching the Olympics. Yes...the Olympic...ehehehe. Then, we got up and went to the kitchen. As he walked back from the kitchen, he asked me to close my eyes. hmmmm???? Another surprise??? Twice in one day?? I don't think so. But I was wrong...I got my second surprise of the day.....on my neck. Yup..a gold necklace. He said the necklace is a belated anniversary gift. Thank you sooo much hubby!!! I felt sorry coz I did not buy him anything. Uhuk.

I got jewelleries now...(besides my engagement and wedding rings)..ehehehe. Thank you so much hubby. It was really a very sweet and thoughtful unexpected surprise. Love u!! Muah!!

10% Non-Bumi in UiTM?? Ridiculous!!

It is just outrageous and truly ridiculous when Selangor MB forward the idea of opening 10% quota to Non-Bumi in UiTM. UiTM is a public uni funded by Majlis Amanah Rakyat which we all now is a council established to protect the bumi's interest and rights. By opening the 10% quota to Non-Bumi, meaning giving them the share. I just don't think that's right.

I got to know about this from the news, and as I was watching it, it struck me. I am not on any side on the political party...but I think there is some propaganda in what the MB is trying to do. I think the MB of all people would know that the idea will be rejected by the government..the BN government to be exact....but he still express the idea. Why?? I think it's just to show to the Non-Bumi he is doing something for them, but with the BN governing the government, there is nothing he could do. In other words, to get Non-Bumi vote. If this theory is right, politician sure are smart aren't they? But they need to know that voters are not idiots either. They also need to be careful not to start fire and create a reason for a dispute between races just to gain their political success. Coz if this leads to bigger things, they themselves will loose much more than what they've gained.

I hate politics!!! It's dirty and corrupted!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who Would Have Thought??

It is always a joy to see best frens end up being in love and get married. Well, I'm not talking about me. My best fren married to our best fren Yusry on 9th August 2008. We have been best frens since in UM and I've never pictured the two of them together. Well....that change right after my nikah ceremony last year. To all happens so fast....and I am thrilled and so happy for them. Even my sister was shocked when I told her the news.

Oh well....there is an old saying...everything starts well ends well...(am I right??)

Congratulations to both my frens..Shelly and Yusry. May both of you live a well marriage life.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not In The Mood..:(

It has been quite some time since I've wrote anything in this blog. To tell you the truth..there are a lot of things I wanna write about....but I'm not in the mood. uhuk. June was a sick month for me...and July was not a good month either. I guess the mood swing is still following me to August. Sigh!!! In fact so many unwanted things happened and I can't control it. I just wish the time would just stop for a while until everything is good again.

OMG!! I've lost my muse to write. uwaaaaaaaa

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Dark Night - worth watching

At first, I wasn't really in to this movie coz I think the first one was not up to expectation. However, this sequel....get 8 out 10 from me. Late Heath Ledger performance was brilliant. I have never seen him did such role before. He really made it his own. No wonder he was nominatted for Oscar for the role. The movie did not only stand as a movie...but it also had a message. What is it?? Well, watch it for yourself...and you'll find it. So, if you went or going to watch the movie. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Our One Year Anniversary

Gosh!! Time does fly by so fast. Has it really been a year?? Yeap. Our wedding reception is held on 12th and 13th April 2008, but actually we officially tied up the knot on 20072007. ehehehe..nice date huh?? Well, yeah....the gap is huge. It was a long story...and to cut it short...we actually had project goin on....and we decide to tie the knot first. But then, everything did not go as planned and we were really disappointed with a certain party.

So..where did we go to celebrate?? Nothing fancy. We simply went to Sunway...had our huge portion of lunch at Tony Roma's and watched The Dark Night. Maybe next year...we'll do something much more fun. uhuhuhuhu. But this year we had fun too. I mean, no matter what you do...but as long as you are with the one you love....everything should be perfect, rite. ;)

To my dearest hubby, I love you!!! Hope we will be celebrating our anniversary for another 50 years to come. Muah!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Hate It When....

I hate it when people are not independent. Just becoz you know other poeple can help you in the take things for granted and hope that everything will work on it's own. up to yourself and put higher expectations. Depending on other people will not bring you anywhere. Instead, you'll be stuck right where you've started and other people will go further.

I was taught to be independent since I was like 5 years old. Anything and everything that I want, I have to get it myself with no help from others. I need to learn how to be resourceful in order for me to achieve what I want. That is why I hate people who depend on other people so much!!! I mean, if you have worked so hard..and at the can't do it by's ok. But...with no effort?? It is just wrong!! Please lah...wake up. Not everyone will be there to help every time.

I also hate it when..a women thinks that she has to rely on men to get the jobs done and never had the guts to even learn to do it themselves. Come on lah..we are not living in the 50's. A lot of women nowadays even hold such a high position in an organization...and you are still stuck with that mentality?? I just don't get it!! I just don't. Yes....some need men to carry it out...but for small things...that you can do yourself....take the time to learn for your own future benefit.


I wish to congratulate my beloved fren Hanna...on her new born baby boy Dean Sadat on 9th July 2008. (sorry..this entry is like 5 days late). Dean is so cute...and looks just like u. uhuhuhu

To Be or Not To Be

It has been quite a bz early July...since most of my days in June was wasted in bed and at home. Gosh!! I hate being sick and feeling vulnarable.

So, back to my entry. Last week I called a fren asking him something on govt homeloan. Then, he offered me to apply for a contract position in the govt sector. Since early on...before I went into Uni...I never imagine myself in the govt sector. I am not sure I can fit in. But then, since this is a contract and not permanent.....and the economy is not doin so my biz....I think...I'll give it a try and see how it goes. At least I am not bind by any permanent rules.

But I am a bit be or not to be?? hmmm....I can't imagine myself wearing baju kurung all the time. aaarrrggghhhhh!!!! I only wear those during raya...or kenduri kawen. uhuk. A fren said...alah..U can wear baju kurung with a blazer. OH NO!!!! That is a fashion disaster!! Few of my very close frens who knows me well can tell that I can never fit in. It is better for me to stick in the private sector. But doesn't hurt to try. But looking at my beloved hubby...there are some thing that u enjoy in private sector...u can never get in most of the govt sector/dept.....time efficiency and fast work. There will always be procedures that can be taken out....but bcoz it is have no choice but to follow every step of the way. Making u taking a longer time to settle things that can be settled ages ago.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

June 2008 - Really Was NOT My Month!! has been quite a while since I've updated anything in my humble blog. Truthfully, I wasn't feeling quite well over the pass few weeks.

It started as early as by the end of the first week of June. At first I was feeling a bit malaise....that goes on until about a week or so. Most my gfs tot I was pregnant...and I was about 5 days late and they tot wrong. And when I started to feel a bit better...the flu came down on me. Arrrrgggghhhhhh!!!! The malaise...I can stand...but flu???!!! I felt like wanting to tear off my nose...pump everything out of it and put it back in. Wanna know y?? Becoz this is the worse flu I've ever encounter...not only my nose itch...but my throat and ears itch too!!! To make it only start to itch in the middle of my good nite sleep...which means...I'll eventually woke up and can't go back to sleep. This..when as long as almost two weeks.

By the 2nd week of flu epidermic...I can't take it anymore and went to the all the necessary medicine. It was starting to wear off...but then as the medicine is finished....the symptoms came back. Shit!!! So I had to take further action buy buying shit hell expensive medicine at the pharmacy. This happens in between of my encounter with the breakdown of my car. uwaaaa!!! As if anything could go more wrong than all this. Well...guess what?? It did not end there.

