Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yet Another Preparation...fuh!!

Yesterday, on Monday, I went out with my mother. To tell you the truth...I have never gone out shopping with my mom before..I mean not since I know how to shop for myself. But then, as my big reception is coming, yesterday was our second time shopping together. It was exhausting!! Yeah...both me and my mother can barely walked anymore. There are too much choices and and to many shops to look around. So we did end up with cloth for the "bilik pengantin" curtains, maid of honour dress and my mother's new peep toe shoe (which I wanted to buy in the first place..eheheheh). Today, I took my cousins to the tailor to do their bridesmaid dress.

As my wedding will be the first wedding for my family..and I mean the first for the whole family on my mother's side (my dad side doesn't count..we are not that close)....so it is a bit stressful coz we did not have any experience in handling such thing before. Yeah...of course I've handled my nikah ceremony..but that one was easy. It was only for 250 guest....no stress there except for the fact that it took me three days to paint the fence wall myself (when u see the fence..u'll understand) but to have 1200 guest and 10 tents...that is a whole different story altogether. You know, at this time...being meticulous and systematic really helps you to coordinate things to make it less stressful and to ensure everything goes well. I really hope I don't miss any small important thing such as bunga manggar or sign board to my house.

With all this preparation coming into place, I did learn one thing though...never stop looking. What I meant was....if you really want to find really good service or product at an affordable price and don't let the appearance get into you. Let me tell you a story. I wanted to do a customised ribbon printing for my wedding favours (door gift), so I ask my frens for the list of suppliers and as usual all of them gave me different quote. Last minute, I went to a shop that wraps gift and they sell boxes, cards and ribbon and asked them for a quote. My first impression was..."I think it gonna cost me"..why?? coz the shop is situated in OU. But fortunately, I was wrong...the price they gave me was half the price quoted to me by another supplier earlier. Wow!! I managed to lower the cost to half...how wonderful is that?? I am so happy!!

Up to today....I've managed to settle almost 85% of the list of things must be done. But still, I will have to paint the master bedroom, do some minor repair on the master bedroom bathroom (yes, I'm doing it myself) and finish up wrapping the wedding favours. And oh yes....still a few hantaran things are not settled yet. Fiiiuuuuuhhh!!!

So anyone that says wedding is a simple thing...think again.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Only 40 more days to go...uhuhuhu

Wow!!! It has been so long since I wrote anything in my little blog....and spider web is all over the place...ehehehehe. Well..as you all know, I've been busy. Not busy working but busy arranging all the nitty gritty thing for my reception ceremony which will be held on 8th March 2008. I am anxious and can't wait for it all to take place on the day. Seronok tau dapat kawen dua kali....eheheheheh. I mean, I had my nikah ceremony in July 07....that one was one hassle but a very memorable and happy one. And now I get the chance to do it again. heheheheh.

So right from the catering, tent, flowers and of course my wedding dress, all have to be perfect! But perfect is easy to achieve if you have a lot of money to spend. But in my case, I have to work around the budget that I have. So that is the most tricky part, to get the best at the lowest cost possible. I have to be really careful with every cost incurred. Sometimes, you can get the best at a very minimal cost...but you have to be careful to pick the right one. Sometimes...too cheap means very low quality. What I did was I survey and compare and I have to decide which category that I am willing to sacrifice a bit for a lower cost.

And now...ONLY 40 MORE DAYS TO GO!! arggghhh...it is stressful. Yesterday, I went to D'Paris Image for wedding gown fitting. It took us 2 1/2 hours to choose 5 gowns. The shocking thing is...all the gowns were my size. I can't imagine how on earth a person bigger than me can fit in it. All those gowns are size 0 or at least size 1. hmmmmm...but at least I am lucky on that side. It was really hard to choose since each one that I tried was fabulous. With the help of my hubby and my bridesmaid, Nadia...we have finally made our decisions. I am soooo happy. Unfortunately, no photos are allowed to be taken during the fitting. If not..I would have posted one in this entry..sigh.

Hopefully, everything goes well and I don't miss any important details.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A New Year...A New Resolutions...Welcome 2008

I hope it is not too late to wish everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I have so many things to write but never have the time to do so lately. But...since my beloved chubby fren Bani asked me to do so, so here I am writing an entry.

2007 was an overall a happy year for me. Here are list of happy things that happened in 2007.

  1. My beloved sista (by bind and not by blood) Diyana got pregnant with her first child.
  2. I got married on 20072007...that will be a date and year to be remembered forever
  3. I finally got to stabilize my income and improve my payments skills to all my hutang...hahahaha (coz my income is not fixed lah...don't judge me okay)
  4. My mom got her EPF...(not for me lah) so she is now in a better shape financially and I am happy for her.

I think there's more...but these are the the most memorable event of happiness that I could remember. :D

As for 2008, it is still young...still a baby. So far...it has been great. Still got 355 days to go...uhuhu. Who knows?? Anything can happen. I don't normally do any new year resolutions but this year I have a few.

  1. Have to get all my details and financial background altogether. Since I am a freelancer, all my income are not recorded formally...so it is quite hard to prove my income. So I have decided to get it all together and manage it better for future benefits.
  2. Make sure my reception goes smoothly as I wanted it to be. PLEASE FRENS, PRAY FOR ME.
  3. Hopefully to have our first child :D (Have to work this one with hubby...wakakakakaka)
  4. Maybe buy a new car. (This one too)
  5. Buy a house...maybe towards end of year. (And this one too)
  6. Think of a better business to do other than stupid futsal thing...coz the funder seems to think it is not profitable and suspend funding for a period of time. WTF lah?? Not profitable?? Sigh....

So there you go....Bani...hope you enjoyed reading this entry. ehehehehe