Monday, March 31, 2008

Ada.....Tapi Serupa Macam Takda....sigh!!!

Ada lagi lebih kurang 13 hari to my wedding reception. Up till now, I think I have covered almost 90% of things to do. The only sad thing is, all was done by either my beloved mom herself or me thanks to our dear sedara mara. Except for maybe my uncle, who helped us in few of the matters such as paiting our house and etc. My mom and I even joked that on the reception day, both of us might just lay on the katil pengantin because of too penat handling the pre-wedding preparation and my husband might have to berkompang and berarak sampai bilik pengantin. uhuhuhuhuhu

This event is suppose to be a wonderful event but then when I do everything by myself....I felt sad. uhuk!! I can't imagine how could it be if I was working 9-5 daily. I don't think I can manage to plan this wedding or even prepare properly for the event. With no help and all DIY...I might have been dead of exhaustion by the time the day comes. Even now, I felt tired coz of lack of sleep and rushing here and there. Fuh!! Please God...give me strength and don't make me look saggy and tired on the day. Amin!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Congratulations to My Beloved Dear Friend.... Caroline Robert

First of all, congratulations to Caroline a.k.a Mrs Dennis Ruin on her wonderful wedding.

Mr and Mrs A. Dennis Ruin (and of course the minister in the middle...heheh)

Last weekend, we went to Kuching to celebrate Carol and Dennis wedding ceremony. This is the reason why we couldn't have postpone our wedding to the next week. We have already prepared and looking forward to go to Kuching to cherish our friend's important day. So, we arrived in Kuching in the afternoon of 14th March and after check in to Merdeka Palace, we took a walk around Kuching town and surveyed the shops along the Waterfront. We were accompanied by Ninie and Amril whom arrived just 20 minutes after us.
Since this is the first time going to Kuching, my hubby decided to try the famous laksa sarawak. The gravy was curry and mixed with Bee Hoon instead of yellow noodle. The special thing is, we took a five minutes boat ride to go to a village on the other side of the water front and settle at warung Pak Lah Boyan. I've also tried something new called Kolok Mee. ahahahahahahah...nice.

Laksa Sarawak

Kolok Mee

The next day, our day starts by going to the church for the church wedding ceremony. We can't wait, coz this is our first time experiencing such event. All this while we've only seen it in movies. Just to let you know, it is totally different. Not as simple as you think it might be. The ceremony took almost an hour to complete. uhuhuhu. Then, there was a luncheon at Sarawak Club. The reception dinner was at 8.00pm held at Balai Merdeka, Merdeka Palace Hotel. If you think the day ends after the dinner, u tought wrong. Later, we went to an after party at Victoria Arms Club also in the hotel. Overall, we had a full one day event..and it was a blast!!!

It was 16th March, and today....we are flying back to KL. So after breakfast, we walk around Kuching town again (not every part of the town...just some part...uhuk) to take photos and bought some things for our moms. Couldn't buy much things.....still budgeting for our big day...uhuhuhuhu. But the sad thing is, all of us forget to take any pictures at the cat statue...:P

For more pictures...visit my fotopages.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Agak Malang Nasib ku....uhuhuhuhu

17 Mac 2008 adalah tarikh keramat di mana hubby ku yang tercinta memulakan tugas barunya di Pelabuhan Klang......mak aihhhhh....mmg jauh giler. Dan oleh kerana Pelabuhan Klang tuh jauh nak mampuih....aku tak berani nak kasi dia bw motor pi that Monday morning, aku pon hntrlah dia from Sepang......adalah dalam 85km. takpe..aku dah bese drive jauh2 nih. Jd first day...oklah...selamat lah aku hntr dan amik dia balik keje. Mlm tuh...dia pi servis moto kasi tip top nak bw pi keje hari rabu...sbb selasa pon aku hntr gak...sbb lps tuh aku terus nak gi umah mak kat sekali jlnlah.

