Monday, November 11, 2013

A Day at KL Bird Park

I don't know why but at some point we have run out of ideas on where to spend our weekends. So mostly we end up going to The Curve which is 5 minutes away from our house doing some errands or just eat. Last Tuesday was a public holiday and I was thinking hard of where to bring Wildan and we finally decided to go to KL Bird Park.

We have been there once. Where I say there, it meant only the entrance. ahahah...and we went to eat at the nearby cafe called Hornbill Cafe. This time it is fun to enter since we have our 1 year old son to entertain. At this age he will probably be amazed at anything. I can see that he loves animals and not scared of them when he loves cats and dogs. Once he even chased a dog and tried to pet it. Thank God it was tame and walked away from Wildan. This time we went in after we had lunch at the cafe. The food was nice but my char keow teow was a bit burned.

Wildan was so happy when he saw birds flying everywhere and they are colorful too. I didn't really get the chance to learn their names/types coz I was busy making sure Wildan didn't fall as he was walking so fast and excitedly chasing the birds while pointing at it. But I can tell you that there are flamingo, canary (which also has various types), peacock, parrot, emu, ostrich and a whole lots of other birds species that I have never seen or heard of. Some of them are in cage..I guess those are the rare species as we are not even allowed to pet or feed them. Most of them are left wondering around freely in the park and you can feed them. They even provide you with the seeds. Wildan even asked me to take one of the bird out of the cage so he can play with it. ahahaha...there are 30 minutes bird shows at 12.30pm and 3.30pm but we didn't managed to catch it as it finished just as we arrived at the arena. It was a long walk. I underestimated the place. It is huge!!

I was surprised to see how big the place is. Who knew there is such a huge bird park in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. It is divided into 5 zones and yes we walked through all 5 zones. Each has its so called own partition and we didn't manage to explore further. My back was hurting from all those walks. about aging gracefully. Or is it because of the drugs they used during my c-sect. hmmm...I need to get my stamina back. I don't when will that be. sigh...I have become a lazy bum.

We walked for almost two hours inside the park. Can you believe it? Nonetheless, we had fun. You can also take pictures with the parrots as a certain fee. We didn't take any. Maybe next time when Wildan is bigger and able to appreciate then it would be a memorable thing for him.

I would recommend to anyone who haven't visited the place to go check it out. The entrance fee is RM25.00 per adult and RM12.00 for children below 12 years old. Wildan wasn't charged with any fee so you can ask the counter when you buy the tickets if you are bringing a toddler. I would advice you to bring your own snack and most importantly water (plenty) as a small mineral water cost RM4.00 each inside and within the area. That is kind of absurd to me. I bought a Redbull at RM5 per can and a normal Cornetto ice cream for RM4.00. I could have gotten a Magnum ice cream outside. uhuk...

That's it for today. Ciao!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Quick Review on Thor - The Dark World and Tips on Bringing Infants into Cinema

** Alert - May Contain Spoiler **

I gave the first Thor movie 8/10. At first I didn't want to watch it but I followed hubby and end up liking it. :) So last Monday we went to watch the sequel "The Dark World". I give it 7/10. I think because the story line was a bit more simple but I still enjoyed it. It is to be expected that the story also revolved around Jane Foster the earth mortal. This time some supposed to be extinguish creature planned to attack Asgard and all the 9 realm and make it a dark world. It has lots of sense of humor this time mostly with Dr Erik character. Loki was surprisingly kind of funny too. This time it seems that Thor and Loki worked together to try save Asgard...or is it? have to watch the movie to know the twist. You will also get to see one of the Avengers character make a short appearance. Who? Am not giving out you'll need to watch it yourself. hmm...when is The Avangers sequel coming out? Does anyone knows? I can't wait for that! Some people said the sequel is slow and some said it is not worth watching. Each person has different opinion even your close friends. So, if you want to know whether you like it or not, you will have to watch and judge it yourself. To me, it is one of those not to miss movie.

We brought Wildan to cinema with us. I have never been away from him since he was born. Alhamdulillah he is able to 98% behave himself. However, there are things to help us make sure that we are able to watch the movie without interruption by him and for him not to become a nuisance to other cinema patrons. It doesn't mean that if you have problem getting a babysitter for your infants you can't enjoy a movie or two. Here are my tips which I think most parents also do the same.

  1. Always buy a couple/twin seats so that your child can seat or sleep comfortably when he/she wants to. You will be more comfortable too.
  2. Watch at night when it is near his/her bed time. We also trained Wildan to fall asleep in a noisy surroundings like in front of tv or with music on. So he won't be bothered with the movie loud noise.
  3. Always bring a bottle of warm milk. It is better if you breastfeed. I breastfeed Wildan to sleep in the cinema while I watch the movie. It is dark, he is fed and it is cool inside the cinema. Eventually, your child should fall asleep.
  4. Last but not least, if it is your 1st time bringing your infants into cinema, be ready to get out of the cinema when necessary. The 1st time we went to watch Iron Man 3 and we were ready to bail if Wildan made a ruckus. We were lucky he didn't and fell asleep after 15 minutes the movie starts until we are home.

