Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just My Luck

I haven't been feeling well this few days...or maybe in these 2 weeks, on and off that is. Maybe because of the weather. Well.....last Thursday...I received a phone call offering me and a fren for a free back massage at their new opened place. So...I guess hey...this is a good one....back massage can help me to feel relaxed a bit. That is if it is a good one. uhuhu

So that day, I told my fren to wait for me near our office at 2.15pm and we'll go together. Unfortunately....things didn't go as planned. As I was driving out of my apartment area...suddenly my car decided to switch off itself. I was just about 50 meter out of my apartment and the car died. Shit!! What could go wrong with my cute little kancil (CLK) now? I looked at my petrol indicator. hmmm......petrol is least until the next petrol station which I was heading first in the first place which happens to be like 50 meter away only. Luckily....I manage to pull over at the road I wasn't blocking the road.

Tried to start my car a few times. Still it won't start. Checked the battery...still ok. hmmm....called hubby. He said might be the contact point or plug. So I called for my insurance road assistant. After few confusion here and there...finally a mechanic came to the rescue. When he came...he tried to start the car...and said....this car has no petrol. I said...yes it does. Just to let you know....I've been driving my CLK for like 7 years now...and I think I know if it ran out of petrol. Even though it doesn't have any fancy blinking indicator saying it is "hungry"...but I know if it is. But the guy just won't give up and wanted to check if there is petrol going into the engine....and what do you know??? I was right!!! It has nothing to do with petrol.

Then...he checked the contact point and plug...and the final conclusion is...according to ignition coil has burned out. hmmm......r u sure?? He seems to be. He can't make any repair on the road called the tow truck instead to tow to the nearest workshop of my choice. I was freaking out...coz I know an ignition coil could cost me....but as it turns out...that wasn't it. It was really the contact pint and the condenser that need changing. Fuh...what a least I don't have to spend that much compared to an ignition coil. Alhamdulillah. Although everything ends at around 5pm...and I missed my back least no major damaged was done.

To be honest....I think it is about time for the car to be troubling sometimes. It is entering its 7th year now...and never had any major problem before. So I guess minor change here and there doesn't hurt and should be expected. I think I better put away some money for my clutch plate. uhuhuhuhu

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who Is the Subsidy Supposed to Help??

Last 2 weeks, with the increment of petrol price here, our beloved Pak Lah also announced that the government will be giving out subsidy payments worth RM625 for 2000cc and below cars and RM150 for 150cc and below motorbikes..and this was supposed to help the medium and low income earner, right??

But then, if you think closely...just how many percent cars in Malaysia are above 2000cc? Even luxury cars like BMW and Mercedes are still below 2000cc. So to me, these luxury cars doesn't deserve to be given subsidies. Why?? Because these cars normally can only be afford those will high level income. I mean come on...with the maintenance and can't be earning like 2K a month right?? So, if they feel they can't afford luxury cars anymore....I think they should consider to change their vehicle. Or maybe our PM still wants to help his beloved son in law by giving him to taste some of the subsidy as well? Can you imagine, I saw a guy driving a new BWM 3 series, parked in front of the post office and queud to get the subsidy. I just don't think what I saw is right.

I think the government really need to review this. I think they should give the subsidy to cars with engine power 2000cc and below with on the road purchase price below RM65,000 or RM70,000 which cars are not qualified. But hey..again...that is just me.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day???

19th May was my dad's 55th birthday. At first I had no intention of calling and wishing him but my mom called and asked whether I did so. So....instead of not calling and wishing..I did the opposite. And today (15th June) is Father's Day. My heart felt like calling him...but in the end I didn't.

I grew up in a pretty unique messed up family...which most of us turn up pretty well at the end. At the age of 12.....just as I was about to sit for my UPSR exam...I had an alarming news saying that my dad had marry a second wife. At first I did not give me any effect at all...not at least until my mom keep on moving us siblings here and there. I think in a year I went to 3 different schools but I am happy with I end up at.

My dad...he was a quiet one. So ladies....beware if you have a quiet husband coz it is hard to really know was is going on in their head. We were much closer to our mom....since she does all the household related stuff. Although I was the closest to my dad since I'm the first child. So we did not really feel the lost when we were away from our dad. I can still remember his daily schedule until today.

  • 630am :- in the bathroom...we were on our way to school
  • 500pm :- he is back at home..reads newspaper....we are out playing. I'll make him some tea and sometime buys him fried banana.
  • 700pm :- he'll be on his was to the mosque..we are just back from our play time
  • 900pm :- he came back from the's our bed time.

So you can see that we seldom spend time with him. As a contractor...most of his weekend were spend on the site. However, at some point, both my brothers suffers the effect of growing up without a father. I think my dad is not the kind of person who shows affection (and yet he has 3 wives...hmmmm)...he seldom calls or visit. The only time we see him is when we go back to our hometown for Aidilfitri. And lately, he seldom goes back there. Heck!! He didn't even show up for my nikah or my reception. How super sad is that. If you asked me...I've expected it..but deep down inside...I would really love it if he was there. I'm his eldest child and daughter.

At times....when I see the closeness between some of my frens and their father...I would my life be....if I have a father. I mean one that is actually there. Maybe life would be better...or maybe not. Maybe my journey would be different. But GOD has his way of doing I am happy of where I am at this point of life. Although there are times...I felt sad thinking bout it.

So...Dad..HAPPY FATHER'S DAY (I doubt he will read this). Thank you for bringing me into this world. Although you were not there most of the time but taught me how to be tough and independent. Thank you!

