Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

It feels like just a few days ago I went to Kuching to celebrate my good fren, Carol wedding on 15th March. Then she flew to Bahrain to follow her beloved hubby who's working there. Miss her a lot. Thanks to the technology advancement, I still can keep in touch with her through the amazing MSN messenger. ehehehehe. Not to forget the wonderful roaming sms. uhuhuh. It has been almost two months since she left for Bahrain..and from reading her blog, I can see that she is having fun there.

Today, I got the best news from her. She is pregnant!!! Yey!! HAPPY!! HAPPY!! JOY!! JOY!! Actually, I've been waiting for three days now for her to confirm the news. At last!! Just can't wait for her to come back to KL and go "baby shopping" with her. I felt like hugging her and jump in happiness. I am so thrilled and so so so so happy for her.

Carol, congratulations again!! Take good care of yourself...and will be waiting for you to come back. Love u lots!! Muah!! Muah!! C u soon.


Carol Robert Gumbang said...

Babe...omigod! its almost unbelievable u know. i'm ahead of everyone's else. sand kata "bunting pelamin". come on, let's be mommies together. btw, we went to get another stick again today. another round of test before jumpa doc 2moro. u know, in case..hehe. and me, being me lah kan...dah sudah gi tgk brg2 baby lak td. nasib baik, tak tahan lama sbb mual2..huhu. ok, this is my longest comment ever. luv u tooo!!!

iena amoi said...

Tulah pasal.....giler laju ko. MMg seres bunting pelamin. Hahahaha...takpe..tunggu aku....tapi tak taunya bila...ahahahahaha. Tgh usaha gak nih...ihihihihi.

wakakakaka...betollah...ko mmg...tak nyabo...sib baik mabuk..kalu tak aku rasa dah berbeg2 ko beli baju baby. ehehehe