Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fisher-Price, My Baby First Toy

Today, my pregnancy has reached 27 weeks and 2 days. :) 14 more weeks to go. Honestly, I am a bit worried and soon might have panic attack since I still have lots of items in the "baby list" to fulfill. Well, most of them are small items. Hubward? He is not worry at all. I guess that's just the bright side of being a man. :P They worry less. Since this is our first baby, non of the items listed are toys and only important and essentials items are listed. Also thanx to my fren Lana who gave me guideline on the baby list.

My tummy at 27 weeks. I think it looks small. :P

On 20th March, another friend of mine (also like a sister to me) Diyana put up a sticky post on her blog (www.diyanazman.com) for a contest to win Fisher-Price toys. She is also pregnant a few weeks behind me but with her second child and she has bought many toys for the soon to be born baby. Just for fun and to try my luck, I entered the simple contest which ended 22nd March. All I have to do is sent a comment on why I love Go Baby Go: Stride to Ride Lion by Fisher Price from her previous blog entry. Actually, this is the second time I entered such contest from her blog and my luck wasn't there the first time.

Today, I received a call from her to congratulate me for winning 3rd place in the contest. YEY!! I won!! And this will be the first toy for my little baby. Although it may take awhile before he can use it but it is just wonderful!!

This is what I won!!
THIRD PRIZE WINNER -  Doodle Pro Basic Color Asst -RM99.90

This is what I wrote in her comment box and the winners were chosen by Fisher-Price Malaysia not Diyana (so no bias there :P)

Okay, first of all, I am 26 weeks pregnant and haven’t bought a single toy for the baby. Like seriously! Diyana!!! You bought so many toys. uhuhuhu….
Okay, now back to Fisher-Price. I have always loved its toys product and has always been my first choice as toy gift for any of my frens child. Either for newborn or even their birthdays. I think it has so much positive use and not just toys.
This same goes to Fisher-Price Stride-To-Ride Lion. From the pictures, I agree 100% with what Diyana wrote. The features are exactly what I meant when I say Fisher-Price toys are not just toys. They always manage to think what benefits it can give to the child who is going to play with it. For this toy in particular, it helps babies who are just about to learn to be on their feet to walk. And after that, it can ride the toy while having fun with it. with the colors, music and design, the baby can learn so much more. Parents can teach the baby of what animal it is riding, the songs can stimulate the sense of sounds, while the cloth enhance sense of touch and both create awareness to the baby. The colors they use are also a good learning tools for baby.
To me, Fisher-Price toys are always the best choice for any child. That’s why I love Fisher-Price Stride-To-Ride Lion.

Thank you Fisher-Price for choosing me as one of the winners and thank you Diyana for hosting the contest and giving me the opportunity to win the prize.

Until next time! CIAO!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hunger Games

The weekend was somewhat kind of slow for me. I didn't go anywhere on Saturday. In fact, I can't really remember what did I do on Saturday. One of the side effects of being pregnant. That nite I told hubward I am bored to death at home and he agreed to go to watch a movie on Sunday. Yay!! So after I did the laundry, painted one part of the baby cot and some other house chores, I waited for him to get back from his Sunday routine. Mountain bike riding. :P

As usual, I booked the tickets online to save time from queuing (I just love online facilities) and I chose 'The Hunger Games'. This time I forgot to ask hubward whether he wants to watch that particular movie or not and just simply book. hahahahahaha...absent minded again. He was like "What? Hunger Games? What movie is that?". :P

I chose 'The Hunger Games' because they say it will be as famous as The Twilight Saga and it is also based on a book series. Plus, they also said that the hero will become a phenomenon like Edward. If you know me, you would know I am the Queen of The Twilight Saga. ahahaha...it is written all over my blog. So, I really wanna see what is the fuss about 'The Hunger Games' and dragged hubward along.

What did I think about the movie? Well, first of all, you will need to read the book to actually understand what it is all about. If not, please put your full attention to the movie. I think it was a good movie and gives 7.5/10 marks for it. It has an interesting storyline but why do they call it 'The Hunger Games' because I don't see any of the contestant or 'tributes' as they call it in hunger. :P In fact, it is a brutal game created for people to kill each other and spectators to enjoy the outcome. Kind of a bit sick, don't you think? But then again, it is almost the same concept as Gladiator. Only one can survive from the arena. However, I just don't see any of the guys (Peeta or Gale) can be at the same level as Edward or Jacob from Twilight Saga. They are too far behind. Okay, I admit, Liam Hemsworth is kind of cute...but that is just it, cute. :P and errr...Josh Hutcherson...I don't know what to say. Well, maybe the girl character is more dominant but not the guys. Then again, that is just me. I just might grab the first book just to understand what is the story all about.