Just I was about to declare myself free from illness (malaise and flu)...I got the cough. uwaaaa!!!! As of today, 3rd July 2008...I am still coughing like nobody's business. The worst cough will be around 2am and 4 am everyday. There goes my beauty sleep gaian. I haven't got any decent sleep for almost a month now. Pity my beloved hubby...kept on woken up by my horrible cough. So after a few nites, I decided to sleep in different room after he that I won't be disturbing his sleep. I know he needs it. Hell!! Who doesn't need a good nite sleep?? On 30th June, I went to the hospital...coz I tot that my cough was due to asthma allergies coz I used to have asthma. The peculiar thing is....after x-raying my lungs and inspection...the doc conclude that there was nothing wrong with me. No asthma or infection or what so ever. So end up I got cough syrup and a prescribe medicine that is supposed to give a relief to the cough. I was trying to recall any abnormal activity that I have done to encounter such sickness. The only changes in my life was....I have a new next door neighbour....who rings his bell everyday between 7-8am and 7-8pm to call down his god...and burn all this candle..and all the smell and smoke will come flying into my house. Arrrghhhhhh!!!! Tension giler!!!

In this condition, I don't feel like going out and do business with anybody. I just pray everything will go back to normal soon. So I can do my activities as usual. I think I'm not the only one suffering from this coughing epidermic.....few of my frens encountered the same too...and some of it lasted for almost a month. Please...a month??? NOOOOOO.....not me... please!!!! uhuhuhuhuhu.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just My Luck

I haven't been feeling well this few days...or maybe in these 2 weeks, on and off that is. Maybe because of the weather. Well.....last Thursday...I received a phone call offering me and a fren for a free back massage at their new opened place. So...I guess hey...this is a good one....back massage can help me to feel relaxed a bit. That is if it is a good one. uhuhu

So that day, I told my fren to wait for me near our office at 2.15pm and we'll go together. Unfortunately....things didn't go as planned. As I was driving out of my apartment area...suddenly my car decided to switch off itself. I was just about 50 meter out of my apartment and the car died. Shit!! What could go wrong with my cute little kancil (CLK) now? I looked at my petrol indicator. hmmm......petrol is least until the next petrol station which I was heading first in the first place which happens to be like 50 meter away only. Luckily....I manage to pull over at the road I wasn't blocking the road.

Tried to start my car a few times. Still it won't start. Checked the battery...still ok. hmmm....called hubby. He said might be the contact point or plug. So I called for my insurance road assistant. After few confusion here and there...finally a mechanic came to the rescue. When he came...he tried to start the car...and said....this car has no petrol. I said...yes it does. Just to let you know....I've been driving my CLK for like 7 years now...and I think I know if it ran out of petrol. Even though it doesn't have any fancy blinking indicator saying it is "hungry"...but I know if it is. But the guy just won't give up and wanted to check if there is petrol going into the engine....and what do you know??? I was right!!! It has nothing to do with petrol.

Then...he checked the contact point and plug...and the final conclusion is...according to ignition coil has burned out. hmmm......r u sure?? He seems to be. He can't make any repair on the road called the tow truck instead to tow to the nearest workshop of my choice. I was freaking out...coz I know an ignition coil could cost me....but as it turns out...that wasn't it. It was really the contact pint and the condenser that need changing. Fuh...what a least I don't have to spend that much compared to an ignition coil. Alhamdulillah. Although everything ends at around 5pm...and I missed my back least no major damaged was done.

To be honest....I think it is about time for the car to be troubling sometimes. It is entering its 7th year now...and never had any major problem before. So I guess minor change here and there doesn't hurt and should be expected. I think I better put away some money for my clutch plate. uhuhuhuhu

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who Is the Subsidy Supposed to Help??

Last 2 weeks, with the increment of petrol price here, our beloved Pak Lah also announced that the government will be giving out subsidy payments worth RM625 for 2000cc and below cars and RM150 for 150cc and below motorbikes..and this was supposed to help the medium and low income earner, right??

But then, if you think closely...just how many percent cars in Malaysia are above 2000cc? Even luxury cars like BMW and Mercedes are still below 2000cc. So to me, these luxury cars doesn't deserve to be given subsidies. Why?? Because these cars normally can only be afford those will high level income. I mean come on...with the maintenance and can't be earning like 2K a month right?? So, if they feel they can't afford luxury cars anymore....I think they should consider to change their vehicle. Or maybe our PM still wants to help his beloved son in law by giving him to taste some of the subsidy as well? Can you imagine, I saw a guy driving a new BWM 3 series, parked in front of the post office and queud to get the subsidy. I just don't think what I saw is right.

I think the government really need to review this. I think they should give the subsidy to cars with engine power 2000cc and below with on the road purchase price below RM65,000 or RM70,000 which cars are not qualified. But hey..again...that is just me.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day???

19th May was my dad's 55th birthday. At first I had no intention of calling and wishing him but my mom called and asked whether I did so. So....instead of not calling and wishing..I did the opposite. And today (15th June) is Father's Day. My heart felt like calling him...but in the end I didn't.

I grew up in a pretty unique messed up family...which most of us turn up pretty well at the end. At the age of 12.....just as I was about to sit for my UPSR exam...I had an alarming news saying that my dad had marry a second wife. At first I did not give me any effect at all...not at least until my mom keep on moving us siblings here and there. I think in a year I went to 3 different schools but I am happy with I end up at.

My dad...he was a quiet one. So ladies....beware if you have a quiet husband coz it is hard to really know was is going on in their head. We were much closer to our mom....since she does all the household related stuff. Although I was the closest to my dad since I'm the first child. So we did not really feel the lost when we were away from our dad. I can still remember his daily schedule until today.

  • 630am :- in the bathroom...we were on our way to school
  • 500pm :- he is back at home..reads newspaper....we are out playing. I'll make him some tea and sometime buys him fried banana.
  • 700pm :- he'll be on his was to the mosque..we are just back from our play time
  • 900pm :- he came back from the's our bed time.

So you can see that we seldom spend time with him. As a contractor...most of his weekend were spend on the site. However, at some point, both my brothers suffers the effect of growing up without a father. I think my dad is not the kind of person who shows affection (and yet he has 3 wives...hmmmm)...he seldom calls or visit. The only time we see him is when we go back to our hometown for Aidilfitri. And lately, he seldom goes back there. Heck!! He didn't even show up for my nikah or my reception. How super sad is that. If you asked me...I've expected it..but deep down inside...I would really love it if he was there. I'm his eldest child and daughter.

At times....when I see the closeness between some of my frens and their father...I would my life be....if I have a father. I mean one that is actually there. Maybe life would be better...or maybe not. Maybe my journey would be different. But GOD has his way of doing I am happy of where I am at this point of life. Although there are times...I felt sad thinking bout it.

So...Dad..HAPPY FATHER'S DAY (I doubt he will read this). Thank you for bringing me into this world. Although you were not there most of the time but taught me how to be tough and independent. Thank you!

I Got Tagged

I think bout few weeks ago I got tagged by fellow blogger..Ezrazlin. I don't like to respons to this tag thing but to honour fellow blogger request and since my name was on top of his here I go. uhuk.

The Rules

  1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
  2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
  4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged, and to read your blog.


  1. I am a bit OCD and kind of a perfectionist. So mostly, I plan everything I do...and if things didn't go as planned..I'll keep on thinking about it for ages. Uuuurrrghhhh!!! I hate that!!
  2. I suffer from insomnia...which is not cool either. Maybe it has to do with all that over thinking I'm doin..but I can't help it. My brain seems to be working its hardest when it is supposed to be resting. Shit!!
  3. I like to drive fast. I would love to enter a car race...but with my size and hubby won't ever let me do it. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!!
  4. I don't eat spicy food. And when I say NO SPICY FOOD...I mean it. Don't ask me why..I just don't.
  5. I hate just SUCKS!! Anyway you look at it. And we have suffered so much from it. DAMN IT!!
  6. I looooove to cook. Maybe becoz my mom trained me to do so since I was like 5 years old. Would love to have a house with spacious and well equipt kitchen someday. That is if we could afford one..with everything going UP! If that does happens...I think my hubby would have to go to the gym twice as hard..and heck! I might have to start to go back to the gym. uhuhuhuhu
  7. Another thing that I love is dancing. I would move to any good beat anytime. Uh...I miss that a lot. The last time I had so much fun dancing was December 07....don't know when is that gonna happen again. Unfortunately, my hubby don't I don't get a chance to share that passion with him. So now..I only dance at the morning, when getting ready, cooking or cleaning. uhuk
  8. I envy those who were born with privilage. They have everything (I mean the a happy ones..not the wealthy broken family), wealth and good looks. Gosh! Who doesn't envy that??