Tarikh keramat 18 Mac 2008, nak dijadikan cerita......byk benda aku nak selesaikan dgn mak aku....nak gi Nilai 3, nak jumpa org buat pelamin, nak jumpa org yg nak cat umah...dan mcm2 lagilah...cuma tinggal tak sampai sebulan nak sampai ke 12 April 2008. Gemuruh aku dibuatnya. Jadi...lps hantar hubby tercinta...aku pon ikutlah jln lama nak ke Sepang......dah dekat area jalan besar Bukit Changgang.....tetiba ku perasan......meter tempreture kete aku dah over dr "high"...giler!!!! Aku berenti tepi.....buka boot depan....fuh....berasap kete...kalu aku bw kamera...leh letak gambo kat sini. Dahlah kiri kanan ladang kelapa nak tak nak aku terpaksa call mak aku minta bw air......dia sampai....45 minit kemudian. Aku dah nak kering dah dlm kete tuh....uwaaaaaaaa. Then bawalah slow2....sampai workshop. Dlm perjalanan tuh pon 2-3 kali berenti isi air...sbb temp naik lagi. Sampai workshop.....nasib baik...bukan radiator yg bocor...cuma salur paip jer yg bocor. Itu pon kena 60 henggit.

Yang malangnya....sumer plan ku musnah. Org pelamin tah ke mana, Nilai 3 tah ke mana, org yg buat cat pon tah ke mana...sumer nya tah ke mana lah....uhuk. Lps repair....aku dah kena gi amik hubby tercinta...uwaaaa.....buat penat jer!!!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Marilah Mengundi...uhuhu

Marilah kita mengundi untuk masa depan kita. Tp aku tak sure aku mengundi ke tak....ehehehehe. Tahun nih first time. ekekekekeke. Lagi pun, aku still confuse nak undi mana. Dahlah aku tak kenal pon colan kat kawasan aku tuh. Kalu aku undi pon based on reputation parti tuh. uhuk

Negara kita tak penah diperintah oleh parti lain selain BN...rite?? So, nak ubah tak?? Kalu ubah...satu penggal..r we willing to take the risk?? satu penggal 4 tahun tuh. Lama gak tuh. Banyak benda leh jd dlm 4 thn. is for you to decide.

Tp aku rasa kan BN cam goyah skit..or Pak Lah yang goyah...coz I have never seen such marketing for election before. Billboard kat highway, iklan radio and TV. Or maybe they just want more people to vote this year. hmmm...entahlah. Aku harap dorang tak guna duit tax payer to do all those campaign. I sure wish that Tun Mahathir did not stepped down. I would be less confuse. Hmmmm...JOM UNDI!!! Undi anda adalah rahsia....shhhhhhhh.

Giler rush and Panic!!! Fuh!!

Just about 10 minites I was chatting with a fren..I heard a women screaming for help. And I heard people running. At first I tot there was a robbery or what...then I quickly open the door and one of my neighbour said that there's fire in one of the neighbours kitchen at the upper level. I went running upstairs..and saw the fire..then quickly ran back to my house and called 994. Gave them the details...then ran back to the burning apartment...luckily....the fire was successfully put off by some of the neighbours. Fuh!!! So, I went back to call 994 again to say that everything was in control. What an experience it is.

I remembered the last time I was as this panic. It was when I was in form 4..if I'm not mistaken. I was hanging around in my sweet home (last time was in Desa Jaya Kepong) with my family. My house is facing the main road. My mom always scream when ever my little brother decide to run and play in front of the house as the cars were fast. On that day, suddenly we heard a very very very loud bang. As if a contenna has dropped from the sky loud. So we quickly ran out of the house. Then...we person flew inside the back mirror of a car, one was under the car and one with a broken arm trying to pull the one under the car. The one flew into the back window left part of his lips in front of my house. After absorbing everything...I ran to the house and called 999. But the sad thing is....after an ambulance. Giler kan?? so...some of the passing by drivers..had to take them to the hospital in their car. Luckily there was people wanted to help. After that, I don't know what happen to them. Giler siot!!!!
So frens, please be aware of your careful on the road and make sure all the gas are turn off when ever you are leaving home for a vacation or what so ever.