Some people say the fun is over when you have kids...I think the fun is just starting. You just need to work on the 'how' a little bit more. :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Wildan is Teething Again

hmmm...pejam celik pejam celik esok dah cukup sebulan I become a stay at home mom (SAHM). It is a joy to be able to take care of your own child. I will post another entry on being a SAHM after this one. This is a short and quick update on Wildan.

"Wildan helping mummy in the kitchen"
He turned 1 year 5 months last Tuesday and Alhamdulillah...he is healthy. I am so happy that I made the right decision to focus on him for awhile. He is still fully breastfeed...Alhamdulillah..rezeki Wildan. Even though sometimes I just feel like quitting. But I have my target and I want to fully bf him until he is 2 years old. 7 months to go!! The only thing I can't tahan is now he bites coz he is teething again...and sometimes I have problem with dry skin and itchiness that made me feel very uncomfortable. He doesn't show any signs of weaning and just wouldn't take bottle if I am there. And there 24/ you know what I mean. And...he still wants to be breastfeed to sleep. hmmm....sometimes sampai keras mak kat sebelah dia nak tunggu dia lena betul2. uhuk. I do hope he will be able to accept formula milk when the time comes.

I didn't weigh or measure him this months since we are not scheduled for a check up. He is still lacking vocabs and only babbles things that I can't understand. Still limited to ma, ba, no...and still call dogs and cats "ateh". I do hope he will say something that makes sense to me soon. I know boys can be a bit late..but it still worries me. He loves the outdoors. Pantang buka pintu laju jer nak keluar. Wildan is a happy child and a very good boy. He is an obedient boy with an occasional tantrum so it is easy to take care of him. Few days ago, he changed his daily routine a bit and slept only once during the day. I guess that is normal. Now he loves to mimic...sometimes he will take his food bowl and spoon and feed me and comb his own hair with his comb. Today he even tried to put on his own shoes. So cute!! There are at least 5 more tooth about to come out and now he doesn't cry or scream each time I brush his teeth.

I think that's about it for now. Till next time.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wildan's Diary - A Catch Up Post (Part 2)

I was tired for the past two days. Mostly because I slept late the day I last updated this blog and woke up early and didn't get any day nap. Full of activities. So, part 2..the final part come in late. Finally am here to update. Unfortunately for me, I do not have a very good memory. The other day, on Wednesday..I can't even remember what I did on Monday. Gosh!! I had to think hard. So am gonna update month 15 and 16 combined together.

Remember that I took unpaid leave for the month of August? Well, Wildan had fully recover with no flu and cough for the whole month. We went for a normal 15th month check up and I managed to raise his weight to 10kg. Yeay!! However, sadly he got flu again just after 3 days I sent him back to daycare in September. My heart doesn't feel right on the first day I sent him. I saw a girl with running nose but I have no choice but to send him there. I have to go to work. sob sob. On Wednesday, third day at day care, I saw him having a running nose when I picked him up after work. Sigh...two days after that he started to cough...then fever...then the 7th day, he was admitted to hospital again for 5 days. I was so devastated. All that one month of hard work to make sure he gain weight all went to the drain. 5 days in the hospital and he lost his appetite and lost the whole 1kg he gained. uuwaaa!!! I am furious!! And the thing I hated most is he had to go through all the uncomfortable treatments to clear his lungs. :( I never want to see him like that again. So after he was discharged, I didn't sent him to daycare anymore. I was so mad! Instead, I brought him to work for almost 3 weeks. I am very grateful that I have such an understanding boss. He let me bring Wildan and go back after lunch but I need to make sure I finish my work. Some of the work I continue to do at home. Sadly, I have decided to resign to take care of Wildan for awhile. So as of now, I am a stay at home mom (SAHM). That is another different story...maybe I'll tell about that one later.

Even after he was discharged on 11th September, the fever was still there on and off and his flu didn't really stop either. On 29th September 2013, Wildan became 16 months old. By then, he is free of flu and cough. Alhamdulillah...he has gained 1kg back. He is now 10kg and 80cm tall. Mummy's handsome boy is healthy and mummy is happy. :) Wildan is a well behaved boy with occasionally normal tantrums when he is sleepy, hungry or has a wet diaper. I am blessed to have such a good boy. Not many vocabs yet. He still sticks to mama, baba and occasionally nanak (means don't want). He screams when he is in distress e.g leg is stuck, toys is stuck and he can't get it out. LOL He babbles a lot of baby talks and I hope he will start to say few words soon..the ones that I can understand of course. He knows when is his meal time and sometimes will push his highchair when he wants to eat. Loves the water and at times it is difficult to take him out of his bath tub. He still picks up things from the floor but most times he will give it to me. And each time I say "Pandai...!!" (smart boy)...and he will clap. It is like a reward to him for doing the right thing and he knows it. It is true at this age, a child can understand more than you think they do.

