Tuesday, July 15, 2008

To Be or Not To Be

It has been quite a bz early July...since most of my days in June was wasted in bed and at home. Gosh!! I hate being sick and feeling vulnarable.

So, back to my entry. Last week I called a fren asking him something on govt homeloan. Then, he offered me to apply for a contract position in the govt sector. Since early on...before I went into Uni...I never imagine myself in the govt sector. I am not sure I can fit in. But then, since this is a contract and not permanent.....and the economy is not doin so well...like my biz....I think...I'll give it a try and see how it goes. At least I am not bind by any permanent rules.

But I am a bit confuse...to be or not to be?? hmmm....I can't imagine myself wearing baju kurung all the time. aaarrrggghhhhh!!!! I only wear those during raya...or kenduri kawen. uhuk. A fren said...alah..U can wear baju kurung with a blazer. OH NO!!!! That is a fashion disaster!! Few of my very close frens who knows me well can tell that I can never fit in. It is better for me to stick in the private sector. But well.....it doesn't hurt to try. But looking at my beloved hubby...there are some thing that u enjoy in private sector...u can never get in most of the govt sector/dept.....time efficiency and fast work. There will always be procedures that can be taken out....but bcoz it is there...you have no choice but to follow every step of the way. Making u taking a longer time to settle things that can be settled ages ago.


shelly said...

baik ko jadi cikgu..boleh balik awal and plus cuti banyak woooo..hahaha...scary tak?ala..ikut je cakap tunanganku itu..lagipun ni kontrak je kan?kalau ko tak suka,boleh chow je..aku nih dah jadi gomen servant yg permanent agak payah nak stop..okla keja gomen..memangla ada org yg keja gomen agak narrow minded, tapi buat bodoh je la...gaji pon best tau tak even keje kontrak pon

iena amoi said...

jd cikgu?? ahahahahaha...lagilah. TIDAK!!!!! aku tak tau sama ada aku ade kesabaran ke tak. Kang habis anak org aku kerjakan...ahahahahah. Respect ko...eheheheh. Kalu anak aku sendiri takpe gak. uhuhuhu

Tulah...aku coba jer..nak gak tgk environment nanti camne. Cuma takleh vogue the vass lah kat gomen ni. wakakakakakaka

Carol Robert Gumbang said...

its ur choice to make babe :)