Monday, September 8, 2008

Soon....I'm Gonna Vomit Blood


Before you all read this entry, I must first apologize for any swearing words you are about to read in this particular entry. I know it's fasting month...but I am gonna vomit blood soon if I don't scream out loud my thoughts somewhere. uuurrrghhhh!!

It seems that every cycle of life has it's own questions. When we were young...teachers often asked us...what do we want to be when we grow up? Then, later...which university are you going into? After that, how did you do in you exam? Later...after a start to run your own life...until it's time for you to get married. So the questions become....when r u getting engaged?? After the engagement is settled..the next question will r u getting married? So now..I'm married. Although it was a really long journey for me to finally reach was a happy moment.

But now, the most frequent question is "are you pregnant yet"?? or...."when are you getting pregnant??". There's one time..I was asked the question 3 the same person in 5 minutes time. WTF?? If you are pregnant...does that mean I have to be?? B******t!! Maybe you are concerned...but I don't think you have to ask me the same question so frequent, do you? It makes me wanna answer.."Oh..I'm just having fun with having sex right now, babies come later."

Now, in the family....all the ladies who are supposed to get pregnant....are pregnant....except me of each time....the question will be shoved to my face. Hello.....!!! Just becoz everyone else is I have to get pregnant?? And you don't have to ask me each time you see me..don't you think I would have happily share the big happy news with the rest of the world when it happens?? uuurghhh!!! I hate this KG thinking!! It's making me suffocate....and soon I'll be vomiting blood each time I have to hear the golden question again and again. aarrrghhhh!!!! Unless you are going to cover all the expenses incurred pre, during and post better shut up and never ask me that question again.

Malays always says that children is rezeki. I think Allah knows best as to when he is going to bestow us with this rezeki. Am I right?? So if it's not time....then it's not time. No need to pressure me with the question. Pressure and stress is not a gonna help me to conceive either. So SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Which couple in their right mind wouldn't want children of their own?? And furthermore, I'm gonna be 28 soon......don't you think I want a child?? But, if it's not's not time.



Diyanazman said...

kak iena saye pon dulu mmg slalu kena camtuuu... wakakakakak!!!
sabar jelah... hopefully depa terbaca post ni dan diam!!!

iena amoi said...

tulah pasal..I doubt any of them will read this. ehehehe

Tp asalkan aku dpt luahkan rasa hati cukup. uhuk

chi said...

fuh nasib baik aku x penah tanya hehe

Carol Robert Gumbang said...

abaikan derang tu beb...nanti dah come out with baby no1 sure tanya pasal baby no2 pulak..

iena amoi said...

Chi: wahahahahaha....ko tanya takpe...kalu agak2 sekali sekala...jgnlah setiap kali borak ngan aku asyik tanya jer..itu yg buat aku letih nak muntah darah tuh.wakakakakaka

Carol: Yeah..i know that cycle. Dorg ni tak penah puas agaknya. Sibuk sungguh! Ish..aku tgh cari formula nak abaikanlah ni. Ni raya aku kena balik Perak....lagi paraklah tubian soalan aku kena...arrrghhh!!!

Nizam Abdul Rahim said...

ic ic..paham,
tapi dalam kubur lagi banyak soalan yang akan keluar nanti?! emmm..emm..

iena amoi said...

Oit Nize,
Mmg dasar kepeh2 betollah ko nih..soalan dlm kubur tuh lainlah...aku rasa malaikat pon takkan tanya soalan yang sama byk kali. uhuhuhu

shelly said...

garangnya ko nok!hahaha..chill!

kawaii_desu said...

biasala tu...
ni nak raya ni surely i akan kena, bila nak kawen... since i'm the only one in the family yg belom hehe

anyway, selamat hari raya ya

Anonymous said...

yeah i'm agree wit u ..!!
i br kawen 5 bulan pon da sebok2 tanye my wifey da pregnant or not ?
wtf ? sapa yg tamau anak rite ?
da blom rezeki nak wat camne kan ..

iena amoi said...

tulah u lelaki pon u paham kan??
stress giler..sib baik raya hari tuh tak jd balik kg..kalu tak i rasa cair tahi telinga aku nak dgr the golden question. uhuk.

Wish u all the best!! kita sama2 usaha and doa. Insyaallah..when it's our will be there. ;)