I tagged....

  1. Ezrazlin (I am giving you the honour you gave me...eheheheheh)
  2. Carol
  3. Nize Kepeh
  4. Farah Kawaii
  5. Shelly

**** Sorry...I have to break the rules here. I don't have any other blogger to tag. uhuhuhu ****

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Beware of Virus!!

There are new types of ways some crazy people sends us viruses. Please click on the link below to know more.

I'm Amazed

Last Friday nite, my hubby and I watched the semi-final tennis match between Federer and Monfils. It was an intense match. I did not move my butt for the whole gruesome 3 hrs plus to watch the match. Although Monfils had the support from his home fans...which made him a very tough opponent to the Tennis No 1 Man..Roger Federer..but in the end...the best man wins. uhuhuhu

Well...the real thing I am amazed of is my dearest beloved hubby. I know he is a sports freak coz he will watch almost any sports ever played in the sports channel. Remember this entry? But then....I thought his deepest knowledge would be about football. Again..I thought wrong. As we where watching the and then..the cameraman would point and shoot on few of the tennis legends. Of course..I did not know that they were tennis legend...until each time the cameraman shoot their hubby would tell me their names (don't ask me back..coz I really don't remember), which year they played, what was their strength and why some of them retired early. Fuh!! I guess the award of Sportsman of the Year I gave to him really suits him well. ahahahahahah

The Result is Out!

Remember the incident where it took 4 different person to draw my blood?? Well....finally the result is out. Actually it was out early last week....uhuhuhuhu. Well...from what the doc told me...we can say that...I am perfectly healthy...except that I might have fatty liver. ahahahaha. That is sure a first time. I have never had the word FAT associated with any part of my body before...and liver had the liberty to receive the award. Wakakakakakaka. And..I have a high level of protein.

Well, now..I think I have to become a vegetarian for a while and eat no meat to reduce the protein content. That means no soy beans either...uhuhuhu. Gosh!! I love soy beans. I just hope that I can stop myself from eating any meat for the time being. uhuhuh. Well....I think I will not be 100% vegetarian.....and consume less meat than usual.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Ok.....If you are living in Malaysia and knows what the hell is going on would know what my entry title is all about. YES!! The overwhelming increase of petrol price to RM2.70 at 0000hours on 5th June 2008. THIS IS CRAZY!!!

As at CLK 660 (Cute Little Kancil) will be consuming RM60 for a full tank of petrol. What the hell lah. As at 0000hours today...all my plans were put on hold...and I have to rearrange everything. My hubby and I plan to buy a new and more comfortable car and maybe buy our own house by end of year. It looks like we might have to calculate everything all over again. I am sooooooo devastated!!!! *&%#$#%&*)(*&^$@!! Maybe we'll put the new car on hold since a car will consume almost 40% of our salary and might just buy a house..that is only if we did not spent most of our salary...or what's is left of it on petrol and toll. And we still have our own tank to fill. Fortunately, as of this moment we only have two mouth to feed. Uhuk!!

But then, we really need that second car. hmmmm......this PakLah has really created problems for me. Started with having to postponed my wedding reception becoz of the election...and now this???!!! Thank you PakLah!!! Thank you very very very much!! You've really changed my life!! Since you are an expert at increasing everything...why don't you start discussing on how to make sure we all have the salary increament we deserve. Everything else is going UP and yet...we only earn the same. SHIT!! *&%#$#%&*)(*&^$@!!

Last nite, was the first time I went to fill up my petrol tank for fuel when the gov decide to increase the price...coz the increament was unbelievable!! And my queue was cut by a kaplamyanga driving a lorry. Then...I cut in front of him and open my door and scolded him. I really hate it when people cut queue like that. They think I am a small girl driving a small car...they can easily bully me?? Think again dude!! You r dead wrong!! *&%#$#%&*)(*&^$@!!

Saturday, May 31, 2008


Got this from Yahoo! News...uhuhu. Wow!! Living in a closet for almost a year?? She must be a tiny women. I big can a guy's closet be?? uhuhuhu

Japanese woman caught living in man's closet
By MARI YAMAGUCHI, Associated Press WriterFri May 30, 3:21 PM ET

A homeless woman who sneaked into a man's house and lived undetected in his closet for a year was arrested in Japan after he became suspicious when food mysteriously began disappearing. Police found the 58-year-old woman Thursday hiding in the top compartment of the man's closet and arrested her for trespassing, police spokesman Hiroki Itakura from southern Kasuya town said Friday.

The resident of the home installed security cameras that transmitted images to his mobile phone after becoming puzzled by food disappearing from his kitchen over the past several months. One of the cameras captured someone moving inside his home Thursday after he had left, and he called police believing it was a burglar. However, when they arrived they found the door locked and all windows closed.

"We searched the house ... checking everywhere someone could possibly hide," Itakura said. "When we slid open the shelf closet, there she was, nervously curled up on her side." The woman told police she had no place to live and first sneaked into the man's house about a year ago when he left it unlocked.

She had moved a mattress into the small closet space and even took showers, Itakura said, calling the woman "neat and clean."

Monday, May 26, 2008

Ouch!! That Hurts!!

Today, for the first time...I went to the hospital to do a health check. I've never done one before. The last time I did a medical check up was in 2003...when I got a new job and I never remembered of any blood samples taken. What made me change my mind??? Coz my hubby got a free health check voucher and he gave it to me.

So back to my story. The health check was simple....they only needed my urine sample and my blood sample. The urine sample was easy.....but the blood sample?? Was easier said than done. uhuk. It took like 4 different person to finally draw any blood from my blood vein.

The first person, couldn't find any of my veins. According to her, my blood vein/vessel is too small and fine to be detected. I asked her whether it has anything to do with me feeling very cold at that time. She said no...I was born with it. Yeah...maybe with my size...I don't need to have that big of blood vein/vessel anyway.

So, the second person came in. Poke me with a needle....finally...there was blood.....but...only like a teaspoon of blood. She tried to pull and push back the syringe to draw more blood. That seems to be failing too. The only successful thing it manage it do was...give me pain....a bit at least. If I can pass the pain that my "monthly visitor" gave me..I am sure as hell I can pass this pain. Then she tried again on my right hand. It was even blood came out at all.

End up, they send me to the lab...and told me to tell the lab technician that they couldn't draw any blood from me. So...I arrive at the lab...and took my number. After waited for a while, a doctor called me in. eheheheheheh.....he too was unable to locate my blood vessel. At first, he thought it was a success..but than the blood only took a peak of the outside of the body view than goes back in. At this point, I was bursting with laughter although the pain was unbearable...and I was holding my fist very tight. Even the doctor laughed..until a nurse came in and asked what was happening. ahahahahaha. The reason I was laughing is because I was looking at the doctor's face expression when the blood came back in...and I was thinking to myself....even my body knows that it was lack of blood and it refuse to share. wakakakakaka

Then finally, a cute nurse...finally found the right blood vein that agreed to gave away some blood samples. What did I get?? Two on my right hand...and one on my left hand as souvenirs. wakakakakakakaka. Up till now, I can still feel the pain as I lift up my hands. But I take it as a funny experience..not a harmful one.

