Thursday, October 28, 2010

If Facebook Exist Way Back When.....

It had been hectic in the office these few days and I need some cheer up. Today, I opened my email and my dearest twisis, Kak Shairli sent me a funny email. So, I just wanna share. Well, I think it's funny. uhuhuhu

Thanks Kak Shairli. Needed a good laugh. ;)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stress is Raining on Me

A couple of days ago I have wrote about my new GM. I started work at the new company 4 months ago and everything was pretty okay. Considering I am new and still learning the whole procurement thing. I never had any experience in procurement before but I basically know the whole business process. The company didn't exactly have a procurement department before I joined and it was under the care of admin department. So I am basically taking over a new department and responsible of the whole standard operating procedure and ensuring all documents are in place. hmmm....for an executive, that's kind of big. :(

So, I officially took over everything starting 1st October 2010 and it was hectic. Almost everyday I have a high stack of documents for me to verify and sign. That didn't bother me that much. What's bothering me is actually my new GM adding new task without even consulting me first. Just simply giving orders and new task and giving datelines just like a commander in a military. Bullshit!!

These two weeks have been hectic due to ISO audit which will commence this Thursday and I have my hands full with my daily task plus settling things for ISO. Last week, the guy called me to his room and told me that he wants me to draft a document tender contract. Previously, the company has never done it and I have no sample to refer to so I had to do some research. The thing that piss me off is, I just got the dateline from him and it is this Thursday. Is the guy crazy??!! Thursday is ISO audit day and between 21st to 28th there are only 5 working days. How can I come up with a draft within that period with other task in hand. Did he think document tender is just a piece of paper with a couple of paragraph in them? This guy never think huh? Oh..I forgot. He did think. He thinks everything is easy because he is not the one who has to do it. He ask someone else to do it. It didn't end there, just as I was packing to go home, I received a new task email wanting me to do service/parts price analysis due on 7th November 2010. Another bullshit!!

Seriously, all of us at the office missed our former GM. Just why the hell did the higher management needs to change GM when he was only there just for a year and he was doing so well. And now we are stuck with this Commander in charge. aaarrrghhhhhhh!! I am starting to feel the stress and it keeps raining on my day by day. I just hope it won't flood.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Misused of The Word 'Fat'

It has been a few weeks since I went back to my mom's place. Wanted to go back few times before but it seems there were always things in the way. Finally, yesterday (Saturday) I went back without hubward since he had to work. :(. Good! so he can pay my shopping house bills. eheheheheh

So, the first sentence I heard as I am walking through the door from my beloved sweet mother was "Ina, you look fat". OMG!!! Mom, you are not so sweet anymore. :P. And then she added, "And you look tall too." mom has come back as being sweet again. uhuhuhu....Tall, I like...Fat??? OMG!!! But how can a person be fat and tall at the same time. Come on mom...make up your mind already. Am I tall? Or am I fat? Ok.....don't answer the question. Coz I might just kill myself. uhuk

Honestly, the word fat has never entered as a vocabulary in my life before. I was known as the skinny tiny girl. Well, at least up till now. Ouh, I forgot. My sister arrived about half an hour after that, and the first sentence she said when she saw me is "Kaklong, you look fat." aaaaarrrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone, please kill me already!!!!!! Seriously..I screamed and my brother in law had to close his ears with his hands. After the scream, I can only reply with a question. "OMG!!! Am I that fat?". I have been hearing this word a few times already the past couple of weeks and 5 times were projected towards me. I am doomed!!!

After that, they explain that I am not really fat fat. You know what I mean? I am just a bit chubbier and fleshier than I used to be. Which is healthy. Really?? Or you guys are just being nice and don't want me to scream again? They say that my face is chubbier. uurghh...I hate that!! I mean...I can flatten my tummy by jogging and do some sit-ups but chubby face, how do I shrink my face?? I want to try eat less....but that is so damn hard to do. I have never had to change my diet before. I WANT TO BE SKINNY AGAIN!!! I am so afraid of the word FAT that I'll go screaming each time I hear that word. I only weigh 42kg and I used to weigh only between 36kg to 39kg.

