Monday, August 30, 2010

A Shocking Yet Flattering Discovery

My life has been such a boring routine for quite sometime now. Everyday, I will go through the same thing :P. And on weekend, well...sometimes....I'm just at home. Yes! I told you, my life is boring but used to be so fun! uhuk. I really need some girl time and laugh my a** off. I miss those days. sigh..... life is so boring, I decided to google my own name. ahahahah..I know, it seems cheeky to google your name when you are not even famous. :P. but hey....I have time in my hand and googling about twilight, Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart doesn't reveal any new result now.

So, you would have thought that nothing interesting will come out after googling my name, right? Well, you are almost right. I am shocked to find out that my final year thesis (2003) is now online and was used by my thesis supervisor as a revision. Yeap..I told you, shocking yet flattering discovery. :). She gave me a B+ and not an A for the thesis as according to her, I only did the thesis for one semester. yeah...I wasted one whole semester with this stupid lazy ass brilliant lecturer who just shoved me a thick book and tell me just do what ever I want. Hey! you are supposed to guide and supervise. uurghhhh....

The first page of an overview of the study paperwork done. :). View full here!

The best thing is, the paperwork or study done is now online and people will need to pay in order to view the full version. Well, not my whole thesis is there, but the lecturer did put my name of the paper. How cool is that. Do you think I should ask for royalty? I mean, my name is there....uhuhuhu. So, maybe you would want to google your own name too :) ouh...and yes, my full name is super long. :P and the email she put, is not my real email address.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I will post question of the day on which ever day I have question of the day. If you have any answer or comment on the question, please do leave your comments/answer because I would really love to hear it!


Not sure if many people read my blog...but what the heck...just trying my luck here. LOL

Inside My Head

There are a lot of things that I wanna write today, but unfortunately...I can't publish them here publicly. I wish I could. Sometimes, I wish I can just go to therapy so that I can just talk talk talk and still it's private and confidential (or is it?..ahahah).

Today is a public holiday for Selangor and few other states, however...although my office is located in Batu Caves, somehow it end up at the borderline and considered as Kuala Lumpur., hubby is on holiday today and I took leave. huhuhuhu....I really can't take it. Yesterday, I almost can't open my eyes....super damn sleepy. I didn't do much today, just lazing around at home and tidy up few things at home. Actually, I am still in the process of wrapping about 20 more mugs to send out.

Ok, some of you might be blur about this whole mug thing. Remember the Eclipse screening I organized in July? Well, these mugs are door gift we gave to the guests. So, after the event, we had some extras, we decide to sell them of to cover back the cost. (Yes, we don't take time maybe I should take profit for all the hard work). This will be the 3rd and final batch of delivery.

However, at this point of time, I'm having problems on how to wrap the mug. I have wrapped them the best way I know how (with bubble wrap, few layers of newspaper etc) but the 2nd batch delivery (20 mugs) had problem and some of them were broken. I send it via normal parcel delivery and I also put "fragile" sticker on each box. One of the buyer received the mug broken and the postman told her that, if normal matter if we put "fragile" sticker, they will simply ignore it. WTF?????? Then why the hell the guy at the counter gave me the stickers in the first place? Just to have fun looking at me pasting it one by one on all the boxes? And the postman also said that only if we sent via poslaju they will give special treatment. Again....WTF???? What the hell is the difference? What I know is, poslaju will arrive the next day (and it cost more because of the urgency) and normal parcel will be send within 2-4 working days (and cost a bit less). But parcel is still a parcel and if the customer indicate there "fragile", it's their responsibility to take care of it.

They even say that, they are not liable for improper or poor packing. Just how is good packaging looks like? And if only 15% from the same item send out was damage during delivery, who's fault is that? Me for poor packaging? or the postman for stupidly irresponsible handling?? me, if poor packaging, each and every unit that I send out will be damage. Seriously!!! I felt like I wanna kick some a**!! That's the problem with our service industry....most of the staff only work because they need to work and does not have the sense of responsibility. That's what you get when you work with human. sigh.....

So, now..I'm trying to find ways to again minimize the damage during delivery. I will have to spend more time wrapping this final batch. To those who still haven't receive your mug, if you are reading this post, please be patient as I'm working my best to ensure that the mug is delivered to you safely.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good Philosophy

This afternoon, I got an email from my ex-boss (yeah...he's a cool guy and always forward me some cool emails). Somehow, I love this one email with good philosophy (quote) and a particular one really grab my attention.

Somehow I think the philosophy is so true :). When you start making someone else as a priority and not yourself, you start living for them and not yourself. So, if you are doing this, STOP!! Live your life to the fullest first....before you start living for others. Make decisions that will benefit you without taking into account others. I know it may seem selfish....but need to.