I told my mom my experience...she said she had the same problem too. It took nine different syringe to finally find her vein. I guess small vein runs in the family then. ehehehe. The results??? Next Monday. Hope nothing negative about it.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

BEWARE!! Toll Fraud!!

As we are all aware....the toll gate collection can be up to millions or was it billions of Ringgit a year. And yet, the toll rate still increase time to time. And we have to bare all of this while our income is at a stagnant level..shit!! It is ridiculous to increase the rate when everyday the number of cars passing by is so many. Last time, I've received and email on how this toll gate attendant kept the collection money to themselves as an additional income to their salary. And this normally applies to toll without tickets..the ones..where you pay as you go through. I myself will have to pay RM3.20 everyday just to commute from home to office a day. At first I was a bit sceptical...but after a few incidents and observation..I find that this whole fraud thing might be true. are my theories:-

  1. Sometimes...the toll bar is always up. This indicates that, it doesn't matter if you pay the toll or not....the bar can be lifted up with a push of a button. So, this means..the toll attendant can take our money..and simply push the button to lift the bar up without having to record the collection. Except for maybe if we asked for a receipt.
  2. I asked for receipt..but there was one time where the toll attendant gave a me a receipt for a taxi which was half the value of the amount I've paid for. So this means..he recycled the receipt.
  3. One time, I have ran out of small change and there was only a RM50 note that I withdraw earlier. After searching high and low for coins....I can only come out with 65 sen. So as I stopped at the RM1.60 toll.....

Me: (while giving him the note to pay) Sorry I don't have any small change

Attendant: Sorry I don't have any small change to give back to you.

(Isn't that peculiar??..hmmmmm??)

Me: But I only have 65 sen worth of coins

Attendant: It's ok. You can just pass through

Me: Are you sure??

Attendant: Yes..just pass through

Me: Really?? Here is the 65 sen. TQ

So either he is such a kind man who paid for me for the toll he is supposed to collect...or there are no way of actually tracing the amount of collection made. Which one do you think??

As for me, the easiest way to make sure our toll payment goes directly to the toll concession company is by using Touch N Go or SmartTag at these tolls. There you go, you be the judge...and take action for yourself.

Remember This??!

Do any of you still remember this delicious 10 sen ice cream?? eheheheh. I think most of us who were born in 1970's or 1980's had been addicted to it at some point of time. I still remember, everyday after school, I will always buy this ice cream. It may not be as delicious as a Walls Cornetto Ice Cream...but it is affordable and a thirst quencher. uhuhuhuhu

Today, as my hubby and I was buying our lunch at a stall nearby our house, we saw this one person holding on to the ice cream...and suddenly..all the memories came back into my head. Then.....

Me: Uish..sedapnya aiskrim tuh..ingat tak masa sekolah sekolah dulu kita selalu beli aiskrim seposen nih?
(translation :- Uish...that ice cream looks nice. Do you remember buying those during our primary school days?)

Hubby: Yerlah..mana dorang beli yek??
(translation:- Yes....where do you think they bought it from?)

Me: Must be from this shop.

Hubby: Berenti..berenti..saya pegi beli.
(translation: Stop..stop...I'll go and buy some)

And....he bought like 10 of them. You know something?? After like 18 years.....the price is still 10 sen a piece and it tasted the same. uhuhuhuhu :P

Monday, May 19, 2008

What Happens In Vegas - A Must Watch Movie

I can't stop laughing from the first 2 minutes the movie starts till the end of the movie. It is a combination of hilarious and sweet events. Worth to watch at the cinema. Well, what more can you expect from Ashton and Cameron?? I just love Ashton and with Cameron besides him.....nothing could go wrong. ahahahahahah. This is definately a must see movie. I'm still laughing while I was driving back home after watching it.

So, what are you waiting for?? Go and watch it lah...eheheheh

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Good To Catch Up

Since I left Uni like 5 years ago.... OMG!!!! Has it been that long????!!! Time does flies by so fast doesn't it?? to my story. Since I left Uni....I seldom see my ex uni gf...not that often anyway. Well....with each and everyone of us have a handfull of things to do with most of us already have family. So, last friday...just for fun..I went to lunch with a few of them..since they work nearby. 2 hours is never enough to catch up.....but we did make it worth the time. eeheheheheh. So many things to talk about. You knowlah kan.....girls....normallah tu. I think the entire McDonald can hear what we were talking about...ahahahahahahah

Last time maybe we might talk about fashion, subjects, lecturer and etc...but now..most of us talked about our marriage life and what had happened in the last few months. It was so funny to find out how similar husbands can be. One of my fren, Elle..lost her dad last month. I felt very sorry for her. I myself couldn't imagine how will it feel if it happens to me. Furthermore, with the unique relationship...yes let me repeat that...unique relationship I have with my father and all....I am really not sure how would I react if I got the news. Will I be sad?? Or maybe have no feeling at all?? hmmmm was fun doing this. Maybe we should do this often. eheheheheh. Until next time ;)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

When Your Husband is Sportsman of The Year..:P

I know that marriage need hard work, patient and a lot of compromising. uhuhuhuhu. I understand that...and with the relationship coming to 11 years now....I am used to it by now. ehehehehehe. Who says that love is always sweet? :P

But this one thing.....I really really cannot tahan. My hubby is sportman of the year!!! Who gave him the award?? I gave it to him. Why?? Because...he is a sports freak....uhuhuhu. Most men, they watch football, rite?? Not my beloved dearest hubby. He just love sports soooooo much..that he can easily watch any sports channel on the television. He will even switch to the Tamil news to watch the sports news...if the other channel is on advertisement. Hmmm....cute isn't it?? So where does that leaves me?? On the side...playing his PSP or chatting on the net. I can't even watch my favorite show if he is in front of the TV...not unless he is into that show as well such as CSI, Prison Break and...Desperate Housewives (at least until Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles aired on I only get to watch half of the show). uwaaaaaaa!!!!!

Actually, there is a solution to this problem....and it will cost me RM899 or is it RM499 now?? The answer is ASTRO MAX. Hubby!!! I want ASTRO MAX....please, please, pleeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee.... :D

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

It feels like just a few days ago I went to Kuching to celebrate my good fren, Carol wedding on 15th March. Then she flew to Bahrain to follow her beloved hubby who's working there. Miss her a lot. Thanks to the technology advancement, I still can keep in touch with her through the amazing MSN messenger. ehehehehe. Not to forget the wonderful roaming sms. uhuhuh. It has been almost two months since she left for Bahrain..and from reading her blog, I can see that she is having fun there.

Today, I got the best news from her. She is pregnant!!! Yey!! HAPPY!! HAPPY!! JOY!! JOY!! Actually, I've been waiting for three days now for her to confirm the news. At last!! Just can't wait for her to come back to KL and go "baby shopping" with her. I felt like hugging her and jump in happiness. I am so thrilled and so so so so happy for her.

Carol, congratulations again!! Take good care of yourself...and will be waiting for you to come back. Love u lots!! Muah!! Muah!! C u soon.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Uish.....This is Crazy!!

Giler lah mamat nih. Dia berjaya kurung anak dia 24 tahun..and gave birth to 7 children. Crazy!!!

Info Oleh : Kosmo
SEORANG bapa mencetuskan kegemparan di Austria selepas mengurung dan merogol anak perempuannya yang disembunyikan selama 24 tahun sehingga melahirkan tujuh orang anak sebelum dibongkar kelmarin.

Bapa itu, Josef Fritzl, 73, kini ditahan oleh polis dan dia mengaku mengurungkan anaknya, Elisabeth Fritzl yang kini berumur 42 tahun.