I Got Tagged

I think bout few weeks ago I got tagged by fellow blogger..Ezrazlin. I don't like to respons to this tag thing but to honour fellow blogger request and since my name was on top of his here I go. uhuk.

The Rules

  1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
  2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
  4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged, and to read your blog.


  1. I am a bit OCD and kind of a perfectionist. So mostly, I plan everything I do...and if things didn't go as planned..I'll keep on thinking about it for ages. Uuuurrrghhhh!!! I hate that!!
  2. I suffer from insomnia...which is not cool either. Maybe it has to do with all that over thinking I'm doin..but I can't help it. My brain seems to be working its hardest when it is supposed to be resting. Shit!!
  3. I like to drive fast. I would love to enter a car race...but with my size and hubby won't ever let me do it. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!!
  4. I don't eat spicy food. And when I say NO SPICY FOOD...I mean it. Don't ask me why..I just don't.
  5. I hate just SUCKS!! Anyway you look at it. And we have suffered so much from it. DAMN IT!!
  6. I looooove to cook. Maybe becoz my mom trained me to do so since I was like 5 years old. Would love to have a house with spacious and well equipt kitchen someday. That is if we could afford one..with everything going UP! If that does happens...I think my hubby would have to go to the gym twice as hard..and heck! I might have to start to go back to the gym. uhuhuhuhu
  7. Another thing that I love is dancing. I would move to any good beat anytime. Uh...I miss that a lot. The last time I had so much fun dancing was December 07....don't know when is that gonna happen again. Unfortunately, my hubby don't I don't get a chance to share that passion with him. So now..I only dance at the morning, when getting ready, cooking or cleaning. uhuk
  8. I envy those who were born with privilage. They have everything (I mean the a happy ones..not the wealthy broken family), wealth and good looks. Gosh! Who doesn't envy that??


I tagged....

  1. Ezrazlin (I am giving you the honour you gave me...eheheheheh)
  2. Carol
  3. Nize Kepeh
  4. Farah Kawaii
  5. Shelly

**** Sorry...I have to break the rules here. I don't have any other blogger to tag. uhuhuhu ****

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Beware of Virus!!

There are new types of ways some crazy people sends us viruses. Please click on the link below to know more.

I'm Amazed

Last Friday nite, my hubby and I watched the semi-final tennis match between Federer and Monfils. It was an intense match. I did not move my butt for the whole gruesome 3 hrs plus to watch the match. Although Monfils had the support from his home fans...which made him a very tough opponent to the Tennis No 1 Man..Roger Federer..but in the end...the best man wins. uhuhuhu

Well...the real thing I am amazed of is my dearest beloved hubby. I know he is a sports freak coz he will watch almost any sports ever played in the sports channel. Remember this entry? But then....I thought his deepest knowledge would be about football. Again..I thought wrong. As we where watching the and then..the cameraman would point and shoot on few of the tennis legends. Of course..I did not know that they were tennis legend...until each time the cameraman shoot their hubby would tell me their names (don't ask me back..coz I really don't remember), which year they played, what was their strength and why some of them retired early. Fuh!! I guess the award of Sportsman of the Year I gave to him really suits him well. ahahahahahah

The Result is Out!

Remember the incident where it took 4 different person to draw my blood?? Well....finally the result is out. Actually it was out early last week....uhuhuhuhu. Well...from what the doc told me...we can say that...I am perfectly healthy...except that I might have fatty liver. ahahahaha. That is sure a first time. I have never had the word FAT associated with any part of my body before...and liver had the liberty to receive the award. Wakakakakakaka. And..I have a high level of protein.

Well, now..I think I have to become a vegetarian for a while and eat no meat to reduce the protein content. That means no soy beans either...uhuhuhu. Gosh!! I love soy beans. I just hope that I can stop myself from eating any meat for the time being. uhuhuh. Well....I think I will not be 100% vegetarian.....and consume less meat than usual.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Ok.....If you are living in Malaysia and knows what the hell is going on would know what my entry title is all about. YES!! The overwhelming increase of petrol price to RM2.70 at 0000hours on 5th June 2008. THIS IS CRAZY!!!

As at CLK 660 (Cute Little Kancil) will be consuming RM60 for a full tank of petrol. What the hell lah. As at 0000hours today...all my plans were put on hold...and I have to rearrange everything. My hubby and I plan to buy a new and more comfortable car and maybe buy our own house by end of year. It looks like we might have to calculate everything all over again. I am sooooooo devastated!!!! *&%#$#%&*)(*&^$@!! Maybe we'll put the new car on hold since a car will consume almost 40% of our salary and might just buy a house..that is only if we did not spent most of our salary...or what's is left of it on petrol and toll. And we still have our own tank to fill. Fortunately, as of this moment we only have two mouth to feed. Uhuk!!

But then, we really need that second car. hmmmm......this PakLah has really created problems for me. Started with having to postponed my wedding reception becoz of the election...and now this???!!! Thank you PakLah!!! Thank you very very very much!! You've really changed my life!! Since you are an expert at increasing everything...why don't you start discussing on how to make sure we all have the salary increament we deserve. Everything else is going UP and yet...we only earn the same. SHIT!! *&%#$#%&*)(*&^$@!!

Last nite, was the first time I went to fill up my petrol tank for fuel when the gov decide to increase the price...coz the increament was unbelievable!! And my queue was cut by a kaplamyanga driving a lorry. Then...I cut in front of him and open my door and scolded him. I really hate it when people cut queue like that. They think I am a small girl driving a small car...they can easily bully me?? Think again dude!! You r dead wrong!! *&%#$#%&*)(*&^$@!!