Monday, August 25, 2008

OMG!! I'm Addicted!!

Who knows?? Browsing through each channel on a lazy Sunday afternoon can be so dangerous. It happened few weeks ago as I was lazing around on my couch in front of my TV while trying to find something descent and interesting to watch. And guess what...I did find somthing interesting....and I can't get enough of it. Wat is it? It's a Korean Drama called Princess Hours..also knows as Goong/The Imperial Household/Palace. The last time I can't get enough of Korean drama was when Full House aired. Now, every Sunday...I have to sit in front of my TV exactly at 4pm just to watch the drama...and to tell you the truth...waiting for the next Sunday is challenging...wahahahahah.

Last nite I browse through the internet just to check whether I could watch the drama online...guess what?? My search paid off.....but old PC disable me to watch it. uwaaaaaa!!!!

Anyone interested in finding out wats the drama all about?? here's the link:

You can also browse in YouTube..:D

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Lovely Unexpected Gift

I've been with my hubby for 11 years and been married for 1 year plus now. The only time he had ever surprised me with anything was 2 years ago for my birthday. Wait! time before that on my 19th birthday. ehehehehe. Well...surprises are expected on occasion like that, aren't they?

Yesterday, my day did not start quite in a good way. Well, for starters, my dearest beloved hubby have to wake up at 6am, but he sets his alarm at 430am. Yes!!! 430am!! And who's the one who really woke up?? Me of course. I was cranky all morning. With the insomnia and flu I'm having, a good sleep is hard to get. So at 615am I woke him up and send him of to work at 630am. And to make it worse, the road heading back was jammed and a stupid asshole lady driving in front of me was driving as if she was taking a stroll in the park. Damn it lady...step it up!!

So, at 515pm I went to fetch hubby back from work. Normally I don't have this routine. Only for last week, coz he has to attend a course in West Port and he is riding with his I had to send him to the colleague's place near Bukit Subang. After we reach home that Friday, he was rushing to go to a futsal training and I was rushing to attend a wedding. Suddenly the called for me. That's normal. uhuhuhu. Maybe he wants me to pack some of his stuff. Before that, he locked our bedroom door. That was a bit peculiar...hmmmmm. So, I went to him. He gave me a hug....and took out a red box out of his pocket. I was surprised!! Surprised indeed. No occasion and I got gift?? Wow!! Cool. It was a gold bracelet. Simple and lovely.

Well, that's just for a start. uhuhuhu. That nite, after we came back home...he from futsal and me from a wedding..and after I've settled everything need to be settled, we were at our usual spot....on our couch watching the Olympics. Yes...the Olympic...ehehehe. Then, we got up and went to the kitchen. As he walked back from the kitchen, he asked me to close my eyes. hmmmm???? Another surprise??? Twice in one day?? I don't think so. But I was wrong...I got my second surprise of the day.....on my neck. Yup..a gold necklace. He said the necklace is a belated anniversary gift. Thank you sooo much hubby!!! I felt sorry coz I did not buy him anything. Uhuk.

I got jewelleries now...(besides my engagement and wedding rings)..ehehehe. Thank you so much hubby. It was really a very sweet and thoughtful unexpected surprise. Love u!! Muah!!

10% Non-Bumi in UiTM?? Ridiculous!!

It is just outrageous and truly ridiculous when Selangor MB forward the idea of opening 10% quota to Non-Bumi in UiTM. UiTM is a public uni funded by Majlis Amanah Rakyat which we all now is a council established to protect the bumi's interest and rights. By opening the 10% quota to Non-Bumi, meaning giving them the share. I just don't think that's right.

I got to know about this from the news, and as I was watching it, it struck me. I am not on any side on the political party...but I think there is some propaganda in what the MB is trying to do. I think the MB of all people would know that the idea will be rejected by the government..the BN government to be exact....but he still express the idea. Why?? I think it's just to show to the Non-Bumi he is doing something for them, but with the BN governing the government, there is nothing he could do. In other words, to get Non-Bumi vote. If this theory is right, politician sure are smart aren't they? But they need to know that voters are not idiots either. They also need to be careful not to start fire and create a reason for a dispute between races just to gain their political success. Coz if this leads to bigger things, they themselves will loose much more than what they've gained.

I hate politics!!! It's dirty and corrupted!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who Would Have Thought??

It is always a joy to see best frens end up being in love and get married. Well, I'm not talking about me. My best fren married to our best fren Yusry on 9th August 2008. We have been best frens since in UM and I've never pictured the two of them together. Well....that change right after my nikah ceremony last year. To all happens so fast....and I am thrilled and so happy for them. Even my sister was shocked when I told her the news.

Oh well....there is an old saying...everything starts well ends well...(am I right??)

Congratulations to both my frens..Shelly and Yusry. May both of you live a well marriage life.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not In The Mood..:(

It has been quite some time since I've wrote anything in this blog. To tell you the truth..there are a lot of things I wanna write about....but I'm not in the mood. uhuk. June was a sick month for me...and July was not a good month either. I guess the mood swing is still following me to August. Sigh!!! In fact so many unwanted things happened and I can't control it. I just wish the time would just stop for a while until everything is good again.

OMG!! I've lost my muse to write. uwaaaaaaaa