Thursday, October 30, 2008

My brains is functioning again :P

This month is going to be almost 3 months I've been coughing my lungs out. uhuk...Dah lah tuh....had to go to the hospital to get dosage of nebulizer for my athma attack. Never had that kind of attack before. The last time I had any attack was when I am in form 3 or form 4, but never to this level. Something must have triggered it. While this was occuring...I can never get a good night sleep and neither did my hubby....poor him.

Becoz of brain never get to function rite. I know how it feels when u r sick rite? You never seem to want to think or do anything. uhuhuhuhu. But now, although the cough is still there....but athma....and less coughing while I'm my brains is starting to function again....eheheh....

However, the down side is....when I got my brain Insonmia is also back. :( My brain seems to like to work late at nite..while my body wants to rest. It normally takes me almost 1-2 hours to really go to sleep once I put my head on the pillow. body and brain don't work well together...uhuk

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aidilfitri 2008 Celebration

First of all...I applogize for leaving this blog unattended for quite sometimes. I wasn't in well health condition and wasn't in the mood of updating any entry. The only days I was doing quite well was the first 4 days of raya...thank God for that. And...I'm feeling much better today. Well...after two dose of nebulizer oxigen and tones of precribes steroid...if that doesn't help..I don't know what will. goes.

This's my turn to celebrate first day of Aidilfitri at my mom's house. It was a bit awkward this year since my sister was unable to join us as she just flew to Australia to do a project for the company she work with. However, this year...both my younger brother decide to take leave for the first day of hari raya. Before this, both of them would opt to work so they could enjoy the triple pay..and sometime...they even do OT. I think it's okay for them to work hard and play hard at the same time. eheheheheh

So on the raya eve, me, hubby and my youngest brother Azrai, had a good time blowing all the firecrakers that Azrai had bought. Can u imagine he spend almost RM600 to buy all those firecrackers. Hell!! If i knew he wanted to burn all his money...I would gladly help him burn it all at any shopping mall...eheheheheh. Think of how many handbags or clothes or shoes I can get. wahahahahaha..but he did buy me a raya shoe. Yey!!! That nite we ended our nite at around 4am. No....we did not sleep that late coz we were preparing rendang or lemang.....but we were chit chatting....uhuhuhuhu.

The next day....we spend our day by visiting our neighbours. Although it was a wonderful day.....but I wish I could go back to our hometown. But this year....they will only gather on the 3rd day of raya...and by then I'm already at my in laws' house. uhuk. Later that nite, without me being aware of what's going hubby and my two brothers, Asraf and Azrai had make plans for a guys nite out. Sish!! So I was left out. uwaaaa!!! They went out at around 11pm to play pool and went to karaoke and got back around 3am. Can u imagine that?? Well..I guess it a good thing that they don't have problem to bond. :)