Monday, May 19, 2008

What Happens In Vegas - A Must Watch Movie

I can't stop laughing from the first 2 minutes the movie starts till the end of the movie. It is a combination of hilarious and sweet events. Worth to watch at the cinema. Well, what more can you expect from Ashton and Cameron?? I just love Ashton and with Cameron besides him.....nothing could go wrong. ahahahahahah. This is definately a must see movie. I'm still laughing while I was driving back home after watching it.

So, what are you waiting for?? Go and watch it lah...eheheheh


ezrazlin said...

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iena amoi said...


Sure no problem.

Nizam Abdul Rahim said...

rase nak gi tengok Orang Besi jek..!! =P

iena amoi said...

Tulah....aku pon tak tgk lagi...hari tuh penuh. Adik aku ckp best!! Pegilah tgk.

ezrazlin said...

this movie nampak mmg best~saw the gadget..mmg menarik! they were sentenced by court to get married after arguing whose quater was it that won the jackpot haha!
the best line 'hye honey..todays your day to do the dishes' hahaha and he was peeing! kah kah kah!

ezrazlin said...

there's a new party in town called 'Keadilan 2'..come cek it out ekeke..!

iena amoi said...

Hi Ezrazlin,

heh?? Ade yeh part peeing in the sink?? hmmm....u tgk kat cinema or DVD?? uhuk

Btw, "keadilan 2" lah plak...uhuhuhu

iena amoi said... I remember the peeing in the sink part....ahahahahaha...short term memory lost kejap. :P