Josef yang dibawa ke mahkamah semalam mendedahkan bahawa dia membina sebuah bilik kurungan bawah tanah di kediamannya di Amstetten untuk mengurung Elisabeth. Lelaki itu juga mengaku melakukan perbuatan sumbang muhrim dengan anaknya itu tetapi dia menegaskan tiada unsur paksaan. Sebelum ini, selama 24 tahun pihak polis menyangka Elisabeth melarikan diri dari rumah ketika berumur 18 tahun untuk menyertai satu kumpulan ajaran sesat.

Bagaimanapun, tragedi yang menimpa wanita itu terbongkar kelmarin selepas salah seorang daripada anak perempuan mangsa yang berumur 19 tahun sakit tenat dan Josef terpaksa membawanya ke hospital.

Para doktor kemudiannya merayu supaya ibu remaja itu tampil bagi memberikan lebih maklumat berhubung sejarah kesihatannya. Menurut polis, Josef kemudiannya membawa Elisabeth dan dua anaknya keluar daripada bilik kurungan buat pertama kalinya dalam tempoh 24 tahun dan memberitahu isterinya, Rosemarie bahawa anak mereka yang melarikan diri dahulu kini sudah pulang.

Namun, Elisabeth bersetuju membuat satu kenyataan kepada pihak polis selepas mendapat jaminan bahawa dia tidak akan berjumpa dengan bapanya itu yang didakwa menderanya sejak berumur 11 tahun. Menurut Elisabeth, tiga anaknya hasil hubungan sumbang mahrim yang berumur 19, 18 dan 5 tahun dikurung di dalam bilik itu sejak dilahirkan serta tidak pernah melihat cahaya matahari.

Wanita itu juga mendakwa telah melahirkan tujuh orang anak di bilik kurungan itu tetapi salah seorang daripadanya meninggal dunia ketika dilahirkan. Enam anaknya yang masih hidup adalah terdiri daripada tiga perempuan dan tiga lelaki yang kini berumur antara lima hingga 20 tahun.
Seorang jurucakap pendakwa raya, Gerhard Sedlacek berkata, bilik kurungan yang digunakan untuk mengurung wanita itu berukuran 60 meter persegi dan mempunyai ketinggian 1.70 meter serta dilengkapi perabut seperti sebuah flat.

Bilik kurungan itu bersambung dengan garaj dan hanya boleh dimasuki melalui satu pintu yang dilengkapi dengan kunci elektronik serta kod rahsia. Akhbar Kronen-Zeitung menggambarkan Josef sebagai seorang nelayan dan dihormati oleh jiran dan penduduk setempat. Bagaimanapun, perwatakan baik lelaki itu sebenarnya adalah satu topeng dan dia seperti raksaksa yang ganas di rumahnya sendiri.

“Amstetten kini berada dalam kejutan dan kami bersimpati dengan nasib yang menimpa mangsa serta anak-anaknya,” kata Datuk Bandar Amstetten, Herbert Katzengruber.Beberapa ujian DNA juga akan dijalankan bagi memastikan sama ada Josef adalah bapa kepada enam anak mangsa. Pihak polis berkata, anak ketujuh Elisabeth meninggal dunia tidak lama selepas dilahirkan dan mayatnya telah dibakar. Josef kemudinya mengambil tiga anak mangsa yang terdiri daripada dua lelaki dan seorang perempuan sebagai anak angkat. Lelaki itu memberitahu isterinya dan pihak berkuasa bahawa ketiga-tiga bayi itu ditinggalkan oleh Elisabeth di pintu rumah mereka sejak beberapa tahun lalu. Setiap bayi yang didakwanya dihantar ke rumah mereka itu disertakan dengan sepucuk surat yang mempunyai tandatangan palsu Elisabeth yang mendakwa dia tidak mampu memelihara anaknya itu. Ketiga-tiga kanak-kanak itu pergi ke sekolah dengan menjalani kehidupan seperti biasa tanpa menyedari bahawa ibu dan tiga lagi adik beradiknya dikurung di rumah mereka. - Agensi

Deepest Sympathy And Condolence

This entry is a tribute to my ex university mate Ms Sandra. We were not that close but then, after reading the blog entry of my fren Carol, I felt very sad after reading it. The nearest relatives to me that passed away was my grandmother. That was already unbearable.


My deepest sympathy and condolence to you and your family. Hang in there and be strong. She will always be there in your heart.

I didn't know Sandra's here is Carol's entry.

When You're Gone
I was asleep when i received the sms from Sandra this morning.

"Mak ku dah xda kul 3.30am"
(translated: My mum passed away at 3.30am)

Right after reading the text, i was stunned. To make sure that i'm fully awake and get the message right. I read it again and again. Then, i felt so sad and sorry for her and the family. Her mum has been battling with the cancer since the year 2003/4 if i'm not mistaken. The aunt-in-law passed away on Mr Husband's convocation day, of the same sickness.

I could never imagine losing someone so dear. I cried like nobody's business for not speaking with my best friend before.

Aunty Rose was such a lovely mother. A patience, loving mother. She was there during my engagement party. In fact, i really want her to come for my wedding too. But, she was too ill to make it. Sand herself was supposed to be one of the bridesmaid but her mum was admitted to the hospital for lungs failure few days before my wedding. That very morning, when it happened, she sms'ed' me saying that she's looking forward to be my bridesmaid and she was so happy until that afternoon when her mum had breathing difficulties. However, on the wedding day, Sand took a bus from her hometown to Kuching just to attend the dinner reception. That was after asking her mum if it is ok for her to go and have to leave her for a day. The mum said ok. Ok, i barely cleary see what i'm typing now cos i'm crying. I'm feeling so helpless to not be able to be there.

To Sand and family, our deepest condolence. Our prayers are always be with you. May her soul rests in peace. You have been a great daughter to your mum and i'm sure she is so proud to ever have a daughter like you.

Monday, April 28, 2008

And Now....We Know


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hmmm....Not A Good Start

Yesterday evening, I felt like my gum is swollen....maybe because of lack of water. Ade ulcer kat gum...uwaaaa. Sgt sakit! But I ignored it. Last nite, I did not get a very good sleep. To begin with, I couldn't sleep until like 12.30 midnight...then my hubby's alarm clock went off at 2.00am. Yeah....of course to watch football..what else?? Being the insomniac that I interrupted sleep means I have to start my sleep cycle all over again....sigh. Then woke up again at 7am to prepare hubby's breakfast and his clothing. Not that he can't do it all by himself....but I want to make sure....uhuhuhu.

After that, apa lagi....continue my cycle of sleep. Since my gum I'm not really in the mood to do anything today. hmmm.....I even dream that I broke 2 or 3 of my teeth. When I woke up at around 1030am..I immediately call my mom. U know...most malay have this "kata orang tua2" thing. So I asked her....what's the probable meaning of the dream I had?? She said....if lower teeth..means someone younger than us died...and upper teeth....someone older. But then, it is just a superstitious thing of "kata orang tua2". Sure hope it didn't happen or will not happen. I had the dream after I slept again after normally at that time...all dreams are mainan tido aje. uhuhuhu

But now, I have to get ready. I have an appointment this evening...uhuhuhu. Nak tak nak kena pergi jugak. Shit!! My gum hurts!! uwaaaa

Monday, April 21, 2008

Protocol oh Protocol

It has been more than a month since my hubby joined government agency and he is still adjusting to all the protocol in the government sector. Last weekend, for the first time I met my hubby's colleague at a futsal tournament. Even I can feel the awkwardness. Because of my hubby's level, everyone in the department has to call him Tuan or Encik and they called me Puan even though they are out of the office environment. The awkward thing is, when I tried to make a conversation with a person that is older than us, I do not know how to address them especially those who are lower level as they call me Puan. Silly isn't it?? I mean, last time I just call my boss by his salutation or what so ever. Maybe that is the difference of level of openness between this two sectors. We will still have to adjust to this protocol or maybe we'll just suck it in and have fun with it. Yerlah...bila lagi other people nak call us Tuan and Puan...wakakakakaka. Right?? So, might as well accept jer. uhuhuh. However, there are still other poeple who are at higher we will have to do it also. eheheheheh

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thank you!!!