He loves to make frens and it is sad that he is no longer in a daycare where he can meet lots of other kids. If only those kids didn't make him sick. He also loves the playground. One time, I was passing by an indoor playground in a shopping mall. He saw it and anxiously saying "atah atah atah" while pointing at the slides. He doesn't climb the stairs to get to the slides...he normally climbs from the front. hehehe....There was one time I brought him to a playground at a park near our house. And he immediately lights up with a huge smile. He also hugged and kissed a boy who shared a see-saw (hope the spelling is correct :P ) with him. So cute! He also loves to go on a bike ride now that I have bought a child bike seat for him. Both hubby and me are outdoor person so we want Wildan to love outdoors too. Budak ni paling pantang kalau letak selipar or kasut dia kat depan dia. Terus nak pakai and tak sabar nak keluar. ahahahaha...Now that he can maneuver better he plays a lot with his push car. He will push the car where ever he goes in the car. He knows how to avoid obstables and make a u-turn now. ahahaha...precious!

Wildan, mummy and babah loves you so much. Mummy pray that you will grow up to be a good boy and a good muslim. Amin..

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wildan's Diary - A Catch Up Post (Part 1)

I was supposed to update this blog with at least an entry about Wildan's development once a month and I failed to do even that. Macamlah busy sangat kan? More like MALAS penat. My last entry was in June which was short and just update Wildan is now walking. Well now he can run. See how bersawang this blog can be since Wildan now can run? Am a pretty bad blogger. A fren said, blog if you like to write. hmm...I love to tell stories...and membebel...but I love to do it verbally not by writing. Penat tangan den ooo...nak taip. But since I see less human being..I think bebel to this blog pon dah ok dah...kot. So here we go. A four monnths catch up post. Be ready fellas..haha

13 months old
So, we all know that Wildan started to walk steadily in the age of around 13 months. He weight about 8.9kg (no increament there) and is 76cm tall. This is also when his condition worsen and he got lungs infection. His weight has been like a yoyo going up and down between 8kg-9kg since April. I am devastated to see his growth was slow. Alhamdulillah his height increased. At least I don't have to worry he'll be short like me. haha..He was admitted for 4 days and had to undergo nebulizer treatment every 6 hours and antiobic supplements 3 times a day. Not to mentioned other medicines. It was 20th July, fasting month and we were on our way for our anniversary breakfast dinner when his temperature suddenly rose and he seems so weak. So, instead...detour to hospital. At this point I was so worried and decided to take a month unpaid leave for the whole months of August to take care of him and make sure he is fully recovered before sending him back to nursery. Alhamdulillah...he was well after 4 days of treatment and we brought him home.

14 months old
This is when I took my unpaid leave. It is good that Wildan has a fix daily schedule. However, he is an early riser. So even I am on leave...I still have to wake up early. He wakes up at 7.00am...will play around a little bit...then breakfast at around and then take a nap at 10.30am until around 12noon or so. Then lunch...then nap again at around 3pm. You may think that I can rest or also take a nap with him. Well dear friend you have thought wrong. Those nap times are the times when I can eat, shower and do any chores need to be settled. See how tiring is that? Men...don't take your wife for granted. Lack of sleep is nothing to me...until now. So, this month he is 77cm and weight about 9.05kg. This was taken early August. By this time his walk has become more steadily and faster. He can reach higher things (now that he is taller), climb up the dining table and any other things that he can climb onto. My worst nightmare!! He babbles a lot but of course I still can't make sense of what is he trying to say except for "mama" and "baba". He now has 6 teeth. Two at the bottom and 4 on top. He understand instructions well and is a well behave boy. I am so lucky in that department. He only throws tantrum when he is super sleepy or hungry which are normal. He likes to play blocks and match. He also know how to salam (shake hands) and wave goodbye while saying "daaaa" cute!! is 12.14am and am so sleepy. I will continue tomorrow with part 2. Good night everyone.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

One Year Down, One More Year To Go!

I think you have read many times my disbelief on how fast a year has past by since our little precious came into our lives. It also means I have successfully fully breastfeed for a year plus now. Wildan will be 1 year 1 month old this Saturday. I am proud of myself for reaching to this level. I was determine to breastfeed even before I was pregnant and was even more determine when I was pregnant. I used to talk to my belly and said to the little one inside that I will nurture him with all the nutrition a mother's milk can give. At first I was a bit concerned since even my mom only breastfeed me for 19 days. Yes ladies and gentlemen...19 days coz she can't stand the pain. I think most of you know why the pain. The longest she breastfeed was 4 youngest brother. But still, I was determine.

It wasn't easy especially if you are a working mum. To husbands....don't take it for granted when your wife decides to fully breastfeed. Support her in anything she might need. Help her. Breastfeeding is more than just putting your baby's mouth to the teets and feed it. It requires strength, effort and patience. SERIOUSLY!!

