Saturday, May 24, 2008

BEWARE!! Toll Fraud!!

As we are all aware....the toll gate collection can be up to millions or was it billions of Ringgit a year. And yet, the toll rate still increase time to time. And we have to bare all of this while our income is at a stagnant level..shit!! It is ridiculous to increase the rate when everyday the number of cars passing by is so many. Last time, I've received and email on how this toll gate attendant kept the collection money to themselves as an additional income to their salary. And this normally applies to toll without tickets..the ones..where you pay as you go through. I myself will have to pay RM3.20 everyday just to commute from home to office a day. At first I was a bit sceptical...but after a few incidents and observation..I find that this whole fraud thing might be true. are my theories:-

  1. Sometimes...the toll bar is always up. This indicates that, it doesn't matter if you pay the toll or not....the bar can be lifted up with a push of a button. So, this means..the toll attendant can take our money..and simply push the button to lift the bar up without having to record the collection. Except for maybe if we asked for a receipt.
  2. I asked for receipt..but there was one time where the toll attendant gave a me a receipt for a taxi which was half the value of the amount I've paid for. So this means..he recycled the receipt.
  3. One time, I have ran out of small change and there was only a RM50 note that I withdraw earlier. After searching high and low for coins....I can only come out with 65 sen. So as I stopped at the RM1.60 toll.....

Me: (while giving him the note to pay) Sorry I don't have any small change

Attendant: Sorry I don't have any small change to give back to you.

(Isn't that peculiar??..hmmmmm??)

Me: But I only have 65 sen worth of coins

Attendant: It's ok. You can just pass through

Me: Are you sure??

Attendant: Yes..just pass through

Me: Really?? Here is the 65 sen. TQ

So either he is such a kind man who paid for me for the toll he is supposed to collect...or there are no way of actually tracing the amount of collection made. Which one do you think??

As for me, the easiest way to make sure our toll payment goes directly to the toll concession company is by using Touch N Go or SmartTag at these tolls. There you go, you be the judge...and take action for yourself.


iena amoi said...

Anonymous said..

Toll ni sensitip ni ckit. Jgn.... nanti ada kontroversi lagi. hari tu dah ada kontroversi blog mengejek atau mengata pasal kitorang kat nkep(*kau pun ahli gak). Tak sangka kita femes betul sampai jadi bahan blog. Lepastu depa buat buat tak tau macam kita tak baca blog depa. Pandai betul mereka berlakon.


Wahai Anonymous,

Ahahahahaha.....tulah. Sabar2.Nak wat camner....dah terfemes. uhuhuhu Alah...aku bukan kondem gomen...cuma bg peringatan kat kengkawan...takut ade pekerja yg tak jujur. Kesian kita, penat2 keje cari lain yang senang2 amik dgn takde rasa bersalah. Tak gitu?? uhuhuhu

ezrazlin said...

65 cents for a rm1.60 tol..?
to tell you the truth..yup i do have a friend who works only in a tol booth plaza and drive's a wira with a GSR 1.8 you know how much the engine cost him? 11k! where did he get that kind of money by just collecting tol and lifting up bars? pretty obvious and this fren of mine..did confess! rm1.60 tol..average 8 hour income about few hundreds a day!

iena amoi said...

Iyer?? Uish!! Sah kena guna Touch N Go camnih. I PON NAK KEJE SITU LAH..:P

Tp nanti hidup tak berkat tau. uhuk

ezrazlin said...

pakai smart tag je..ekeke and yes idup tak berkat! makan kena cari yg halal..!

jom jln jln my blog..tgk ada new pics of cupcakes ekeke! i actually did this for an order..ada org order wahahaha! doa bisnes maju eh ekeke!