Guys and girls...please be careful when you use the word FAT and don't misuse it coz you might just kill someone. Chubby is not FAT. Now I have to eat less and exercise more. Hopefully with badminton 2 times a week, jogging 3 times a week and a dance class every Sunday will help me to reduce some fat. But fat on my do I get rid of that? Any suggestions?? :( 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Girlfriends, Boyfriends

Today was a normal day at the office. Nothing new and still got few things in my "To Do" list. Took everything slow today coz I was really not in the mood to work. Not sure why and I hate it when ever I have this lazy feeling. hmmmm.....

I do have one thing to look forward to today. Meeting my twigurl frens for lunch at One Utama. It was supposed to be me, Kak Huda, Kak Shairli and Sunie chatting twithings and exchange stories but unfortunately, Kak Shairli had and event she has to attend to and Sunie had to cancel last minute due to a meeting. Did I tell you I hate meetings?

So, end up only me and Kak Huda met up for lunch. Although it was a short one, we did talk not only about twilight also about other things bothering our mind. No, I'm not gonna write about it here. That's our secret. :D Just wish Kak Shairli and Sunie were there too. Maybe we can meet next time. Thank you Kak Huda for the Twilight Soundtrack!! Now my collection is complete. Yey!!

During my school days, I don't really have lots of girlfriends. To be honest, 97% of my friends are guys. I do have 3 girlfriends who I am really close with (now, not really) and we share almost everything. I guess it is easier to be friends with guys as they don't really take things to the heart and can tell everything to their face. :P. Right guys? ahahahaha...and the 3 girlfriends that I have, know how I am. I am someone who is bit vulgar. Most of my guy friends would say I am one of the guys. So, you get what I mean rite? uhuhuhu

However, during my university time, that changed. Why? Because I don't really know how to get along or try to be friends with guys at that age. I mean...I don't really look like a tomboy and I was 18. Approaching a guy at that age would seem awkward. :P. So, I hang out mostly with girls and these girls are girls that is actually the same wavelength as me. That's why I stick with them. Gosh I miss my university days!!!

Girlfriends or boyfriends, good ones are hard to find and those who are, are worth to keep. They are the ones we turn to when we have any story that we want to share. And I think you know what kind of story I meant. I miss my TTDI boys most. It has been such a long time since I really hang out with them and share stupid meaningless talks while laughing our ass off hearts out. But now, all of us have our own commitment so I guess that will just have to wait. Right now, I really want a girl night out with Ninie and Carol (my ex-uni mates) coz there sure are lots of stories to share. :)

Tomorrow, I am going back to my mom's house but hubward has to work. uhuk. Looking forward to have lunch with the family. :D

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meeting, Meeting and More Meetings

On 1st October 2010, my company officially gets a new general manager. That is after he had been hovering in the office 2 weeks prior to the official election date. All of us were never at ease as this guy is all about me, me and me. And he is talkative..not in a good way of course. He was supposed to observe and learn the company operation during his two weeks of hovering but instead of trying to learn, he is trying change almost everything. My direct reporting manager, the operation manager is up to the neck with the new guy. Luckily, up until today he can still survive.

Did I mention this new GM is an ex-navy? yes, how unfortunate is that? Although he said that he wants everyone opinion, but honestly, during a 30 minutes discussion, our opinion was only discussed for 5 minutes, and the rest of the time....yes, you guessed it right, he was the one who is talking. :P. Totally like military style. No opinion, just do what I say.

Honestly, I love working at my current new company although the pay is slightly lower than I get before this. But now, I am starting to feel the pressure. Almost every day, we will have to hear him talk a meeting and discussion and most of the time, it came back to the same conclusion. Seriously, I feel like vomiting each time the word meeting comes into mind. blueeekkkk!!!! I did literally vomit today, after work.

Last few days have been hectic, because I was in Kota Bahru for 3 days last week and when I came back, I can't even see my table top. It is full with documents I need to verify and sign. Not to mention, our ISO audit is next week and as the person in charge of a newly set up procurement department, there is a lot of paperwork need to be done especially on SOP. While I was doing this, I have lost count as to how many meetings I have to attend, and some actually doesn't even concern my department. I was there wasting my time, when I should be at my cubicle signing of lots of purchase request and payment release. One time, I even brought a whole bunch of documents into the meeting to be signed off. Why? Because I know, 95% of the things he needs to say, I have heard it before.