I think one thing that helps me reach to this level (chewah...mcm level apa jer kan?) that I have never instill the thought of..."eh...nanti xde susu macam mana?"..."susu kuranglah"....all I can think and put in my head was...I want to breastfeed and I want to do it at least until Wildan is 2 years old. That's it and I just do it. Your body will react to your positive mindset positively.

No doubt there were times when the production did go down especially when I was sick...and that happened at least twice. So I had to take extra effort to wake up at night and pump to get extra EBM for Wildan's supply. Even my production is not like some lucky people that can get 20 to 30oz in one session of pumping...Alhamdulillah...until today I can still manage. I think for me, having the right pump also helps a lot.

I have 3 pumps. Yes, 3. Why 3? hmmm...kind of a long story. When I was still pregnant, I bought Medela Harmony Manual Breastpump. Why? Because I think it was good and I can do manually and it was on sale. But when I gave birth...I find that it was tiring and takes extra energy to pump. My hands were tired. So, I bought Medela Mini Electric Pump. It is a good pump. No doubt all Medela pumps are good but you need to choose the one that suits you best. I used it until I went back to work. Then, I realized, pumping each side will take 15-20 minutes which made it 30-40 minutes for me to finish both sides. Which also means...I will have to excuse myself from work for at least one hour to pump. 3 sessions mean 3 hours. hmmm....that is not good isn't it? So, I decide to invest to buy another pump...Medela Freestyle. Although it is expensive but it was worth it!! I love it! It has hands free function which means I can pump while doing house chores, can tandem pump with my hands free and I can double pump. Which also means...I will take half the time to be missing from work since I can pump both side simultaneously. So, I've been using Medela FS since October 2012. :) My other two pumps have been stored. I wanted to sell but......kind of sayang lah pulak.

Medela Harmony (Manual Pump)

Medela Mini Electric

Medela Freestyle
** Pictures from google

There have been ups and downs throughout the year. There are times when Wildan is teething and he likes to bite. OMG!! I felt like crying coz of the pain...during the bite and my skin was cut becoz of it. Each time I want to start to pump, I would close my eyes...and pray for it not to be painful. Fuh! But I need to pump. At home, Wildan doesn't want bottle if am direct feed all the time. Sometimes, I will take weeks for the cut/wound to heal. Ouch!!

Some people are not well informed about breastfeeding. Be it about how to breastfeed to the goodness of breastfeeding. It is the best supplement you can give to your child to boost his/her immune system. Someone said to me when Wildan was sick last two months.."eh..Wildan bukan fully breastfeed ker?". In my head I said..."Noks....ko ingat susu aku ada ilmu sakti boleh bagi anak aku kebal?" When you breastfeed your child it doesn't me he/she will not get sick. They will still do becoz it is one way for them to build their immune system. Breastmilk contains antibody that helps built the immune system. Bukan buat anak-anak anda jadi kebal yer puan-puan. Plus, you will have to see your genetic as well. I have asthma, so Wildan might be sensitive and prone to have sickness that can relate to it. Again, it doesn't mean he is immortal. :P

So, am going to continue my conquest for at least another year. Lets do it!! :)

Wildan Walks Steadily for the First Time

Wildan had taken his first steps when he was 11 months plus but he has never walk properly or steadily. I think he is the type that will not do something unless he is really capable to do it. After many first steps he took, last nite he finally walks steadily. This Saturday he will be 1 year 1 month old. I am so happy to see that his development is where it is supposed to be. However, with the haze...his flu and cough came back. Sigh...hope he will fully recover soon.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Wildan Wore a Hat on His Own

For the past few months, I noticed that Wildan like to put any clothing on his head as like he is trying to wear them. Be it pants or tshirt. Once he wore his pants on his head. LOL

Friday, June 7, 2013

He's A Big Boy Now

I still couldn't believe I have one year son. Yes, Wildan turned one on 29th May 2013. We have waited for him to come into our lives for 6 years and he is such a bundle of joy. He loves to give that cheeky smile of his whenever he tease us with his behavior.

I organized his birthday party on 1st June and invited our family members, few neighbors and close friends. Thank God he slept for almost 2 hours before the party starts so he was very friendly and bubbly through out the party. He played in the ball pool and was passed around from hands to hands and he didn't show any tantrum at all. I as usual was busy entertaining guests. I really hope they had fun that day...especially their children. We had ball pool and inflatable bouncer to keep the children busy while the parents eat and catch up. More pictures will be posted later. I was I have to wait for photos from our photographer. hehehehe


Wildan is now a big boy. Time goes by so fast. He is now 74cm and 8.92kg. He spends most of his time at the nursery which I wish doesn't happen that way. If only I can quit my job and be with him all the time. hmmm...still planning on that. Now he can stand up on his own and walk a few steps. He loves his toys present he got for his birthday. Thank you for all who came. He understands more than what you think he understands....and can blabber a few words. The other day, I was trying to feed him porridge....but he shook his head and said "na nene"...which I think means "nak nenen" (I want milk) and tug my blouse. Yes, he is still fully breastfeed. I am very grateful for that. It does requires 100% commitment and determinations with lots of patients.