As for hubward, he came out from the cinema feeling frustrated with lots of questions.

1) Why are there 12 districts?
2) Why do they have to play that brutal game?
3) Who are those people who manage the game?
4) Why was the game even held?
5) Why those people from the rich place dress weird? ~ well to me they actually do. LOL

ahahahaha...and so many other 'why' that I can't answer. Pity him. Maybe, after I read the book, which am not sure when and if I read it, I can give him answers. LOL

I guess I will stop now because flu is attacking me. :( Until next time, CIAO!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Opening the Time Capsule

Few weeks back, a friend of mine tweeted saying she was cleaning her house and she found lots of old things and one of it was a gift or something from her ex. Since then, I've been meaning to open a box which I kept all my old stuff full of memories between me and hubward. In some movies...some friends like to bury these memories and dig it up again in 10-15 years time. They call it 'Time Capsule'. It can be either the worst kept secret or simple fun-filled memories.

For me the box or time capsule contains old letters hubward (my then boyfriend) sent me when I was in college pre-university back in 1998-1999. Yeah....14 years ago. I literally cried & laughed when I read all the letters. Cried because the letter was sweet and they bring back so much memories and laughed at all the jokes he made in the letter. He never failed to make me laugh even until now. I still remember, my room-mate that time would know I was on the phone with him because I laughed too much.

One of the letter he sent me. Yeah...that was drawn by him. <3

Recently, I was really really really really into a Malay drama on TV3 with title 'Vanila Coklat'. The story evolves around Zara & Amir who studied in the same college but hated each other and end up getting married due to their parents. Eventually, they fall in love with other. However, something happened and it was their dad's who pull them apart despite their love for each other. In one of the episode, Amir sent an email letter to Zara that reads..(Sorry to those who don't read Malay language)

"Sayang,I nak you bersabar dengan apa yang menimpa kita. Dugaan untuk kasih dan sayang kita. Sebab I tahu Tuhan bersama dengan orang yang sabar. Kalau nak cakap pasal rindu, hanya Dia yang tahu betapa I rindu segala-galanya tentang you. Senyum you, ketawa you,garang you,nakal you, kuat merajuk you, sikap you yang buat I membebel...Rindu gaduh dengan you,makan dengan you...Semua. I rindu tentang kita. I harap you pun rindu I...kalau tak,ha jaga you. I gigit pipi you. I miss you my burung kakak tua. Your Aamir Ashraf ".

I just love the short letter and think it is so sweet and it doesn't really happen in real life. But what do you know...found a similar paragraph in one of hubward's letter. Like seriously!! Similar but not the same and the situation was different because we rarely see each other since I was studying. Hubward wrote.....

"Awak..entahlah, sejak dua menjak ni kadang-kadang rindu sangat kat awak, kadang-kadang rindu kat celoteh awak, kadang-kadang rindu nak tengok awak merajuk, kadang-kadang rindu nak tgk muka awak masa awak tengah marah, kadang-kadang rindu tengok muka awak tengah geram, kadang-kadang rindu nak tengok awak ketawa, kadang-kadang rindu kat lagak manja awak, kadang-kadang rindu dengan cubitan awak, kadang-kadang rindu dengan lawak awak, kadang-kadang rindu dengan sakat awak dan tak tau lah berapa banyak lagi kadang-kadangnya. Yang saya tau sejak dua menjak ni saya rindu sangat kat awak terutama sikap awak yang suka mendengar awak tu......"

Almost the same, right? Not exactly the same..of course. Sometimes, it is just worth keeping precious memories to be relived to remind us that if now, things are not really bright....it was before and try to cherish that. Alhamdulillah...even after 14 years....things are bright for us and we have each other to rely on. :)

I LOVE YOU HUBWARD!! VERY MUCH!! TILL DEATH DO US PART!! ~ cewah...terjiwang plak. :P

Okay, I'll stop here. CIAO!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Yeeehaaaa!! It's FRIDAY!!

Friday is always the best day of the week. For working class people of course. It means the weekend is finally here. I was on leave yesterday coz I have some things to settle with my mom...but today I have to go back to work :P

It was the slowest day of all! Like seriously...it felt like it took an hour from 10.45am to 11.00am. Baby hasn't stopped moving since morning and I can't sit still adjusting to him. Even right now as am writing my entry it is moving.

