Thursday, July 9, 2009

Laugh till You Drop: Ice Age 3

Since last week was the last weekend before hubby goes back to Melaka....I asked him to treat me to Ice Age 3 movie. Aahahahah....I've always love cartoons. I even changed our Astro Discovery channel to DisneyWorld channel. ahahahahaha. I'm like a 6 year old when it comes to cartoons. I guess they made me laugh...that's why I love them. My hubby never really understands why...until he watch Ice Age 1 for the first time on HBO. He laugh his heart out. it's easier for me to ask him to watch cartoon movies together. :D

To those who haven't watch Ice Age 3 yet....please please please go watch it. I guarantee you won't regret it. It is damn hilarious. I laugh from start to finish. At some point I was laughing like no body's business until I forgot that I was actually in a cinema. I am always amazed by the imagination of all the writers who wrote such good and interesting stories that we all enjoyed so much. They must be damn creative. uuhuhuhu. I just love the Sid character...and not to forget that creature that is always hunting its nut. is just a sideline that made the cartoon much more fun to watch.

oh yeah....btw..I did watch Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen a week was awesome. So don't miss that one too. It is humor and thrill combined. To read a hilarious review...go to DIYANAZMAN. (Diyana...kasi komisyen skit....akak promote blog hang nih) :P

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life Goes On ;)'s been a while since I wrote anything here. I have a lot of incidents to write about...but never come to write about it in the end. is exactly 1 month 1 week after the grulling incident at the hospital with my miscarriage. The truth is, I am long passed that. Hey, life must go on. uhuhuhu

I am glad when everything was over before my hubby left for his outstation duty for 4 months in Melacca. He went just 1 week after I miscarriaged. Hate to think he would have to come back and forth for me if I was still in pain or in fragile condition. Everything worked out for the best in the end. Allah always know what is best ;)

Nothing much had happened in this 1 month. I've recovered completely....physically and mentally...i guess. Although....I am missing my hubby. Haven't been away for so long from him before.....not even when we were dating.....eheheh. Few of my frens were quite amazed by how I handle the incident. To tell you the truth...I am quite amazed of myself too. To be able to handle the emotional wreck that happened was a great deal. A fren of mine had the same experience, she was mopping for a long time. Luckily, she got pregnant 2 months of the miscarriage....and that made her stronger. I guess, too many things happened in my life that the experience helped me to be a stronger person mentally. I am greatful for that.

Actually, I was imagining the joy of going back for raya with a big bump on my belly. I guess we'll see if that will happen next year. uhuhuh

So....nothing much has change. I go to work everyday...and hassle through the traffic with idiot drivers everyday. The only thing that has changed is my weight. I did gain 3kg (most of it goes to my belly), bigger boobs, butt and thigh. hmmmm.....bigger boobs and's a plus.....but fat belly??? Is a damn NO now am dieting to reduce it. ahahaha...but my hubby said to leave it it can be a cushion and pillow for the next baby. Yeah right?? :P