We wish a million thanks to those who came to celebrate and share our most important memorable day with us. Your presence are most valuable to us. We also wish a million thanks and warmest gratitude to those who were involve directly in order to make the event a success especially to my Uncle Sanusi's Family, my dearest Aunty Mah, Uncle Lut and Kak Maria's family. Ninie, thank you for the hand bouquet and tent flower decor, couldn't have done it without you!! It is hard when you are the wedding planner and the bride at the same time.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

At Last....Everything is over...fuh!!

At last everything is over...seres lega siot!!!! A few months of hard days work to make my wedding reception a success. There was hick-ups here and there...but then...I can't control everything....kena terima jerlah. Tp maybe akan buat aku tak senang tido dlm masa 2-3 bulan lah...mengenangkan kecacatan yang ade. But so far, everybody said they've enjoyed the event.
Pictures?? Belom lagi....tunggulah nanti..bila cameraman dah siapkan. It was a very hectic 2 days for us. My ceremony was done on 12th April day and nite....and 13th was on my hubby side. Mlm tu jugak kitaorg balik to make sure everything on his side is ready and proper.

Tp kitaorg giler terkilan, there are few of our frens...yg silap date. Maybe I cannot blame them, coz I've change the date. But then, ade yg dah kasi kad and notis by hand....not to forget like 10 sms I've sent to them reminding that the event was on that particular date. My hubby even wrote an sms to a fren who said that he/she tought the wedding is next week...."Weh!!! Ko tak reti baca kad ker? Penat je hantar by hand kat ko!!". just takes not more than 5 minutes to open and read the card or the notice. Maybe some people are just like that. But will take us sometime to absorb that fact....especially on frens that are close to us. How would you feel, if after all the effort you put and that happens to you? To those who didn't came because of other's ok. We'll meet up sumtime.

Well...actual day wedding pictures blom ade....but you can view the pictures we've taken at D'Paris Image Studio @

Monday, March 31, 2008

Ada.....Tapi Serupa Macam Takda....sigh!!!

Ada lagi lebih kurang 13 hari to my wedding reception. Up till now, I think I have covered almost 90% of things to do. The only sad thing is, all was done by either my beloved mom herself or me thanks to our dear sedara mara. Except for maybe my uncle, who helped us in few of the matters such as paiting our house and etc. My mom and I even joked that on the reception day, both of us might just lay on the katil pengantin because of too penat handling the pre-wedding preparation and my husband might have to berkompang and berarak sampai bilik pengantin. uhuhuhuhuhu

This event is suppose to be a wonderful event but then when I do everything by myself....I felt sad. uhuk!! I can't imagine how could it be if I was working 9-5 daily. I don't think I can manage to plan this wedding or even prepare properly for the event. With no help and all DIY...I might have been dead of exhaustion by the time the day comes. Even now, I felt tired coz of lack of sleep and rushing here and there. Fuh!! Please God...give me strength and don't make me look saggy and tired on the day. Amin!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Congratulations to My Beloved Dear Friend.... Caroline Robert

First of all, congratulations to Caroline a.k.a Mrs Dennis Ruin on her wonderful wedding.

Mr and Mrs A. Dennis Ruin (and of course the minister in the middle...heheh)

Last weekend, we went to Kuching to celebrate Carol and Dennis wedding ceremony. This is the reason why we couldn't have postpone our wedding to the next week. We have already prepared and looking forward to go to Kuching to cherish our friend's important day. So, we arrived in Kuching in the afternoon of 14th March and after check in to Merdeka Palace, we took a walk around Kuching town and surveyed the shops along the Waterfront. We were accompanied by Ninie and Amril whom arrived just 20 minutes after us.
Since this is the first time going to Kuching, my hubby decided to try the famous laksa sarawak. The gravy was curry and mixed with Bee Hoon instead of yellow noodle. The special thing is, we took a five minutes boat ride to go to a village on the other side of the water front and settle at warung Pak Lah Boyan. I've also tried something new called Kolok Mee. ahahahahahahah...nice.

Laksa Sarawak

Kolok Mee

The next day, our day starts by going to the church for the church wedding ceremony. We can't wait, coz this is our first time experiencing such event. All this while we've only seen it in movies. Just to let you know, it is totally different. Not as simple as you think it might be. The ceremony took almost an hour to complete. uhuhuhu. Then, there was a luncheon at Sarawak Club. The reception dinner was at 8.00pm held at Balai Merdeka, Merdeka Palace Hotel. If you think the day ends after the dinner, u tought wrong. Later, we went to an after party at Victoria Arms Club also in the hotel. Overall, we had a full one day event..and it was a blast!!!

It was 16th March, and today....we are flying back to KL. So after breakfast, we walk around Kuching town again (not every part of the town...just some part...uhuk) to take photos and bought some things for our moms. Couldn't buy much things.....still budgeting for our big day...uhuhuhuhu. But the sad thing is, all of us forget to take any pictures at the cat statue...:P

For more pictures...visit my fotopages.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Agak Malang Nasib ku....uhuhuhuhu

17 Mac 2008 adalah tarikh keramat di mana hubby ku yang tercinta memulakan tugas barunya di Pelabuhan Klang......mak aihhhhh....mmg jauh giler. Dan oleh kerana Pelabuhan Klang tuh jauh nak mampuih....aku tak berani nak kasi dia bw motor pi that Monday morning, aku pon hntrlah dia from Sepang......adalah dalam 85km. takpe..aku dah bese drive jauh2 nih. Jd first day...oklah...selamat lah aku hntr dan amik dia balik keje. Mlm tuh...dia pi servis moto kasi tip top nak bw pi keje hari rabu...sbb selasa pon aku hntr gak...sbb lps tuh aku terus nak gi umah mak kat sekali jlnlah.

Tarikh keramat 18 Mac 2008, nak dijadikan cerita......byk benda aku nak selesaikan dgn mak aku....nak gi Nilai 3, nak jumpa org buat pelamin, nak jumpa org yg nak cat umah...dan mcm2 lagilah...cuma tinggal tak sampai sebulan nak sampai ke 12 April 2008. Gemuruh aku dibuatnya. Jadi...lps hantar hubby tercinta...aku pon ikutlah jln lama nak ke Sepang......dah dekat area jalan besar Bukit Changgang.....tetiba ku perasan......meter tempreture kete aku dah over dr "high"...giler!!!! Aku berenti tepi.....buka boot depan....fuh....berasap kete...kalu aku bw kamera...leh letak gambo kat sini. Dahlah kiri kanan ladang kelapa nak tak nak aku terpaksa call mak aku minta bw air......dia sampai....45 minit kemudian. Aku dah nak kering dah dlm kete tuh....uwaaaaaaaa. Then bawalah slow2....sampai workshop. Dlm perjalanan tuh pon 2-3 kali berenti isi air...sbb temp naik lagi. Sampai workshop.....nasib baik...bukan radiator yg bocor...cuma salur paip jer yg bocor. Itu pon kena 60 henggit.