Wildan still loves music and he's routine is still pretty much the same. He will be awake at 7am everyday, eats 4 times a day, not fussy about drinking plain water and can drink straight from a cup. I hold it for him of course.

There are more things I wanna write but I'll have to write some other time. Till next time.....

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Challenging Month

Wildan is now 11 months old. It has been the most challenging month ever. I have posted about him not being well since he reached 10 months old. He had flu and cough and I think he got it from his nursery. Since then, it has been a roller coaster. He had too much phlegm that he started wheezing. There also has been a few episodes of us driving to the emergency department when Wildan's temperature rose. One time it reached 39.1. However, despite all these, he is still an active boy. Although it made me worry less, I still hate the fact that his illness prolonged.

His now weight only 8.5kg and 73cm tall. Not much physical growth since he wasn't well. Kesian anak mummy...uhuk :(

Since 30/3, I was on and off work and this week am on unpaid leave the whole week. I need to make sure he is at least fully stable before sending him back to nursery (oh I hate sending him there!!). He is now under 2 months inhaler treatment to strengthen and ensure his lungs are strong again. Things like this make me just want to quit my job for 2 years. Unfortunately, I can't afford to :(

On a positive side, he can stand free hands for about 10 seconds now. He loves his Disney Junior cartoons and will clap to all the songs he loves. He also loves to smile his cheeky smile. Sometimes I feel like biting him when he does that. Oh! And he got his 3rd and 4th tooth last week.

He has shown a lot of progress in getting better and now no more wheezing and flu. Alhamdulillah...This month he will be 1 year old...birthday party planning in progress! Yeay!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wildan's Diary : Time Flies

I was suppose to update this last two weeks and had out it in draft but Wildan was sick for the whole week last week. Started with flu then cough with wheezing then he got fever. Well, is is last two weeks story.

It is scary to know how fast time flies. It feels like yesterday I was updating this blog about Wildan reaching 9 months old. And now am here again to update about him reaching 10 months old.

Now Wildan can understand simple instructions like 'go get your turtle toy', 'sit and eat properly' and the word 'NO'. Although, the word 'NO' made him stop doing what he is not supposed to be doing, it only last for about 10 seconds. Only if I add 'Wildan is such a good boy'...then he may stop permanently. Notice I put the word 'may' there? LOL

He had fever last three weekends and 2 days after that (24/3/2013) I can see his first teeth coming out of his gums. Such a joy thing! I just hope he won't bite me while nursing. Lots babies tend to do that.

He is still furniture cruising, will put almost everything in his mouth and he can now stand without support for about 3-5seconds. When he wants milk he will say 'nenenenene'...which I thing he means nenen. A terms we malay use for breast feeding for babies. Lol alhamdulillah...up until now he is still fully breast fed.

I am worried about him at nursery when now I realized that other parents will still send their kids even when they are sick! End up Wil will get it too. Today he is coughing and wheezing and had to be given a dose of nebulizer treatment. I HATE this! Truly hate it! This is the second time this happen. I think I should talk to the nursery's owner. I remember reading the t&c in the registration form on not to send your kids if they are sick. I guess I should know better when I live in Malaysia. Rules are not something people follow here. Uurrghhhh!! I wanna try to find a private babysitter for Wildan.

As of today (10/4/2013) he is still coughing with slight flu. Last nite his temperature rose and it went down after I gave him his fever meds. :( I hope he is okay today.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wildan Gangnam Style

Last 3 weeks we discover that our Wildan loves to dance and shake his head to any songs. He loves Oppa Gangnam Style by PSY. I guess he is like me. Will move to any good beat. is a video of him dancing to Oppa Gangnam Style.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Hectic Month

Up until today, March has been a hectic month for me. Be it at work or at home. Well, when you are already tired from work, anything to do at home seems twice at hard and hectic. Right about now, I am really in need of a day to pamper myself which I don't think am gonna get anytime really soon. A massage would be heavenly. Wildan had a slight fever last two weeks and he is having fever today. I had to bring him to work today coz I had to settle important things at work. I was planning to take an emergency leave but things at work can't wait. Alhamdulillah he didn't throw any tantrum and was willingly sitting and playing with my office mate while I finish what I went to finish.

I will write more when I have the time. Actually, even now am stealing time to write a short update. Will write about our family trip to Terengganu soon. :)

Ciao for now!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wildan's Diary : The Little Precious is 9 Months Old

It seems like yesterday I was holding his tiny body in my arm. My little cikenit is now 9 months old. Another 3 months her will be 1 year old!! That's kind of scary.

