Tuesday, April 15, 2008

At Last....Everything is over...fuh!!

At last everything is over...seres lega siot!!!! A few months of hard days work to make my wedding reception a success. There was hick-ups here and there...but then...I can't control everything....kena terima jerlah. Tp maybe akan buat aku tak senang tido dlm masa 2-3 bulan lah...mengenangkan kecacatan yang ade. But so far, everybody said they've enjoyed the event.
Pictures?? Belom lagi....tunggulah nanti..bila cameraman dah siapkan. It was a very hectic 2 days for us. My ceremony was done on 12th April day and nite....and 13th was on my hubby side. Mlm tu jugak kitaorg balik to make sure everything on his side is ready and proper.

Tp kitaorg giler terkilan, there are few of our frens...yg silap date. Maybe I cannot blame them, coz I've change the date. But then, ade yg dah kasi kad and notis by hand....not to forget like 10 sms I've sent to them reminding that the event was on that particular date. My hubby even wrote an sms to a fren who said that he/she tought the wedding is next week...."Weh!!! Ko tak reti baca kad ker? Penat je hantar by hand kat ko!!". Yeah...it just takes not more than 5 minutes to open and read the card or the notice. Maybe some people are just like that. But still...it will take us sometime to absorb that fact....especially on frens that are close to us. How would you feel, if after all the effort you put and that happens to you? To those who didn't came because of other things....it's ok. We'll meet up sumtime.

Well...actual day wedding pictures blom ade....but you can view the pictures we've taken at D'Paris Image Studio @ http://fadzliena.fotopages.com/


Nizam Abdul Rahim said...

emm..emm..akhirnye selesai jugak majlis itu..! tapi..banyak2 minta maaf la kak iena kerana tak dapat menghadiri majlis yg meriah itu! =)

iena amoi said...

takpelah nize...at least ko dah bagi tau awal2...uhuhuhu