Nothing much happened today but I have craving to eat beef steak so am going to uptown tonite with hubby. I sure ate a lot of meat during my pregnancy. I wanted to eat Las Vacas steak but it much more than uptown steak so occasionally is ok but almost every week...not ok. :P If you haven't been to Las Vacas or have never heard of it, I will tell all about it in my blog when I go there next time. Maybe mid of this month..we'll see. They have the best steak at the most affordable price ever (for a really good steak that is, good steak is never cheap ;))!!!!

I have no plans for the weekend so far since hubward will be working tomorrow. I guess am just gonna spend my time at home doing house chores. Normally I'll have my dance class and bicycle riding session but that will have to wait till August to be resumed. ;)

Until next time...CIAO!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Looking Back at 2011

hmmm....my last post was in May 2011. I guess my 2012 resolution should be 'updating my blog more often'. I think at this age, most people will look back of what they have done or achieve of the one year that has past. For me? Well..not much I think. Since my last post was in May 2011, I am just gonna pick up where I have left off.

I just got to know, people really read my blog. :p I used to think this blog is just my open online diary. Nothing much interesting to know about in my life. I think. Besides on and off hype which rarely happens. So, when should I start? I has been almost a year. This should be a looooong entry...LOL

So, I think those who read my blog knows am trying to have a baby, right? After taking all the test, everything came out excellent! Nothing is wrong with me or hubward. Both of us are fertile and my womb is in excellent condition. 'Beautiful' is the exact word the doctor put it. hmmm...then what is wrong? I have miscarriage twice and have been trying for the 3rd pregnancy but fail. I guess maybe our timing wasn't quite right or both hubward and me are in some kind of stress. Only Allah knows. right?

The first thing I did to go through with our plan to do IUI was stop dance class and keep aside my bicycle. Then I contacted the hospital (PPUM) to make an appointment for the procedures in September 2011. After consulting the doctor, I started taking hormone shots from my 3rd day of my period. Yes, shot! As in needle. But don't worry, it doesn't hurt one bit. I think an ant bite hurts more than the needle. The device they give you is not like the normal one they use to inject meds or draw blood but it is a special device that is easy to use. I have to take the shot on my stomach daily for 8-10 days. Within that period, the doctor will monitor my eggs. Then, the insemination day comes. This process only takes about 5 minutes but I will have to lay down for 20 minutes after that. I watched in films before that normally the doctor will put your legs up but I only have to lay down normally with my legs down. And then, the waiting begins.

To cut it short, after 2 weeks, they draw my blood and I got the result the next day. I was in a lunch meeting with my GM when I got the call. My GM knows all about it since I have to be at the hospital so many times for the procedure to be completed. He was as excited as I am. :P He is kind of like a father figure...although he is not that old. The result? POSITIVE!!! I still remember my girlfrens from TTDI were busy on our group watsapp asking me for the result. ahahaha...they were more nervous than I am. LOL. The first person I called was of course hubward. His response was more or less....hmmm...how do I describe it? In disbelief? Why I said so? Because he didn't exactly show any reaction at first. Then, 5 minutes later he called again? "Are you sure? Betol ker? Positive? Macam mana doktor tau? (how did the doctor know?)". Had to convince him a few times..then only he said ok and hang up.

Actually, his disbelief continued even after our first scan during my 7th week and saw the heartbeat. His belief only started around the 12 weeks of my pregnancy which by then I was already experiencing major morning sickness for a few weeks. However, right after I got to know I was pregnant, I started having stomach cramps. One time, I cried and was in so much pain that I sweat. It was even more painful than my painful period pain. I was worried since I had two miscarriages before, so I went to the doctor. Since it was too early, the doctor can't check for anything and just gave me MC to rest for two days. After that I was okay. I guess I just needed more rest off work.

Now is already almost end of March 2012 and am already in my 26th week. After an excruciating 4.5 months of morning sickness with all the smell allergies, vomiting and heartburn (my gastric made it even worst), everything now has started to be normal a bit. I still have my smell allergies and a very rare vomiting but now I am enjoying the little nudger moves inside of me. Ouh! I almost forgot, it is a boy. Yeah, hubward is  superbly excited!! Now my belly is practically the baby to him :P The baby is such an active one that it moves almost all day long. Not sure when he sleeps.

My little nudger at 21 weeks. <3

Okay, I think I wrote a lot already. Those who read this might be closing their eyes by now. Will try to update again as soon as possible :)