Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wildan's Diary : Happy 8 Months Old Wildan!

On 29th January 2013, Wildan is officially 8 months old. Alhamdulillah....but it has been a challenging journey this time. He had fever, diarrhea and also bad flu and cough with lots of phlegm and had to be given nebulizer treatment to reduce the phlegm. Although those things didn't happen at one time (Thank God for that), it affected him a bit. His lost a little bit of weight and length wise, it is still the same. He is now 69cm (no growth) and 8kg. I even loose weight when I got the stomach flu bug from him and now am skinny than before. Even my XS size pants seems loose and that's bad. I want to be thin but not skinny. :P

Even though he's sick, alhamdulillah he's still active. Until mummy and babah yang tak larat nak layan. He won't just stay at one place and always has things to do or to grab of. He's a handful. LOL

Now, he can sit own his own and stand up while grabbing on to something. It was such a joyful sight to finally see he did it. So, besides loosing a bit of weight and not becoming taller, he's growth is good. He really is our bundle of joy. Mummy and Babah love you so much Wildan!! muah!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

I love breast feeding

When I got to know I am pregnant, I have set my mind that I am gonna fully breastfeed my baby. Now, he is 7.5months and I am still fully breastfeeding him. Someone asked whether I have mixed his diet with formula milk and when I said no, she said that I have lots of milk supply. Well, let me tell you something. I am one of those super ordinary mummy whom each pumping session will get about 4-6oz of expressed breast milk. To me that's not a lot coz I've seen other women who can pump up to 30oz per session. But Alhamdulillah...that is enough for Wildan. Determination is also a factor. I was determine not to mix with formula milk that I would pump 5 times a day instead of 3 times. Even woke up in the middle of the night to pump. There are times especially towards the end of the week where I have to send a fresh EBM to his nursery to make sure his supply is enough. I really don't mind....coz I love it.

Here is some of the reason why....

1) I love the way he looks at me when he is breast feeding. He's eyes are so cute
2) Now, at night, he will crawl to me and find the point himself and breast feed while laying on his stomach. How cute is that?!
3) I get to eat what ever I want as much as I want and still I don't gain any weight
4) My baby rarely get sick and if he won't be for long
5) I don't have to pay for formula milk
6) My baby really bonds with me....that cute boy will call "Ma..." at night when he can't find me in bed.

I hope I can continue this journey until he is 2 years old. But right trying to target 1 year old first. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Little Wildan 1st Time Swimming

We have been wanting to bring Wildan swimming since he was 5 months old but the weather, our time and sometimes his condition (flu and all) didn't allow it. Finally, we brought him yesterday. I bought him his float the day before. Mummy yang terlebih semangat..padahal mummy swim pon tak tau.

At first we wanted to join our dear friend Diyana and her baby Rafa at POGH but it was late and the place is far from our house. So we decided to go to my aunt's condo instead. Wil was kind of nervous the first time he hits the water. I think becuase it was cold and the float moves by itself. ehehehehe...after about 5 minutes...he was already moving his legs, giggling and smiling playing in the pool. He loves swimming as much as he loves bathing. hahahaha....Love you cikenit bambam!

He was nervous the first time....

Enjoying the water after 5 minutes getting use to it..:)

All smiles and playing

Maybe we'll do this again this weekend...

Wildan's Diary : Yay!! Wildan is 7 Months Old

Alhamdulillah...Wildan has just reached 7 months on last Saturday. However, the week before he got sick with fever, flu and cough. Well, I can't avoid it since he is in a nursery with other kids when I am at work. That Friday I saw other kids with running nose and cough. my 4 days weekend during Christmas was spend at home with him.

He is now 69cm (didn't grow much) and weigh about 8.1kg. His doctor asked me to feed him as his weight didn't go up that much. I had to stop feeding him solid for a week as he had constipation. But now he is back on track. He can now sit with support and sometimes without for about 5 minutes. He has start pushing himself forward but not yet crawling. He no longer sleeps in one position now. Hubby and me has to be extra cautious at night. The funny thing is, only now he starts to turn/roll onto his left side. Before this he only turn/roll to his right side. The best thing is, he can now say baba and mama and not randomly. He will say mama when he wants me and say baba when he sees his babah. :)

At this stage, he can already recognize faces so he is afraid of strangers. Not everyone he is comfortable with. He still enjoy watching Upin Ipin and Phineas and Ferbs cartoons. :)

This is mostly the position he sleeps in now.