Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Challenging Month

Wildan is now 11 months old. It has been the most challenging month ever. I have posted about him not being well since he reached 10 months old. He had flu and cough and I think he got it from his nursery. Since then, it has been a roller coaster. He had too much phlegm that he started wheezing. There also has been a few episodes of us driving to the emergency department when Wildan's temperature rose. One time it reached 39.1. However, despite all these, he is still an active boy. Although it made me worry less, I still hate the fact that his illness prolonged.

His now weight only 8.5kg and 73cm tall. Not much physical growth since he wasn't well. Kesian anak mummy...uhuk :(

Since 30/3, I was on and off work and this week am on unpaid leave the whole week. I need to make sure he is at least fully stable before sending him back to nursery (oh I hate sending him there!!). He is now under 2 months inhaler treatment to strengthen and ensure his lungs are strong again. Things like this make me just want to quit my job for 2 years. Unfortunately, I can't afford to :(

On a positive side, he can stand free hands for about 10 seconds now. He loves his Disney Junior cartoons and will clap to all the songs he loves. He also loves to smile his cheeky smile. Sometimes I feel like biting him when he does that. Oh! And he got his 3rd and 4th tooth last week.

He has shown a lot of progress in getting better and now no more wheezing and flu. Alhamdulillah...This month he will be 1 year old...birthday party planning in progress! Yeay!!