Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kesenangan Dunia??

I have been working with my current company for almost 3 years now. It is the longest time I have ever been working with a company. Well, you can call me a job hopper but that is the only way for me to get a pay raise. However, the factor that made me join this current company is not really a pay raise. I just wanted to runaway from my previous sales job that was putting a lot of stress for me with its ridiculous high target. I was trying to conceive so that factor has to be wiped off.

I had made a lot of adjustment while trying to have a baby. Switch job to a much lesser pay position to reduce the stress and also move to a landed house that requires more money as well. A decision which I didn't regret making because now I have Wildan. My sweet little cheeky cikenit bambam. I miss him already!!

However now, I am trying to search and apply for a new job. I need a better paid job as all the expenses has gone up! Literally!! My pay now is what I get in 2006. Yes!! Pathetic or not? Hubby is not really making much as a government servant. So, I need to work and help him with the expenses. Even more so now that we have Wildan. Hmm...this reminds me. I've just read my dear friend Carol blog and her latest post really made me angry. Not at her but to a guy that made such a stupid remark/comment.

I think most of you know about the case where the maid throw and toss around a 4 months old baby. I even have a post on it. She said that a guy made a comment on fb on the vid that was posted on the case. He said, "bukan salah baby tu.Yang salah mak dia sanggup bagi anak dibawah jagaan orang lain demi mencari kesenangan dunia..mencari rezeki tanggungjawab suami etc..". My immediate reaction to this was..WTF? Does he thinks all those mother would rather go to work than spend time with their kids and let alone a baby that she has just gave birth to! No mother in her right mind would! Those who throw away their baby like garbage are clearly mental. We go to work because we have to. Because we need to help our husband to provide for the family. Because his salary alone doesn't cut it. Not with the high living expenses! Only few women are lucky enough to be a full time mother. I wish I am one! I am not sure if this man is married but I'm pretty sure he isn't. Maybe he has grudge against his mom for leaving him and going to work to provide for him so he feels that towards any women than goes to work and let other people to care for their baby. Cewah..mcm psychologist plak aku kan?

I cried the first day I sent my Wildan to nursery. Started sending him 2 weeks before I started working again after my maternity leave to practice. He and I both need to practice to be away from each other. Fortunately, he handled it better than me. :P I am so lucky and blessed to get a good nursery which is very hard to find nowadays.

So, I want to find a job but there's lots of things to consider. I like where I am working now but like I said, the salary is not enough. Plus, there's no yearly increment and I've been here since 2010! My current office is 10-15 minutes away from home which also where Wildan's nursery is. It helps if there is any emergency. Especially if his milk supply isn't enough. Encountered with that a few times already. My boss is kind of understanding and knows that am a fully breast feed mom so he understands my commitment. I can take off from work to attend to Wildan and pump for his supply. I am afraid that if I take a new job, my boss won't be as understanding and how will the environment be. As a new employee, I can't take off easily. They might understand but I won't really feel good about it. Right? The guy is lucky I didn't see his comment, I would have condemn him until he delete his own comment.

Now, each step in life that I take I need to consider Wildan's benefits. Am not trying to find kesenangan dunia which it would be great if I have but just trying to survive in this challenging world. I guess I have to wait until Wildan is 2 years old to make any bold move since by then he would no longer be fully breast feed so the pressure is a liitle bit off my shoulder. I didn get a job with better pay end of last year and at that time Wildan was only about 4 months old. After deep consideration I had to let it go.

Mummy love you Wildan. Even if mummy send you to nursery, know that mummy can't wait to pick u up everyday! :) muah!! No treasure in world would matter if I don't have you!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Once Upon A Time, My Blog had Readers

I've cleaned up this blog a bit. Now it is white and easier to read. As I went through my blog I noticed that 2008 had the most updates. 55 blog entries. hmm...that's a lot. I started blogging in 2007. What happened to me? Not only that, I also have readers and comments. I will get at least one comment for each entry that I wrote. I wonder what happened. Maybe because I stop writing frequently, my blog visitors are fed up. Or is it my writing is becoming lame...pretty much like my life. Kind of boring so not really much to write about.

Not sure if most of them still read but as silent readers and do not leave any comments. If anyone is reading this...leave a comment or just say 'Hi' so that I know you are still here. Actually, I don't think anyone would read my once in a while daily rubbish rambles.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Magic Broom

If you have been directed to this site after you Googled 'How to become a witch' or 'Where do I purchase a magic broom' or anything related to it, you might be disappointed coz you won't get the answer here. My magic broom don't fly like Harry Potter's and it doesn't come close to looking like it but it is magical to me. How so? Well, I guess you will need to read my entry to the end (like anyone ever read my blog :P).

I'm a mother to one active 8 months old baby, a wife and a full time 9-5 kuli salary earner. Anything that helps me ease anything that I do is magical! So, you get what I mean now? Okay, now you can leave the blog. No flying magical broom here.

