Thursday, June 5, 2008


Ok.....If you are living in Malaysia and knows what the hell is going on would know what my entry title is all about. YES!! The overwhelming increase of petrol price to RM2.70 at 0000hours on 5th June 2008. THIS IS CRAZY!!!

As at CLK 660 (Cute Little Kancil) will be consuming RM60 for a full tank of petrol. What the hell lah. As at 0000hours today...all my plans were put on hold...and I have to rearrange everything. My hubby and I plan to buy a new and more comfortable car and maybe buy our own house by end of year. It looks like we might have to calculate everything all over again. I am sooooooo devastated!!!! *&%#$#%&*)(*&^$@!! Maybe we'll put the new car on hold since a car will consume almost 40% of our salary and might just buy a house..that is only if we did not spent most of our salary...or what's is left of it on petrol and toll. And we still have our own tank to fill. Fortunately, as of this moment we only have two mouth to feed. Uhuk!!

But then, we really need that second car. hmmmm......this PakLah has really created problems for me. Started with having to postponed my wedding reception becoz of the election...and now this???!!! Thank you PakLah!!! Thank you very very very much!! You've really changed my life!! Since you are an expert at increasing everything...why don't you start discussing on how to make sure we all have the salary increament we deserve. Everything else is going UP and yet...we only earn the same. SHIT!! *&%#$#%&*)(*&^$@!!

Last nite, was the first time I went to fill up my petrol tank for fuel when the gov decide to increase the price...coz the increament was unbelievable!! And my queue was cut by a kaplamyanga driving a lorry. Then...I cut in front of him and open my door and scolded him. I really hate it when people cut queue like that. They think I am a small girl driving a small car...they can easily bully me?? Think again dude!! You r dead wrong!! *&%#$#%&*)(*&^$@!!


ezrazlin said...

if everybody in malaysia just bersatu hati and stop working and stay at their homes for w week..u think this shit Government of us will subsidi us?

my answer..they will let us rot and die..!

iena amoi said...

Yeap...I totally agree with you. My statement tuh nak perli dorang hell everyone gonna work from home....wat the hell are we gonna do??

Carol Robert Gumbang said...

alah..mengonglah blogspot ni. aku dah taip comment cantik2, 'unable etc.."la pulak.

basically, i was feeling that it is safer to raise my kids here in Bahrain but the fact that we are too far from home, aku mcm reluctant gak nak dok lama2 sini. tp, memandangkan inflation and the cost of living in msia is worsening, mcm ni aku dok kpg, bercucuk tanam. at least anak aku bleh gi sekolah jalan kaki jer. malam pakai lampu minyak tanah jer.

iena amoi said...

Tulah pasal..smlm aku ckp kat hubby...camni kena dok rumah yg aku leh bercucuk tanam skit...kalu nak bela pon..bleh bela ayam jer..or maybe ikan dalam akuarium...uhuk

Tanam ubi keledek blkg umah...since PM kata ubah diet and eat more ubi keledek...giler!! Dai bleh lah....dia takyah wat camtuh...suit berlambak!! tensi tensi

iena amoi said...

alah typo error lah plak

* Dai = Dia
* Suit = Duit


P/S: Nak beli umah landed pon entah tak tau bila....duit dah nak habis byr petrol n toll je nih. uwaaaaa

ezrazlin said...

takpe..u still got your CLK kan ekeke! no worries..but from my point of view..petrol will rise up to rm5 p/lit by the end of this year!

iena amoi said...

Apa???!!!! 5 henggit???? uwaaaaaaa!!!! Camner nak hidup nih??? uwaaaa!!!!!! Kalu dulu isi CLK tuh 5 henggit jauh perjalanan....kalu camni 5 henggit setakat depan umah jelah...uwaaaa!!! TIDAAAAAAAKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

ezrazlin said...

rm5 tuh..~i thinkkan..kita jalan kaki je bli cendol and rojak kat depan umah wahahahahaah! i haad cendol and rojak near my house kat damansara..baru rm4.20! money in malaysia still besar value if we're smart to organise it!

iena amoi said...

ahahahaha...pastu kete kita jd tukun jelah kat umah....pastu jd besi buruk....leh jual besi buruk..pastu beli rojak byk2 wakakakakaka :P