We went for his routine 9 months old a bit late...about a week late. His development was on the average. He is now 72cm and 9.02kg. He can now cruise while holding on to something. My house is all tunggang terbalik because of him. Sometimes I think he can also tease me with all the cheeky things he did. He knows to kiss my cheek when I ask him to. So cute!! Habis ayaq liuq Wildan kat pipi mummy. hehehehehe.....until now he is still fully breast fed..Alhamdulillah :)

No big drama this months....he's well. The paeds said that his gums look a bit swollen so he may be teething soon. A phase I am a bit scared of.uhuhuh....

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kesenangan Dunia??

I have been working with my current company for almost 3 years now. It is the longest time I have ever been working with a company. Well, you can call me a job hopper but that is the only way for me to get a pay raise. However, the factor that made me join this current company is not really a pay raise. I just wanted to runaway from my previous sales job that was putting a lot of stress for me with its ridiculous high target. I was trying to conceive so that factor has to be wiped off.

I had made a lot of adjustment while trying to have a baby. Switch job to a much lesser pay position to reduce the stress and also move to a landed house that requires more money as well. A decision which I didn't regret making because now I have Wildan. My sweet little cheeky cikenit bambam. I miss him already!!

However now, I am trying to search and apply for a new job. I need a better paid job as all the expenses has gone up! Literally!! My pay now is what I get in 2006. Yes!! Pathetic or not? Hubby is not really making much as a government servant. So, I need to work and help him with the expenses. Even more so now that we have Wildan. Hmm...this reminds me. I've just read my dear friend Carol blog and her latest post really made me angry. Not at her but to a guy that made such a stupid remark/comment.

I think most of you know about the case where the maid throw and toss around a 4 months old baby. I even have a post on it. She said that a guy made a comment on fb on the vid that was posted on the case. He said, "bukan salah baby tu.Yang salah mak dia sanggup bagi anak dibawah jagaan orang lain demi mencari kesenangan dunia..mencari rezeki tanggungjawab suami etc..". My immediate reaction to this was..WTF? Does he thinks all those mother would rather go to work than spend time with their kids and let alone a baby that she has just gave birth to! No mother in her right mind would! Those who throw away their baby like garbage are clearly mental. We go to work because we have to. Because we need to help our husband to provide for the family. Because his salary alone doesn't cut it. Not with the high living expenses! Only few women are lucky enough to be a full time mother. I wish I am one! I am not sure if this man is married but I'm pretty sure he isn't. Maybe he has grudge against his mom for leaving him and going to work to provide for him so he feels that towards any women than goes to work and let other people to care for their baby. Cewah..mcm psychologist plak aku kan?

I cried the first day I sent my Wildan to nursery. Started sending him 2 weeks before I started working again after my maternity leave to practice. He and I both need to practice to be away from each other. Fortunately, he handled it better than me. :P I am so lucky and blessed to get a good nursery which is very hard to find nowadays.

So, I want to find a job but there's lots of things to consider. I like where I am working now but like I said, the salary is not enough. Plus, there's no yearly increment and I've been here since 2010! My current office is 10-15 minutes away from home which also where Wildan's nursery is. It helps if there is any emergency. Especially if his milk supply isn't enough. Encountered with that a few times already. My boss is kind of understanding and knows that am a fully breast feed mom so he understands my commitment. I can take off from work to attend to Wildan and pump for his supply. I am afraid that if I take a new job, my boss won't be as understanding and how will the environment be. As a new employee, I can't take off easily. They might understand but I won't really feel good about it. Right? The guy is lucky I didn't see his comment, I would have condemn him until he delete his own comment.

Now, each step in life that I take I need to consider Wildan's benefits. Am not trying to find kesenangan dunia which it would be great if I have but just trying to survive in this challenging world. I guess I have to wait until Wildan is 2 years old to make any bold move since by then he would no longer be fully breast feed so the pressure is a liitle bit off my shoulder. I didn get a job with better pay end of last year and at that time Wildan was only about 4 months old. After deep consideration I had to let it go.

Mummy love you Wildan. Even if mummy send you to nursery, know that mummy can't wait to pick u up everyday! :) muah!! No treasure in world would matter if I don't have you!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Once Upon A Time, My Blog had Readers

I've cleaned up this blog a bit. Now it is white and easier to read. As I went through my blog I noticed that 2008 had the most updates. 55 blog entries. hmm...that's a lot. I started blogging in 2007. What happened to me? Not only that, I also have readers and comments. I will get at least one comment for each entry that I wrote. I wonder what happened. Maybe because I stop writing frequently, my blog visitors are fed up. Or is it my writing is becoming lame...pretty much like my life. Kind of boring so not really much to write about.

Not sure if most of them still read but as silent readers and do not leave any comments. If anyone is reading this...leave a comment or just say 'Hi' so that I know you are still here. Actually, I don't think anyone would read my once in a while daily rubbish rambles.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Magic Broom

If you have been directed to this site after you Googled 'How to become a witch' or 'Where do I purchase a magic broom' or anything related to it, you might be disappointed coz you won't get the answer here. My magic broom don't fly like Harry Potter's and it doesn't come close to looking like it but it is magical to me. How so? Well, I guess you will need to read my entry to the end (like anyone ever read my blog :P).