My magical broom is actually 'Scotch-Brite Easy Sweeper'. I think you can get it at any hypermarket. I got mine at Speedmart for RM34.90. Why is it magical? First of all, I have long hair that falls quite a lot and it is superbly hard to find time to go to the saloon. There are hairs everywhere around my house. Having an active baby who puts everything is his mouth, you will need to make sure at least the house is 95% clean. Who can get 100%? Please give me your tips.

Can you see the hair and dust stuck on the cloth?

The Easy Sweeper uses special oil coated cloth that maximize dust pick-up (took this quote directly from the box) and hairs sticks to it like glue. The cloth is actually disposable and can be used both sides. When I bought it, it came with 10 pcs for free. The cloth will cost you RM9.90 (30pcs) if you buy it separately. I got that price at Speedmart. Not sure if you go to somewhere else. The sweeper is light and it is flexible so you can move it around corners. The fact that it pick up hairs better than a normal broom and vacumn cleaner made my day! After I sweep, I can easily mop the floor. Then, I'm done.

So, if you are looking for something that has similar function, I really recommend you to buy it. ;)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wildan the Little Big Eater

I have started Wildan with solid food since he was 6 months. Started with fruits puree and mashed/blend sweet potato. That is when I got to know there are so many colors of sweet potato. Like seriously...there's purple (or maybe they call it read), orange, white and I have seen green :P

Pumpkin Puree

Once he was okay with adapting to eating solid food, I later introduce him to rice porridge because he doesn't seems to be full just by eating fruits puree. I think he was about 7 months 3 weeks at that time. I love cooking for him because I love the way he smiles when I show him his food bowl. He will recognize it immediately and knows it's time to eat.

Porridge with carrot and spinach in his bowl. Yeah..it's pink because I can't find  other colors.

Some people say I am so rajin to do all this. I have few frens who does the same thing. I prefer to do it on my own at least until he is one year old. Why? Because the 1st year is his crucial years. If i cook myself, I would know what I have fed him with and from there I can monitor what is he allergic to, if any. So far he is okay with everything that I fed him. Alhamdulillah. His babysitter insisted that they cook for him and I don't need to hassle myself. One thing I don't want is, they put salt in the porridge because the porridge is also prepared for the older kids. She said she only put a little bit of salt like a pinch...but when I tasted it, it is too salty even for me. So, I would rather spend my time preparing for his food myself. I mean, what is there in making a porridge? You just put everything in a cooking bowl and cook it then blend it. Wallah! Everything is ready. I usually do this at night and then reheat before sending it to Wildan's nursery. So far, he likes what he eats and he is still on fully breast milk.

Wildan's daily food supplement to nursery
Uploaded the picture above to my social network and some friends says that that's a lot. Amazingly he manage to finish it. Before, I only give two packs of porridge but his babysitter said it is not enough and they have to give him their porridge, so I added one more pack. As for EBM, he normally consumed minimum 3 bottles (5oz each) to maximum of 5 bottles a day. He is there between 8am to 6pm. I guess he is just a little big eater but yet I don't see him getting chubbier. :P

Now, Wildan's porridge menu has rotatably included.....
  1. Carrot
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Broccoli
  4. Spinach
  5. Green Peas
  6. Sawi - don't know what it is called in English
  7. Celery
  8. Potato
  9. Fish
  10. Meat
  11. Chicken

There are a lot more things I want to try make for Wildan. Maybe soon I'll bake him homemade oat cookies and poached fruits as snacks for him. :) I hope he will grow teeth soon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bullet to the Head

First of all, before I start, let me be clear. The blog entry title entry has nothing to do with the current movie in cinemas starring Sylvester Stallone.

On Sunday I was shocked to watch the news of an Indonesian maid torturing a 4 months old baby by slamming and throwing him. I was holding Wildan at that time and I immediately hold him tighter as I was watching. I didn't really see the whole content as what was shown on the news was kind of fast. Not until yesterday a fren posted the youtube vid on her facebook that I really see what happened. The extend of what the bastard did was unacceptable. Although the video doesn't have any sound(thank God it didn't, otherwise it would have been much more horrible to watch) I can see that the baby is screaming a loud cry. I even feel like crying as I write this entry. I just can't wipe the image off my mind.

Baby Hareez and his mother Nina :'(

I am really not sure what is wrong with the bastard brain or if there's any demon that went into her. All I know is I feel like sending thousands a bullet into her head. It's not like she's using that brain of hers anyway. Might as well just blow it!! What she did was superbly and utterly unacceptable. If it was me, I wouldn't simply give her to the police before beating the death out of her first. People give you a decent job and this is how you repay? It is her first day and the mother was lucky she installed a cctv at home which is also linked to her handphone. If not, only God knows what more will happened to the baby. He sustained an internal injury and today he is admitted again to the hospital for further check up and treatment as the mother said the baby is not moving as per normal. :'( I really pray for the baby's recovery and hope he'll be ok. Amin....

Below is the vid but to those soft hearted, it is best for you not to watch coz u might not be able to forget it. :(