Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just My Luck

I haven't been feeling well this few days...or maybe in these 2 weeks, on and off that is. Maybe because of the weather. Well.....last Thursday...I received a phone call offering me and a fren for a free back massage at their new opened place. So...I guess hey...this is a good one....back massage can help me to feel relaxed a bit. That is if it is a good one. uhuhu

So that day, I told my fren to wait for me near our office at 2.15pm and we'll go together. Unfortunately....things didn't go as planned. As I was driving out of my apartment area...suddenly my car decided to switch off itself. I was just about 50 meter out of my apartment and the car died. Shit!! What could go wrong with my cute little kancil (CLK) now? I looked at my petrol indicator. hmmm......petrol is least until the next petrol station which I was heading first in the first place which happens to be like 50 meter away only. Luckily....I manage to pull over at the road I wasn't blocking the road.

Tried to start my car a few times. Still it won't start. Checked the battery...still ok. hmmm....called hubby. He said might be the contact point or plug. So I called for my insurance road assistant. After few confusion here and there...finally a mechanic came to the rescue. When he came...he tried to start the car...and said....this car has no petrol. I said...yes it does. Just to let you know....I've been driving my CLK for like 7 years now...and I think I know if it ran out of petrol. Even though it doesn't have any fancy blinking indicator saying it is "hungry"...but I know if it is. But the guy just won't give up and wanted to check if there is petrol going into the engine....and what do you know??? I was right!!! It has nothing to do with petrol.

Then...he checked the contact point and plug...and the final conclusion is...according to ignition coil has burned out. hmmm......r u sure?? He seems to be. He can't make any repair on the road called the tow truck instead to tow to the nearest workshop of my choice. I was freaking out...coz I know an ignition coil could cost me....but as it turns out...that wasn't it. It was really the contact pint and the condenser that need changing. Fuh...what a least I don't have to spend that much compared to an ignition coil. Alhamdulillah. Although everything ends at around 5pm...and I missed my back least no major damaged was done.

To be honest....I think it is about time for the car to be troubling sometimes. It is entering its 7th year now...and never had any major problem before. So I guess minor change here and there doesn't hurt and should be expected. I think I better put away some money for my clutch plate. uhuhuhuhu


Carol Robert Gumbang said...

la ye ke? buat major repair lah babe, like what i did for our SLK (sweet loyal Kembara, haha)...remember?

iena amoi said...

Tulah pasal....mmg nak buat...maybe next month kot...servis sumer sekali. uhuhuhu..pulus lagi...uwaaaaa

ezrazlin said...

oo pity u..!~so sorry apa jadi..sian la! i always see ladies kat tepi jln wit kereta rosak..pity tapi apa nak buat kan, takkan every lady kat tepi jln rosak kereta i nak tolong benti..nanti kena ketuk ngan my muffin nanti terlampau frendly hahahahhaa!

iena amoi said...


ahahahaha.....takpe...I am independant as I am trained to. Kalu u tolong pon....end up I kena panggil tow truck and send to workshop gak....ekekekekekekeke. As long as we know how to use the facilities that is in front of us...then I think all these ladies will be ok. Right??

Tp mmg u baik hati kalu berenti and tolong....uhuhuhuhu.

ezrazlin said...

most ladies tatau apa tu timing belt pun! yg dorang tau..start kereta ignition vrrrooommmm! masuk gear..jln! klau kereta tak BF or call big daddy kan haha!

pernah benti dulu sekali..psssttt tu pun pasal awek cun gila haha!

iena amoi said...

ahahahahah...yeah u might be right. Tp hubby I make a point for me to know most things bout car. So timing belt, fan belt, aircond belt, spark plug, gasket, oil filter and far I tau lagilah.

Tp i rasa paling penting, the lady kena tau camner nak cek bateri, minyak hitam, air....and timing belt tu...kena tau bila lah kena tukar....kang silap2 rabak enjin....uhuhuhuh

ezrazlin said...

theres a 1001 reason for a hubby to make sure his wive understand aby cars..ekeke

wink..u get me kan? wahahahahaa!

Nizam Abdul Rahim said...

emm emm..saya pun nak kena tukar clutch plate tu..!! ahh...bulan 8 agaknye baru saya tukar..

iena amoi said...

yer yer....saya pon mungkin bualn lapan ni tukar...uhuk....terbang lagi pulus aku. uhuk