But then again, that's just me. Different people might have different perspective. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just Another Day

I know I said that my next post might be about my 3rd year anniversary trip to Bali, but not feeling like it. So, today started as any other normal day in my life. It's basically just a boring routine. Gosh! I need to do something to break this boredom. Seriously! I wish I can just skip work just like I skipped classes during my school and university days. ahahaha.....those days were awesome! hmmm....I missed those carefree and nothing to worry days.

How did I get to where I am now? Sometimes, I wished I would make a better decision in my life. But what the heck..I'm gonna be 30 this it would be too late to change it, I just have to live with it and hope to make better decision in the future :P. So, as usual...I was still "asleep" when I reach my office and I did my task as usual while yawning once in awhile.

The only thing different is, my dad got back from umrah today and I am supposed to meet him. I missed him during his departure to Mekkah because I actually forgot that he's flying that day. I got a call from my brother at around 11.00pm saying my dad is at the airport and he is with him. hmmm....since it's a weekday, I opt not to go because it was already late. However, even today I didn't get the chance to meet him because he's boarding at 6.40pm flight back to Terengganu and I got home at 5.00pm. So between then and waiting for my hubby to get home, it was too late to drive to KLIA. I miss him actually. Not sure how long have I not seen him in person.

Nevertheless, I thank God for the modern technology that we have nowadays. I made a video call to my dad and get to see him. He was cute with his incomplete row of teeth (I know it might sound cheeky...but he was cute).... ahahahaha....and he laughs when I wave goodbye to him. ahahaha....once in a while I would chat with him via skype and other chat channel that he has. :)) Technology does bring things closer than it looks, doesn't it?

Sometimes, I wonder....if my dad didn't get married another one and my parents didn't get a divorced, how would my life turn out to be? One thing for sure, I might not meet my beloved hubward (that's what we twihards call our husband..LOL). So, things happen for a reason and Allah have a funny way of putting everything in place.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Things Happened

Wow! It has been like almost 6 months since my last entry on this blog. I wanted to write, but everything is so scrambled up inside my head, I decided not too. For one, I don't think anyone would miss my entry at all. I mean, look at the number of my followers. Only 4, how sad is that? ahahaha...well, I created this blog mainly just to write down what's in my head and don't really expect many people would love to read it or follow my blog. :). So, 4 is good enough for me.

So, what have I been doing for the last 6 months? A lot! Let me see.....I was super busy with Twilighters Malaysia event for the screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and was happy that the screening went superbly well. I sincerely hoped that all those guest had a good time. I put a lot of sweat and hard work into it. Actually I am proud to say that I manage to pull it off alone. However, I was also lucky to have those who helped me on the event day itself. Otherwise, I might have to be a supergirl to do all that work. Fuh! Ouh...btw, the event was on 07.07.2010 ad you can read about the event here.

I was also interviewed by Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI), TV3 to explain the twilight phenomenon. ehehehe...not too bad huh? First time on tv and I was a bit nervous but excited at the same time. I am excited to share my passion for Twilight (I can never explain why I actually love it!..I just love it). ouh, I was not alone, I was with my partner in twicrime...Nurul Naseron (the one who went to Japan with me). If there was no time limit, we could have explain and go on and on and on about twilight. aahahaha...the positive side was, Twilighters Malaysia gets the publicity and since then, our members have grown.

A screencap taken by my ex-roomate of me on TV. ahaha

Twilighters Malaysia (me and Nurul) featured in Galaxie Magazine for Eclipse event

While I am talking about event here, my sister got married in May while my brother in June. See, those past three months were full with events. :)

Hmm...let see, what else did I do? I moved house (yes! finally) end of June 2010. Now, I don't have to climb up stairs just to get to my third floor apartment, there's no stupid leaves stuck all over my car and I don't have to worry about where to park my car if I decide to come home late. Well, my hubby was happy too. Finally, he gets to buy a new bike and a bicycle without worrying someone would steal them. uhuhuhu. Ouh..did I mention I had a miscarriage again? yeah....again. But this time, it was at a very early stage. I guest it's due to all those heavy lifting while I moved house. At least I get to be happy for 6 days. :P

Ouh, I was also busy seeing a help me get pregnant. Honestly, I am already tired of it and think I wanna give up altogether. Too much money have been spent. Might be, I'm not meant to have a child. But then, I pity my hubby and know he would be disappointed.'m still trying. The doc said, there's nothing wrong with me. Seriously?? hmmm......

I forgot to mentioned I also switched job. Now, I am in procurement. A totally different thing than what I've did before. I wanted something to do with event, but can't always get what you want, rite? As of now, I am enjoying this new workplace. I even get to do some sports activities with my new colleague. :D. And the best thing is, my new workplace is only 10-15 minutes from my new house. Superb!! And I will be home by 6.00pm. Awesome!!

Ok, I think I have babble quite a lot and don't want to bore you with my boring life story. :P. My next entry might be about my 3rd year wedding anniversary trip to Bali. :))