Friday, August 21, 2009

Too Hot!!!!

My heart stopped and I literally melt when I saw this jaw dropping pics of Robert Pattinson. uuu.....he is just so hot, gorgeous and sexy. ulalala...:D. Mouthwatering.......

If being this hot is wrong...then I don't want him to be right..:P

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

House Hunting

Remember this post? The one where I mentioned my new neighbour? hmmm...since hubby and I was thinking of moving..but since I was sick, we had to postpone our plan. Then later, I was pregnant....and after that the miscarriage. And now, hubby is away. So...until now, we are still in the same 3rd floor apartment....and everyday I have to climb three floor of stairs to reach home. Guess that may have contributed to one of the reason for my miscarriage. :(

Now, I am determine to move. We'll move the earliest during Aidilfitri since hubby is only gonna be home 1 week before Aidilfitri (gosh!! I miss him soooo much!!). But who knew house hunting can be such a hassle. We both have decide to move to a terrace house, no more appartment or condo. It's just easier for our family especially our moms to come to our home without having to climb the stairs or waiting for the lift. type...DONE! Well, that's the easiest part. :P

Second part, location. This one is a bit tricky. Hubby works in Subang and sometimes he has to travel to Port Klang while I work in the centre on Kuala Lumpur. So to find the right location is the tricky part. Of course.....there are a lot of houses for rent situated in location that are located in the middle of both of our workplace.....but then...come the third part, budget. If we pay RM1000 just for renting a house, might as well we just buy the house. Right?

As of today, this house hunting thing is far from over. Although today I found an add of a house at a quite good location with a good affordable price, it was taken away just in a matter of seconds. uurggghhhhh!!! Back to search now. :(

Monday, August 17, 2009

Melaka oh Melaka

First of all, i am very sorry for not updating this blog for a while...( i hv any followers anyway :P) Well, there is nothing interesting happening in my life after the miscarriage. Everyday is just like a normal life cycle for me. The only thing different is my beloved hubby is away to Melaka until 1 week before aidilfitri. uwaaaaaa.....i miss him like crazy. uhuk.

Started working at a new company...but there is nothing interesting to tell there. But i do love my collegue and boss. Yes!! My boss. ahahaha....he's just awesome. lol. So, since hubby is away in Melaka, so I spent almost every weekend there. Travelling and lodging can cost quite a lot, so I travel by bus...since hubby took my CLK660 there. lol...and as for lodging goes...we are not that picky. As long as the room is comfortable, clean and with basic necessity...we are good. So, I booked a room at Chong Hoe Hotel. The hotel is situated in Jonker Street.

The price is so very RM45.00 per night. It's really cozy and only about 10 minutes walk to Dataran Pahlawan. But the downside is, for's very hard to find halal food there. Actually, to's very hard to find good malay food in Melaka town. Maybe only the locals know. Even in Dataran Pahlawan, I can't find good food. There are only few choices of restaurant available...and the food court? seems older that the mall itself.

What ever it is...i just want my hubby back at home. Can't wait for him to finish up everything in Melaka. Soon....