Yang malangnya....sumer plan ku musnah. Org pelamin tah ke mana, Nilai 3 tah ke mana, org yg buat cat pon tah ke mana...sumer nya tah ke mana lah....uhuk. Lps repair....aku dah kena gi amik hubby tercinta...uwaaaa.....buat penat jer!!!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Marilah Mengundi...uhuhu

Marilah kita mengundi untuk masa depan kita. Tp aku tak sure aku mengundi ke tak....ehehehehe. Tahun nih first time. ekekekekeke. Lagi pun, aku still confuse nak undi mana. Dahlah aku tak kenal pon colan kat kawasan aku tuh. Kalu aku undi pon based on reputation parti tuh. uhuk

Negara kita tak penah diperintah oleh parti lain selain BN...rite?? So, nak ubah tak?? Kalu ubah...satu penggal..r we willing to take the risk?? satu penggal 4 tahun tuh. Lama gak tuh. Banyak benda leh jd dlm 4 thn. is for you to decide.

Tp aku rasa kan BN cam goyah skit..or Pak Lah yang goyah...coz I have never seen such marketing for election before. Billboard kat highway, iklan radio and TV. Or maybe they just want more people to vote this year. hmmm...entahlah. Aku harap dorang tak guna duit tax payer to do all those campaign. I sure wish that Tun Mahathir did not stepped down. I would be less confuse. Hmmmm...JOM UNDI!!! Undi anda adalah rahsia....shhhhhhhh.

Giler rush and Panic!!! Fuh!!

Just about 10 minites I was chatting with a fren..I heard a women screaming for help. And I heard people running. At first I tot there was a robbery or what...then I quickly open the door and one of my neighbour said that there's fire in one of the neighbours kitchen at the upper level. I went running upstairs..and saw the fire..then quickly ran back to my house and called 994. Gave them the details...then ran back to the burning apartment...luckily....the fire was successfully put off by some of the neighbours. Fuh!!! So, I went back to call 994 again to say that everything was in control. What an experience it is.

I remembered the last time I was as this panic. It was when I was in form 4..if I'm not mistaken. I was hanging around in my sweet home (last time was in Desa Jaya Kepong) with my family. My house is facing the main road. My mom always scream when ever my little brother decide to run and play in front of the house as the cars were fast. On that day, suddenly we heard a very very very loud bang. As if a contenna has dropped from the sky loud. So we quickly ran out of the house. Then...we person flew inside the back mirror of a car, one was under the car and one with a broken arm trying to pull the one under the car. The one flew into the back window left part of his lips in front of my house. After absorbing everything...I ran to the house and called 999. But the sad thing is....after an ambulance. Giler kan?? so...some of the passing by drivers..had to take them to the hospital in their car. Luckily there was people wanted to help. After that, I don't know what happen to them. Giler siot!!!!
So frens, please be aware of your careful on the road and make sure all the gas are turn off when ever you are leaving home for a vacation or what so ever.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blood Diamond...iyer..aku baru tengok

Ahahahahah...yes..I've just watched this film on Astro HBO channel. Didn't care to watch when it was playing at the cinemas. I heard the story line was great but I think we were to busy to go to cinemas...uhuhu was a worth film to watch. A mix of passion, action and has a good moral values to it. Anyone haven't watched it before..maybe you can still catch it on Astro..or maybe...just buy the DVD. ;)
P/S: Wanted to go and watch JUMPER. Anyone have seen it?? Any reviews??

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Last night I wept
I wept and I cried
I wept and I cried....
Till there were no more tears
Till I don't feel a thing in my soul

But then
I still wept and cried this morning
And yet, no appologies received

I was ordered
I was ordered..
Not to cry
Not to express...
Not to express my sorrows
And to keep it all to myself
If I refuse
I'll be punished
Punished with anger

So then...
I stop crying
I held back all the sorrows
I kept it all to myself
With no one to share
And again..I console myself
To get through everything
Just like I did before

I just hope
Hope that I have the strength
To hold on...if not
I might just choose to die
And if I die
I'll keep everything
And bring all my sorrows to the grave

Friday, February 22, 2008

NO Honeymoon for us

Since the announcement of the election date, my life has been miserable. Yeah...u've read all about it before in my blog. So NOT going anywhere for our honeymoon just added the miserableness into my life. I've been planning for the honeymoon for ages. I've even bought few things for the honeymoon. But since it was too short notice for us to go anywhere between 6-9 March...I've decided to let go. Yes!!! It is damn sad. I am frustrated, sad, angry and depressed but maybe it is for the best. I have never felt this sad since my last birthday. No celebration or what so ever...just like an ordinary day. I think I have to stop to expect. Well, no need to say anything about it's in the past. sigh!!!

If only I stick to the date of 1st March 2008, If only my hubby did not get the offer so soon and If only the government did not decide to make the announcement that ruins everything. I just hope nothing else goes downside.

So, 12th and 13th April is the only thing I am looking forward for now. Just praying that it goes well. The rest I can console myself...just like I did with everything else that goes wrong in my life.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cuba teka

Jika anda pandai...cuba teka. Apakah yang selalu memekak dan mengeluarkan bau busuk tengit (yg menyakitkan kepala) diantara jam 7-8 pagi dan jam 7-8mlm. Aaaa....teka...teka...jgn tak teka. uhuhuhu

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Wedding Photoshoot

Last Sunday, we went to D'Paris Image to do our wedding photoshoot. I wanted to do and feel something different by going to a Chinese studio to take wedding photos. ehehehehe.

So our day starts at 10.30am as we set foot into the studio. We had 6 outfits to finish the photoshoot. 2 wedding gowns, 2 evening dress and 2 costumes. Overall, it was fun and hilarious coz we had to do so many poses. There were cute, elegent, funny and sexy poses altogether. wakakakakaka. We didn't know that being a model was such a hassle until we did this photoshoot. Our day ended at 8.45pm...yeah...about 10 hrs later. Wow!! It was tiring!! But we did have fun.

We can't put any photos in this entry as we did not take any. But we just can't wait to see the photos this friday and we can only choose 20 pictures out of the whole bunch taken. It's gonna be a tough choice to make.

The album will be done on 1st April. So, to those who are coming to my wedding, you'll be able to view it during the wedding day. *wink wink*

Friday, February 15, 2008

I am pissed off!!! I feel like killing someone...arrrghhh!!!

Yesterday and today, I felt like killing someone?? Why?? Why?? Because of the stupid election that makes my life miserable. Bloody Hell!!! Now, my big day that I have been waiting for has to be postponed. Damn It!!! None of my relatives can make it on 8th March since 90% of them are in Johor. So after a discussion last night, we have decided to push the event forward to 12th and 13th APRIL 2008. Yes....12th and 13th APRIL 2008. Why?? Why postpone it for a month?? Why you ask??? Here is why.....we can't push it 15th and 16th March coz we have already bought flights and hotel room in Kuching for a friend's wedding. Then coz my hubby just started work at a new co on 17th March, we don't think he can take leave so soon, so 22nd and 23rd March is also out of the question. That is how we came out with 12th and 13th April as our date. Futhermore, 13th April is my beloved hubby's birthday.

So, today, I was busy as hell. I had like thousands of phone calls to make. First of course to caterer, tent company, make up artist, pelamin guy, kompang team, videographer and photographer. Thank God they are available on that date. After all that are settled, I've send like hundreds of SMS and emails to frens whom I've already send invitation cards to. I've also printed a notice to be posted to them and also to be attached with my gorgeous wedding card (ahahahaha..yg nih aku masuk bakul angkat sendiri...wakakakakaka) for those which haven't been sent out yet.

I will always remember 8th March 2008 and The 12th General Election coz it almost ruin one of the most important day of my life. I think for the first time voting, I might even vote for the opponent coz I am soooooo pissed.

I just hope that my invitees took note on the change of date and don't turn up on my door on 8th March 2008. I think I'll have to send a reminder SMS or email a week before that.

