Monday, December 31, 2007

Alien Vs Predator 2...and I tought people are civilized

So..last we were lazing around town with dunno what to do (coz the gaji hasn't come out yet...eheheheh) hubby and I went to Jusco Kepong to watch Alien vs Predator (just enough money... eheheheh). Wanna know what I think bout the movie?? How do I say this?? was a lousy sequel. I felt like the producer just simply wanted to come out with a sequel no matter how the story line is. Is was somewhat tooooo simple and the ending was like...WTF?? Is that the ending already?? hmmmm....I'm still confuse till today.

Ok now....about civilization. We went to TGV Jusco Kepong as it was the second closest to our home besides OU and there were not many people it was easier to get tickets. The experience was hell. I tought people nowadays are civilized enough to behave themselves while watching movie. Starting with a Malay guy sitting next to me answering his phone without even have the courtesy to silent it first. Then, another idiot follow the lead. And there was a few of them talking and making remarks out loud. An the most fucking irritating thing is...there is even an idiot asshole smoked in the cinema. hello!!!! excuse me!! WTF are you thinking?? U think this is the 80's where people eat kuaci and smoke in the cinema?? Shit!! I have never had this experience like this for a long time. Except for maybe once but not as hell as like this. We were watching Spiderman 3 (the latest sequel...2 or 3?? hmmm) and in front of us was two young girls....they can't stop laughing all the way through the movie. I'm not sure either they were "high" on crack or they were just easily amused. A person sat next to me even kicked the girls seats to shut them up. That shows that I am not the only one irritated by them.

Well..people can simply shock and amuse you with their attitude sometimes. I just hope next time it will be a more positive ones.

Monday, December 24, 2007


Today...I am frustrated
Frustrated by some of the way things are
Frustrated for the things that I can't and unable to change
Frustrated for all the effort with no success

I am just simply frustrated..Sigh!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What A Suspense!!

Since we got married....both my hubby and me can't wait to have a baby. But since our reception is still not yet done...we decided to wait until everything is settled. However, this monthly visitor did not arrive on time. That is not its normal habit. I decided to wait for at least few days until I take any pregnancy test. So I asked few of frens who are pregnant. The most excited ones are my frens at My beloved sista Diyana said..she only took the test after 4 days late..and the test was positif and she is expecting on 24 Jan 2008...uhuhuhu...can't wait for that spoiled boy to come out....ehehehehe.

I myself was also anxious to know.....uhuhuhu. So on the fifth day....I took the test. The result was....

as you can see....NEGATIVE!!!

Then, my monthly visitor decided to come the next day.... :P. Buat suspense jer...apalaaaa....uhuhuhu

It Sure Is A First Time....GOSH!!!

Today..I went to the gym and I was supposed to sign up for a lifetime membership. So I went to meet the consultant who's handling my account. As she was filling up the form....she reads my IC...and suddenly she said..." are so young!!!"...I smiled..but then she continued her sentences.."I thought you are like 31". I was sooooo damn shocked. This is sure the first time a person thinks that I am older than I am. I looked at her with a weird face. She said.."You look young...but you have that mature and garang look on you face"....hmmmm...of course...what does she expect?? Me making cute and adorable face while working out in the gym??? Of course I have that serious garang face. Otherwise people think I'm just another cute poser in the gym....uhuhuh.

But I am still shocked. Is age really catching up?? Do I really look that old?? 31??? WTF?? Hell!! That is old!!!! I am not even 27 yet...not until DEC 23 at least....still have 3 more years until I reach 30....uwaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Not My lucky Day...siot jer!!

Last Friday was supposed to be my lucky day. Why?? Coz I got my paycheck. The amount was not big...not big at all...but still for a person who worked from home like is something..ehehehe. So I went to bank in my paycheck and paid my company phone bill. Then, I'm off to my office.

It was raining I decided to double park as I was going to be in the office for not more than 20 minutes...just need to print few things then I'm off. I don't have the access card to the office but luckily the admin staff was there. As I was doing my task...the girl went out. Just I was finishing printing.....I heard a loud honk. It was a BMW honking...and I know...I have to move my car coz I am the one guilty of obstructing it's way. But...if the lady is a good driver...she could have just reverse her car to get out of the parking...well what to do...not all women driver are as fierce as me. So....coz the honking sounds impatient....I quickly turn off the PC....took my handbag and ran down the stairs. Becoz I don't have the access card, I cannot leave my things as I won't be able to get back in. I was about to reach the LDP toll on my way back home...I realized...DAMN!!!! I left my handphone on the PC table. DAMN!! DAMN!! DAMN!! There is no one in the office and the rain was pouring so heavy. The damn thing is...I can't make a U-turn. So I have to pay double toll. Sucks!! This really...really sucks!! To make matters worse.....I forget that I gave the toll gate girl RM10.60 and didn't take back the change and only realized it as I U-turn back towards the toll to get back to my office. Uwaaaaa!!!!!!!! I have no choice but to park at the other side and walk pass about 12 toll booths in order to get back my change. I was soaking wet...the rain was so heavy that even my umbrella cannot help me. Uhuk! The girl recognized me and gave me back my change.

