Friday, January 9, 2009

Got Tagged!!!

Tagged by Ezrazlin.....uhuk

1. Put your recently photo first.
2. Tagged 8 people who you want to tagged.
3. Answer the questions.

8 people I'm tagging - Diyana, Bani, Nize, Carol, Shelly (ok i know only 5...that's all i've got...uhuk)

1. How are you? Fine, just recover from fever and flu

2. Who was the last person you hugged? My dearest beloved hubby of course

3. Look to your left, what do you see? My dining table...hmmmm feeling hungry.

4. Where do you like to be the most? At home laying beside hubby on the sofa watching tv.

5. Whats your fav. film? Gladiator & What Happen in Vegas

6. What does the last person you commented on FS mean to you? Currently not active

7. What did you last laugh about? My hubby's reaction to something i did....eheheheheh

8. Where was your default took? Damansara

9. Whats the first thing you look for in a girl/guy? Attraction.

10. If your still in school, whats your fav. lesson? Math...numbers..numbers..numbers

11. What do you work as/want to work as? event to be a dancer

12. Do you play video games? if so, which is your fav. game? No!!!!

13. Who never fails to make you laugh? Who else?? My hubby lah

14. What are you listening to right now? Dreams - Cranberries

15. Who did you last have a sleepover with? Fiza...but she slept in the other room....does that counts?? I slept with hubby of course...eheheheh

16. I bet you miss someone, who? Hubby!!!! He is still at work. uhuk

17. Are you happy with your life right now? Partly yes....hmmmmmm

18. Why did you last get upset? Irresposibility. That really pissed me off...%$%#$@#@&**

19. Who was the last person you texted? Hubby

20. Who do you live with? Hubby

21. Do you like living with them? Definately

22. Who did you last shout at and why? A client.....but not to their face....ahahahahaah

23. Are you normally a happy person? 99% of the time

24. What was the last thing you went to see in the movies and with who? Australia with hubby

25. Whats your fave food? baked/mashed potato

26. Are you in love? Definately yes

27. Do you remember how you was 3 years ago? Struggling

28. If so, does it make you cringe? I'm satisfied but not yet overwelhemed.

29. If you could be with someone right now, who would it be? Hubby

30. Whats your fave thing in your room? My bed.

31. If you had one wish, what would you wish for? To redo my past 5 years.

32. Any last words? I hate being the first in my family...uwaaaaa!!!!!

Being No 1 Isn't Always the Best Thing

wow!! I think it has been ages since i've update anything in this humble blog of mine. Not that i think anyone would miss it. uhuhuhuhu. I was sick since august.....up to after aidilfitri, then was busy assisting a fren with an event..(well this one is a whole new story...uhuhuhu)

Now...lets start. I think almost everyone wants to be no 1 as no 1 is the best place ever. I myself for instance want to win the first place in anything that i do....i mean who doesn't? But...of all the no 1 place that i've got...the only no 1 place that would willingly let go is being no 1 in the family. Coz to me, being no 1 or easy to say the eldest....everything with me is always an experiment, like guinea pig. uuurrrghgghhh...i hate that. I also hate being blame for mistake that no 2,3 or 4 makes just becoz i'm no 1.......whats with that????? It is true what they say, being no 1 means you have to be though and ready for any challenges. Even my mom say i'm rough.....and don't behave like a girl/women should be. Well i was raised to be though and have to look upon my own what i am now is all becoz of that. But then, the no 1 position i hold cannot be handover and i'm stuck with it forever. it or not....i've hold that position for 28 years.....and am still trying to get used to it. :(