Sunday, January 27, 2008

Only 40 more days to go...uhuhuhu

Wow!!! It has been so long since I wrote anything in my little blog....and spider web is all over the place...ehehehehe. you all know, I've been busy. Not busy working but busy arranging all the nitty gritty thing for my reception ceremony which will be held on 8th March 2008. I am anxious and can't wait for it all to take place on the day. Seronok tau dapat kawen dua kali....eheheheheh. I mean, I had my nikah ceremony in July 07....that one was one hassle but a very memorable and happy one. And now I get the chance to do it again. heheheheh.

So right from the catering, tent, flowers and of course my wedding dress, all have to be perfect! But perfect is easy to achieve if you have a lot of money to spend. But in my case, I have to work around the budget that I have. So that is the most tricky part, to get the best at the lowest cost possible. I have to be really careful with every cost incurred. Sometimes, you can get the best at a very minimal cost...but you have to be careful to pick the right one. Sometimes...too cheap means very low quality. What I did was I survey and compare and I have to decide which category that I am willing to sacrifice a bit for a lower cost.

And now...ONLY 40 MORE DAYS TO GO!! is stressful. Yesterday, I went to D'Paris Image for wedding gown fitting. It took us 2 1/2 hours to choose 5 gowns. The shocking thing is...all the gowns were my size. I can't imagine how on earth a person bigger than me can fit in it. All those gowns are size 0 or at least size 1. hmmmmm...but at least I am lucky on that side. It was really hard to choose since each one that I tried was fabulous. With the help of my hubby and my bridesmaid, Nadia...we have finally made our decisions. I am soooo happy. Unfortunately, no photos are allowed to be taken during the fitting. If not..I would have posted one in this entry..sigh.

Hopefully, everything goes well and I don't miss any important details.


Nizam Abdul Rahim said...

emm..emm..Oo..kak iena sibuk dengan persiapan utk perkahwinan..!
Wow..5 pasang baju.. =P
jgn lupe lak komen & add link kat

kawaii_desu said...


waaaa camna farah nak kawin kalau semua saiz akak huhuhu

(macamlah dah nak kawen sgt heheh)

apa2 pun tak sabaq nak tgk akak in wedding gown heheh

lekas2 la nak amik berkat hehe

iena amoi said...

Ahahahah...5 pasang tuh, 4 utk amik gambo kat studio jer...yg pakai kat umah satu jer lah. ehehehe. Ok..nantikan komen ku di blog mu. :D

Gown tuh pakai mlm je masa potong kek. Masa majlis bersanding siang pakai kebaya moden french lace cam pengantin lain jugak...eheheheh