I'm a mother to one active 8 months old baby, a wife and a full time 9-5 kuli salary earner. Anything that helps me ease anything that I do is magical! So, you get what I mean now? Okay, now you can leave the blog. No flying magical broom here.

My magical broom is actually 'Scotch-Brite Easy Sweeper'. I think you can get it at any hypermarket. I got mine at Speedmart for RM34.90. Why is it magical? First of all, I have long hair that falls quite a lot and it is superbly hard to find time to go to the saloon. There are hairs everywhere around my house. Having an active baby who puts everything is his mouth, you will need to make sure at least the house is 95% clean. Who can get 100%? Please give me your tips.

Can you see the hair and dust stuck on the cloth?

The Easy Sweeper uses special oil coated cloth that maximize dust pick-up (took this quote directly from the box) and hairs sticks to it like glue. The cloth is actually disposable and can be used both sides. When I bought it, it came with 10 pcs for free. The cloth will cost you RM9.90 (30pcs) if you buy it separately. I got that price at Speedmart. Not sure if you go to somewhere else. The sweeper is light and it is flexible so you can move it around corners. The fact that it pick up hairs better than a normal broom and vacumn cleaner made my day! After I sweep, I can easily mop the floor. Then, I'm done.

So, if you are looking for something that has similar function, I really recommend you to buy it. ;)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wildan the Little Big Eater

I have started Wildan with solid food since he was 6 months. Started with fruits puree and mashed/blend sweet potato. That is when I got to know there are so many colors of sweet potato. Like seriously...there's purple (or maybe they call it read), orange, white and I have seen green :P

Pumpkin Puree

Once he was okay with adapting to eating solid food, I later introduce him to rice porridge because he doesn't seems to be full just by eating fruits puree. I think he was about 7 months 3 weeks at that time. I love cooking for him because I love the way he smiles when I show him his food bowl. He will recognize it immediately and knows it's time to eat.

Porridge with carrot and spinach in his bowl.'s pink because I can't find  other colors.

Some people say I am so rajin to do all this. I have few frens who does the same thing. I prefer to do it on my own at least until he is one year old. Why? Because the 1st year is his crucial years. If i cook myself, I would know what I have fed him with and from there I can monitor what is he allergic to, if any. So far he is okay with everything that I fed him. Alhamdulillah. His babysitter insisted that they cook for him and I don't need to hassle myself. One thing I don't want is, they put salt in the porridge because the porridge is also prepared for the older kids. She said she only put a little bit of salt like a pinch...but when I tasted it, it is too salty even for me. So, I would rather spend my time preparing for his food myself. I mean, what is there in making a porridge? You just put everything in a cooking bowl and cook it then blend it. Wallah! Everything is ready. I usually do this at night and then reheat before sending it to Wildan's nursery. So far, he likes what he eats and he is still on fully breast milk.

Wildan's daily food supplement to nursery
Uploaded the picture above to my social network and some friends says that that's a lot. Amazingly he manage to finish it. Before, I only give two packs of porridge but his babysitter said it is not enough and they have to give him their porridge, so I added one more pack. As for EBM, he normally consumed minimum 3 bottles (5oz each) to maximum of 5 bottles a day. He is there between 8am to 6pm. I guess he is just a little big eater but yet I don't see him getting chubbier. :P

Now, Wildan's porridge menu has rotatably included.....
  1. Carrot
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Broccoli
  4. Spinach
  5. Green Peas
  6. Sawi - don't know what it is called in English
  7. Celery
  8. Potato
  9. Fish
  10. Meat
  11. Chicken

There are a lot more things I want to try make for Wildan. Maybe soon I'll bake him homemade oat cookies and poached fruits as snacks for him. :) I hope he will grow teeth soon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bullet to the Head

First of all, before I start, let me be clear. The blog entry title entry has nothing to do with the current movie in cinemas starring Sylvester Stallone.

On Sunday I was shocked to watch the news of an Indonesian maid torturing a 4 months old baby by slamming and throwing him. I was holding Wildan at that time and I immediately hold him tighter as I was watching. I didn't really see the whole content as what was shown on the news was kind of fast. Not until yesterday a fren posted the youtube vid on her facebook that I really see what happened. The extend of what the bastard did was unacceptable. Although the video doesn't have any sound(thank God it didn't, otherwise it would have been much more horrible to watch) I can see that the baby is screaming a loud cry. I even feel like crying as I write this entry. I just can't wipe the image off my mind.

