Friday, March 13, 2009

OMG!!!! I'm Fat!!!

All my least before I reach the age of 25, my weight was always below 40kg. yeah....that is totally underweight and skinny..uhuhuhu. But I'm comfortable like that...although....i did try to gain a little more weight. weight 42kg....and still according to my BMI....I am underweight. The one thing I am concern about is...I am not used to being chubby or "berisi" and it's making me feel fat. And being unactive not like I used to be....making me feel even more scared. I'm scared that I'll gain more weight and become fat for sure. uwaaaaa!!!!!. A lot of my frens said that I'm not the type that can be fat.....I sure hope they are right. Otherwise...I'm doomed. A fren even gave a theory to me. He said that I'm won't be fat, but if I'm not antibody will become I'm more vulnarable to become sick. After giving some thought to it..I think what he said was true indeed.

In a way....because I'm trying to get pregnant...gaining weight is a good thing. I can't stop eating like mad for the last two weeks. Being a person who had never have to diet before in my whole control eating is a quite difficult task and a challenge indeed....eheheheheh. I really wanted to excercise and do some push up...but I'm afraid that it will effect the chances of me getting pregnant. As of today....I'm already one day "late". So...I think....gain weight...get pregnant.....give birth.....then only workout like mad...ahahahah.