Again, to those who are invited, please take note, the wedding will be on 12th and 13th April 2008. Hope to see you there on my big day.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Last time the general election never had an impact on my life. At least not in a big way. I don't really like is always dirty no matter how much detergent you used to clean it up. And no matter what, BN will always win (except maybe in Kelantan and Terengganu). However, this year, my hubby and I decided to register as voters. Yes yes....we are 28 and we have never voted before. When we were eligible to vote, we can't vote..remember 1998?? the Anwar Ibrahim case time..yes that time. uhuhuhuhu

But this was different altogether. The general election has a huge impact!! Why?? Why you asked??? Because it happens to be held on the same day of my wedding date!!! %$#!&^(*$#&^)!^%* And I had to reduce the no of pax to the caterer as I doubt most of the outstation guest will be coming. aaaarrrrghhhhhh!!!!!

I hate politics, and now, I hate it even more. uwaaa!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Our Love Song

I just wanna share our long song with our beloved frens. The lyrics are so meaningful and we just looooooove the song so much. So lets celebrate the joyful of LOVE!!

By Alicia Keys

I just want you close
Where you can stay forever
You can be sure
That it will only get better

You and me together
Through the days and nights
I dont worry cause
Everything's gonna be alright
People keep talking
They can say what they like
But all I know is everything's gonna be alright

No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I'm feeling
No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you
You you
Can get in the way of what I feel for you

When the rain is pouring down
And my heart is hurting
You will always be around
This I know for certain

You and me together
Through the days and nights
I dont worry cause
Everythings gonna be alright
People keep talking
They can say what they like
But all I know is everything's gonna be alright

No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I'm feeling
No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you
You you
Can get in the way of what I feel for you

I know some people search the world
To find something like what we have
I know people will try
Try to divide
Something so real
So till the end of time
Im telling you that

No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what
I'm feeling
No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what
I feel for you
oh oh oh....

Hope u enjoy this song as much as we do :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Things I can't wait for

There are only 31 days left to my reception and besides all the hassle of preparing for the day, there are few things that I can't wait for in this whole preparation process.

12th February - to finally start to finish the wedding favours
15th February - to finally see my finished wedding dress (I sent to do beadings)
16th February - to go for a dress fitting for the dress I'll be wearing on the groom side
17th February - My wedding photoshoot with D'Paris Image (this one will be exciting - but tiring)
20th February - to see the finished look of my bridesmaid dress (so cute)

Still praying that everything is in place and going well.Pray for me too yeah frens.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yet Another Preparation...fuh!!

Yesterday, on Monday, I went out with my mother. To tell you the truth...I have never gone out shopping with my mom before..I mean not since I know how to shop for myself. But then, as my big reception is coming, yesterday was our second time shopping together. It was exhausting!! Yeah...both me and my mother can barely walked anymore. There are too much choices and and to many shops to look around. So we did end up with cloth for the "bilik pengantin" curtains, maid of honour dress and my mother's new peep toe shoe (which I wanted to buy in the first place..eheheheh). Today, I took my cousins to the tailor to do their bridesmaid dress.

As my wedding will be the first wedding for my family..and I mean the first for the whole family on my mother's side (my dad side doesn't count..we are not that close) it is a bit stressful coz we did not have any experience in handling such thing before. Yeah...of course I've handled my nikah ceremony..but that one was easy. It was only for 250 stress there except for the fact that it took me three days to paint the fence wall myself (when u see the fence..u'll understand) but to have 1200 guest and 10 tents...that is a whole different story altogether. You know, at this time...being meticulous and systematic really helps you to coordinate things to make it less stressful and to ensure everything goes well. I really hope I don't miss any small important thing such as bunga manggar or sign board to my house.

With all this preparation coming into place, I did learn one thing though...never stop looking. What I meant was....if you really want to find really good service or product at an affordable price and don't let the appearance get into you. Let me tell you a story. I wanted to do a customised ribbon printing for my wedding favours (door gift), so I ask my frens for the list of suppliers and as usual all of them gave me different quote. Last minute, I went to a shop that wraps gift and they sell boxes, cards and ribbon and asked them for a quote. My first impression was..."I think it gonna cost me"..why?? coz the shop is situated in OU. But fortunately, I was wrong...the price they gave me was half the price quoted to me by another supplier earlier. Wow!! I managed to lower the cost to wonderful is that?? I am so happy!!

Up to today....I've managed to settle almost 85% of the list of things must be done. But still, I will have to paint the master bedroom, do some minor repair on the master bedroom bathroom (yes, I'm doing it myself) and finish up wrapping the wedding favours. And oh yes....still a few hantaran things are not settled yet. Fiiiuuuuuhhh!!!

So anyone that says wedding is a simple thing...think again.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Only 40 more days to go...uhuhuhu

Wow!!! It has been so long since I wrote anything in my little blog....and spider web is all over the place...ehehehehe. you all know, I've been busy. Not busy working but busy arranging all the nitty gritty thing for my reception ceremony which will be held on 8th March 2008. I am anxious and can't wait for it all to take place on the day. Seronok tau dapat kawen dua kali....eheheheheh. I mean, I had my nikah ceremony in July 07....that one was one hassle but a very memorable and happy one. And now I get the chance to do it again. heheheheh.

So right from the catering, tent, flowers and of course my wedding dress, all have to be perfect! But perfect is easy to achieve if you have a lot of money to spend. But in my case, I have to work around the budget that I have. So that is the most tricky part, to get the best at the lowest cost possible. I have to be really careful with every cost incurred. Sometimes, you can get the best at a very minimal cost...but you have to be careful to pick the right one. Sometimes...too cheap means very low quality. What I did was I survey and compare and I have to decide which category that I am willing to sacrifice a bit for a lower cost.

And now...ONLY 40 MORE DAYS TO GO!! is stressful. Yesterday, I went to D'Paris Image for wedding gown fitting. It took us 2 1/2 hours to choose 5 gowns. The shocking thing is...all the gowns were my size. I can't imagine how on earth a person bigger than me can fit in it. All those gowns are size 0 or at least size 1. hmmmmm...but at least I am lucky on that side. It was really hard to choose since each one that I tried was fabulous. With the help of my hubby and my bridesmaid, Nadia...we have finally made our decisions. I am soooo happy. Unfortunately, no photos are allowed to be taken during the fitting. If not..I would have posted one in this entry..sigh.

Hopefully, everything goes well and I don't miss any important details.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A New Year...A New Resolutions...Welcome 2008

I hope it is not too late to wish everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I have so many things to write but never have the time to do so lately. But...since my beloved chubby fren Bani asked me to do so, so here I am writing an entry.

2007 was an overall a happy year for me. Here are list of happy things that happened in 2007.

  1. My beloved sista (by bind and not by blood) Diyana got pregnant with her first child.
  2. I got married on 20072007...that will be a date and year to be remembered forever
  3. I finally got to stabilize my income and improve my payments skills to all my hutang...hahahaha (coz my income is not fixed lah...don't judge me okay)
  4. My mom got her EPF...(not for me lah) so she is now in a better shape financially and I am happy for her.

I think there's more...but these are the the most memorable event of happiness that I could remember. :D

As for 2008, it is still young...still a baby. So has been great. Still got 355 days to go...uhuhu. Who knows?? Anything can happen. I don't normally do any new year resolutions but this year I have a few.

  1. Have to get all my details and financial background altogether. Since I am a freelancer, all my income are not recorded it is quite hard to prove my income. So I have decided to get it all together and manage it better for future benefits.
  2. Make sure my reception goes smoothly as I wanted it to be. PLEASE FRENS, PRAY FOR ME.
  3. Hopefully to have our first child :D (Have to work this one with hubby...wakakakakaka)
  4. Maybe buy a new car. (This one too)
  5. Buy a house...maybe towards end of year. (And this one too)
  6. Think of a better business to do other than stupid futsal thing...coz the funder seems to think it is not profitable and suspend funding for a period of time. WTF lah?? Not profitable?? Sigh....

So there you go....Bani...hope you enjoyed reading this entry. ehehehehe