Baby Hareez and his mother Nina :'(

I am really not sure what is wrong with the bastard brain or if there's any demon that went into her. All I know is I feel like sending thousands a bullet into her head. It's not like she's using that brain of hers anyway. Might as well just blow it!! What she did was superbly and utterly unacceptable. If it was me, I wouldn't simply give her to the police before beating the death out of her first. People give you a decent job and this is how you repay? It is her first day and the mother was lucky she installed a cctv at home which is also linked to her handphone. If not, only God knows what more will happened to the baby. He sustained an internal injury and today he is admitted again to the hospital for further check up and treatment as the mother said the baby is not moving as per normal. :'( I really pray for the baby's recovery and hope he'll be ok. Amin....

Below is the vid but to those soft hearted, it is best for you not to watch coz u might not be able to forget it. :(

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wildan's Diary : Happy 8 Months Old Wildan!

On 29th January 2013, Wildan is officially 8 months old. Alhamdulillah....but it has been a challenging journey this time. He had fever, diarrhea and also bad flu and cough with lots of phlegm and had to be given nebulizer treatment to reduce the phlegm. Although those things didn't happen at one time (Thank God for that), it affected him a bit. His lost a little bit of weight and length wise, it is still the same. He is now 69cm (no growth) and 8kg. I even loose weight when I got the stomach flu bug from him and now am skinny than before. Even my XS size pants seems loose and that's bad. I want to be thin but not skinny. :P

Even though he's sick, alhamdulillah he's still active. Until mummy and babah yang tak larat nak layan. He won't just stay at one place and always has things to do or to grab of. He's a handful. LOL

Now, he can sit own his own and stand up while grabbing on to something. It was such a joyful sight to finally see he did it. So, besides loosing a bit of weight and not becoming taller, he's growth is good. He really is our bundle of joy. Mummy and Babah love you so much Wildan!! muah!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

I love breast feeding

When I got to know I am pregnant, I have set my mind that I am gonna fully breastfeed my baby. Now, he is 7.5months and I am still fully breastfeeding him. Someone asked whether I have mixed his diet with formula milk and when I said no, she said that I have lots of milk supply. Well, let me tell you something. I am one of those super ordinary mummy whom each pumping session will get about 4-6oz of expressed breast milk. To me that's not a lot coz I've seen other women who can pump up to 30oz per session. But Alhamdulillah...that is enough for Wildan. Determination is also a factor. I was determine not to mix with formula milk that I would pump 5 times a day instead of 3 times. Even woke up in the middle of the night to pump. There are times especially towards the end of the week where I have to send a fresh EBM to his nursery to make sure his supply is enough. I really don't mind....coz I love it.

Here is some of the reason why....

1) I love the way he looks at me when he is breast feeding. He's eyes are so cute
2) Now, at night, he will crawl to me and find the point himself and breast feed while laying on his stomach. How cute is that?!
3) I get to eat what ever I want as much as I want and still I don't gain any weight
4) My baby rarely get sick and if he won't be for long
5) I don't have to pay for formula milk
6) My baby really bonds with me....that cute boy will call "Ma..." at night when he can't find me in bed.

I hope I can continue this journey until he is 2 years old. But right trying to target 1 year old first. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Little Wildan 1st Time Swimming

We have been wanting to bring Wildan swimming since he was 5 months old but the weather, our time and sometimes his condition (flu and all) didn't allow it. Finally, we brought him yesterday. I bought him his float the day before. Mummy yang terlebih semangat..padahal mummy swim pon tak tau.

At first we wanted to join our dear friend Diyana and her baby Rafa at POGH but it was late and the place is far from our house. So we decided to go to my aunt's condo instead. Wil was kind of nervous the first time he hits the water. I think becuase it was cold and the float moves by itself. ehehehehe...after about 5 minutes...he was already moving his legs, giggling and smiling playing in the pool. He loves swimming as much as he loves bathing. hahahaha....Love you cikenit bambam!

He was nervous the first time....

Enjoying the water after 5 minutes getting use to it..:)

All smiles and playing

Maybe we'll do this again this weekend...

Wildan's Diary : Yay!! Wildan is 7 Months Old

Alhamdulillah...Wildan has just reached 7 months on last Saturday. However, the week before he got sick with fever, flu and cough. Well, I can't avoid it since he is in a nursery with other kids when I am at work. That Friday I saw other kids with running nose and cough. my 4 days weekend during Christmas was spend at home with him.

He is now 69cm (didn't grow much) and weigh about 8.1kg. His doctor asked me to feed him as his weight didn't go up that much. I had to stop feeding him solid for a week as he had constipation. But now he is back on track. He can now sit with support and sometimes without for about 5 minutes. He has start pushing himself forward but not yet crawling. He no longer sleeps in one position now. Hubby and me has to be extra cautious at night. The funny thing is, only now he starts to turn/roll onto his left side. Before this he only turn/roll to his right side. The best thing is, he can now say baba and mama and not randomly. He will say mama when he wants me and say baba when he sees his babah. :)

At this stage, he can already recognize faces so he is afraid of strangers. Not everyone he is comfortable with. He still enjoy watching Upin Ipin and Phineas and Ferbs cartoons. :)

This is mostly the position he sleeps in now.