Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Deepest Sympathy And Condolence

This entry is a tribute to my ex university mate Ms Sandra. We were not that close but then, after reading the blog entry of my fren Carol, I felt very sad after reading it. The nearest relatives to me that passed away was my grandmother. That was already unbearable.


My deepest sympathy and condolence to you and your family. Hang in there and be strong. She will always be there in your heart.

I didn't know Sandra's here is Carol's entry.

When You're Gone
I was asleep when i received the sms from Sandra this morning.

"Mak ku dah xda kul 3.30am"
(translated: My mum passed away at 3.30am)

Right after reading the text, i was stunned. To make sure that i'm fully awake and get the message right. I read it again and again. Then, i felt so sad and sorry for her and the family. Her mum has been battling with the cancer since the year 2003/4 if i'm not mistaken. The aunt-in-law passed away on Mr Husband's convocation day, of the same sickness.

I could never imagine losing someone so dear. I cried like nobody's business for not speaking with my best friend before.

Aunty Rose was such a lovely mother. A patience, loving mother. She was there during my engagement party. In fact, i really want her to come for my wedding too. But, she was too ill to make it. Sand herself was supposed to be one of the bridesmaid but her mum was admitted to the hospital for lungs failure few days before my wedding. That very morning, when it happened, she sms'ed' me saying that she's looking forward to be my bridesmaid and she was so happy until that afternoon when her mum had breathing difficulties. However, on the wedding day, Sand took a bus from her hometown to Kuching just to attend the dinner reception. That was after asking her mum if it is ok for her to go and have to leave her for a day. The mum said ok. Ok, i barely cleary see what i'm typing now cos i'm crying. I'm feeling so helpless to not be able to be there.

To Sand and family, our deepest condolence. Our prayers are always be with you. May her soul rests in peace. You have been a great daughter to your mum and i'm sure she is so proud to ever have a daughter like you.

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