Today, I have no mood to work at all, but I still did my job slowly. Took the time as I please. Thank God tomorrow is Friday. But on Monday, I will have to join his health and safety environment meeting. OMG!! What does that has to do with procurement?? I am not in workshop operation!!!!

Please God...I miss my old GM. :(

Monday, October 4, 2010

What A Hectic Week

WARNING! This will be a looooong post! ahahahahah

Monday to Wednesday
This week has got to be the most hectic and tiring week ever! all started last week when the headquarters of my company decides to organized an Aidilfitri open house for its staff and ask each subsidiary to send representative to do a performance. On last Thursday (two weeks back), my office had a pot luck Aidilfitri gathering at the office and we talked about the performance and one of the girl, Nonie suggested that we do poco-poco dance using any aidilfitri song. And what do you know, our general manager liked the idea and asked us to proceed with it.

As excited as I was to do it, we really don't have much time to practice and we don't even have a routine yet. Nonie does have the only one basic poco-poco dance routine but dancing that all the way for 3 minutes would have been boring for the audience. That Thursday, we did agree on a song we will be dancing to. Bunga Api Di Hati (Fireworks in the Heart) by Stacy, Shila, Fara Fauzana & Leya.

We manage to get the basic routine steps on Friday evening just before we are going back from work. So on Saturday, I browse through Youtube to find if there's any video teaching poco-poco dance. Luckily there is a 1 to 6 video for us to learn from. Hubward even suggested a few other songs to dance to. I love that he always give me ideas and get involve in things. On Monday, Nonie and me tried a couple of steps that can be collaborated with the song that we have chosen and finally....we got the whole routine done! I was so happy. Now the team who consist of 6 girls or should I say ladies (me, Nonie, Nuha, Diana, Ezaura and Maz) can learn and practice the routine. We only have Monday to practice as the rehearsal was on Tuesday and the actual show was on Wednesday.

We got to work that Monday until we get all the steps and by around 5.00pm but there was one set back. One person is missing and she is on emergency leave! Maz!!! This is an emergency too!!!!!! But at least the other 5 of us got the routine. The next day, we started early to practice and this time the team is complete with Maz. However, we got another news, Nonie won't be able to join us as she has already book a trip to Bandung with a group of friends. At first, she thought of not going because of the "situation" but when everything checked out to be ok, she decide to proceed with the vacation. Our practice with Maz ended at around 12.00noon but her steps was still everywhere. LOL. but we can't continue as we have to go for the rehearsal at 1.00pm in Equatorial Hotel. We made a move at around 12.15pm. The rehearsal was not quite organized properly but we manage to reherse a few times. We got back to the office at around 4.30pm and continued with our practice and this time our general manager (former) En Remy was there to criticise us. was embarrassing and funny at the same time.

This is our rehearsal video. ahahahaha

At last, it's Wednesday and we will be performing at around 3.00pm. To make it even more nerve wrecking, we are the last and closing performance. OMG!!! we had to add a bang to the performance. Well, at least we tried to pop some party popper and it didn't pop...:P. But as a beginner who trained for only 2 full days, our performance can be proud of. ahahahahah...ouh and I ate a lot at the event too...from fried bihun and nasi tomato, right to lemang and satay. uhuhuhu

Picture taken just before performing
From left: Diana, me, Ezaura, Nuha and Maz

I thought of taking MC on this day, but I have a guest from Italy to discuss on our business and we will be in the meeting room the whole day. When I say the whole day...I meant the whole day. And there were lots of food too. I think, everyday...I am getting fatter since I started working at this new workplace. And after a whole day in the meeting room, I bought them to seafood dinner at Taman Cahaya. That's the positive side of it, I got to eat nice for the day.

It was a bit relax but I had to go out to run some company errands and in between the morning and after Friday prayer, I had the time to take an hour nap in the car at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. That's was so what I needed. I has been a tiring and hectic week for me.

Saturday and Sunday
These two days was just a normal day for me. Went to Star Hill for a facial appointment and later to an open house. It was raining quite heavily for these two days, so mostly, we stayed at home and sleep. uhuhuhu....need to recharge. :P

So, there you go. My longest blog post ever. ;)