I continue my journey back to the office to rescue my handphone..but there is still no one in the office. I had to wait for 45 minutes for someone to show up. Then...I went back home. What an adventure it is....uhuhuhu

Monday, December 10, 2007

Not A Good Way to Start My Day

Today I am supposed to do a lot of things and before that I was supposed to meet and pick up my dear fren carol at brickfields. I was supposed to meet her at 10am and so I decided to went out at 9am.

But......instead of a smooth start of the beloved little car "smurfy" decided that it wants to take a rest and does not want to start. arrrrghhhhh!!! It sure ccould have picked a better day.
So I am writing my entry...I am waiting for the service provider from my insurance to come and give me a new battery...sigh.

Not a good way to start my day. Uhuk!!! And...I am so damn hungry.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Very very cute

My hubby sent me this clip a while ago...and I can't stop laughing at it. The baby is soooo damn cute. Can't wait to have one...ehehehehe

P/S: You must keep your speaker on :D

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Lazy Day usual I woke up very early. It seems that waking up early is now officially my routine. Last time, after waving goodbye to hubby to work..I'll continue my beauty sleep...ekekeke.

So....after also morning chores has been settled....I continue sawing beads onto my frens carol baju kurung. She is goin to be the maid of honour for our fren ninie and she'll be wearing the baju kurung. I was supposed to go to the gym as I normally do...but mood was not into it. So I decided to lepak at home and just go the office later at 2pm.

There u go...what a lazy day...huaaarrghhhh.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Please lah time don't embarassed yourself

It so happens that I have posted a long list in my last post click here if you haven't read it. So now..this entry will add another member to the list. Here goes the story...

Last Saturday, my hubby went to the gym (as usual, I was doing nothing...eheheh) and this happens on our way back home. I was driving and we stopped at a junction and we need to go to the right. So, I turn on my right signal and waited for the traffic on my right to clear. As the traffic was heavy and most of them were accelerating as the road was going up hill. Finally..the road is safe for me to make my turn and exit the junction and at the same time, I saw a motorcycle approaching..but coz the motorcyclist gave a signal to the left, I assume that he's goin to enter the left junction. Even my hubby asked my to go ahead. Then as I accelerate towards the middle of the road...the motorcycle kept on going I slowed down. Suddenly, the motorcyclist stopped right in front of our car...and the motorcyclist gave me an arrogant look on his face. So I stared back at him...and yet he is still giving me that look. I was starting to get pissed. Below was our arguments:

I open my car door

Me: Eh....signal is on lah

But I think...he thought I said I already gave the signal that I am goin to the right. At this point of time he is giving me that look.
(I always keep my hockey stick in my car...just to let u know)

Hubby: Awak.....reverse...reverse

Our car was in the middle of the road..and this guy is bugging both our skin. I reversed the car to a safer spot...and the motorcyclist parked next to our car. My hubby went out from the car...and very happy if he could give this guy a couple or two punch on his face.

Stupid motorcyclist: eh..ko tau bawa kete ke tak tau??!! Bak sini lesen!! Aku polis!!
Hubby: So..apahal?? Bang...tengoklah....signal ko tu on. Sape salah sekarang??

Then he saw his signal lite and smiled.

Stupid motorcyclist: ooo.....salah akulah yeh?? Minta maaf lah??
Hubby: aaa...lain kali signal tuh tutuplah kalu dah tak nak pakai.

As my hubby was entering the car...the stupid motorcyclist looked at with a smile and put up his saying sorry..but I just starred at him with a mad face.

So...lesson learn?? Pleaselah time don't embarrassed yourself. eeeeee...

Here is an additional member to the earlier list:

  1. Drivers who are unaware of their own actions
  2. Idiot who wants to exit on the left junction but drives at the furthest right lane...and suddenly swerve to take the exit ( readylah wei!!! plan ur journey for the benefit of others and yourself!!)
  3. Bus drivers who suka himpit2 other cars and suka2 go to right or left (stick to your lane...idiot!!)
  4. Pedestrian who take their time to cross the road (I really don't know what more to say about this people)
  5. People who wait for public transport at where ever they think is convenient for them although a bus stop is just 50 meters away from where they are waiting. Arrrghhh!!!!!
  6. Drivers who likes to tailgate (dush!! dush!! dush!!)...if you want to drive faster than the speed limit....please go to Sepang Circuit..TQ

So please...don't be in the list.