Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have a few questions in mind that I really need to say out loud here in my blog.

1. Why is it after the same working hours men always seems to claim that they are more tired than the women?
2. Why is after a long day at work, the women still can prepare dinner etc and yet the men can't even give a simple answer to a question that actually makes the women's life easier.
3. Why is it even the women is mad at the man, the man always seems to make it as if it was the women fault in the first place?
4. Why is it that most women would go through such trouble just to make their men happy?


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Time Lasagna Maker

My beloved friend, Carol bought me an oven for my wedding. Why? Well, because she knows that I love to cook. Unfortunately, I didn't use it much earlier because I was living in an apartment with such a small kitchen. So, I was not really in the mood for any culinary experiment. Although, I did use it to make a homemade 'Chicken Fold-Over' since McDonald decided to stop selling it and few other recipes. I even baked a cake once.

Few months back, I bought lasagna layers when hubward asked me to make a homemade lasagna. The truth is, I have never make a lasagna before but I love a culinary challenge. :). So far, the result has never been disappointing. However, I didn't actually make one until last Monday. Yeah....that long, right? I've been looking at the instant lasagna layers box each time I open the kitchen cabinet where I put all food stock. Since we went shopping for household needs last Sunday, I bought all the ingredients I need to make a lasagna.

By following the recipe guide behind the lasagna layers box, I start making my first ever homemade lasagna. I did call my other beloved friend, Maryati who is an expert in making lasagna for some guidance. Especially on how to actually place the lasagna layers. Should I soak it in water first or can I just lay it in? Here is a good tips. If the lasagna layers are instants layers (you can see "instant" label on the box), you can just put them in provided that your meat sauce is juicy enough to soften it up. But if they are not the instant one, you might want to wipe or dip it in water. Just a fast as one second dip to wet it up.

It took me about 45 minutes to prepare the meat and cheese sauce and then to put the layers into place before shoving it into the oven. The result? Although, the outer appearance is not appealing, the taste was quite good but I might have put in too much cheese. ahahaha....we survived and no one got food poisoning or what not.  Hey people always say, the appearance doesn't matter, it's what inside that counts. LOL. As a first timer, I would give myself 7/10 marks. :P

My first not so pretty homemade lasagna. LMAO!
This is the second bowl, hubby ate the first one. Didn't manage to take picture. :P

Since I got the recipe from a box, I don't think I'm gonna share it here. uhuhuhu....now that I have done one, the second time should better because I would know how to estimate all the ingredients and maybe add other things in to make it mine. ;)

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Great Weekend and A Great Recipe

Last weekend was definitely a great weekend compared to the last few weekends I've had which consist me only lazing around at home doing household things and watch movies alone while hubward is at work. What was different?

On Saturday, I had set a lunch date with my beloved fellow twi-sisters Sunie, Kak Huda, Kak Shairli and Ari.It has been sometime since we had spend time together and share stories.  However, last minute Kak Shairli and Ari did not join us. Not sure what happened to Kak Shairli but Ari was down with fever and flu. I hope she is alright now. I did have lunch with Kak Huda a couple weeks back but it was a very short one since I had to go back to work.

We decided to have lunch at Delicious is One Utama since Sunie was craving for it. :D. We had a nice talk about what's going on in our life and also twilight things. While waiting for Kak Huda to arrive, I manage to download some movies and TV series from Sunie. uhuhuhu....thank you Sunie!!! 

Kak Huda, Sunie and me at Delicious

We had a great time and a great lunch and later went to Borders at The Curve to see if we can find any new merchandise. But there was non. :(

Later, went out with hubward to his event. That night, after I got home, I did my usual routine. Switch on my laptop and start browsing facebook, blogs and also emails. As I open Twilighters Malaysia inbox, I saw an email I have been waiting for and anxiously click it open to read it. As I was reading it, my heart beats faster and I can't stop smiling. I screamed right after I've finished reading it and start running around my house and then jump on my old sofa. My hubward was shocked and asked what was happening. At this point, I know those who are reading this post are wondering the same thing. Well, after numerous emails, phone calls and begging, I have finally manage to arrange for the first ever Twilight Convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For those who know how huge a fan am I of The Twilight Saga would understand my excitement.

Hubward was worried because I looked like as though I was out of breath and was about to get an asthma attack. ahahahaha...almost! But not really, I was so excited that I had to send message to all the members on this huge awesome news and also response to the happy email I got although my hands are still shacking. nggeee~~~~

That night, I slept smiling. Nothing can bring me down that night. ;)

Hubward has no bike riding session today and spend time with me. At last, a weekend where he is actually there. uhuhuhu. I started my day with my usual Sunday Modern Dance Class which ended at 10.00am and later, after I'm home, we went for late breakfast. After that, we went to Mutiara Damansara to buy some household needs and window shopping.

During last fasting month (Ramadhan), I had a potluck dinner (break-fast) with my beloved friends, Ninie and Carol. Carol was 7 months pregnant and came back from Bahrain as she wants to deliver her baby back home in Miri, Sarawak. Ninie brought the most delicious and to drool for sambal daging (fried spicy beef). I don't eat spicy food but this one is really hard to resist and I ate them with tears in my eyes. I had to ask for the recipe. After asking her a few times (coz she forgot to give me) for her secret recipe, she finally gave it to me last Friday. So, when we bought household needs, I decide to also buy the ingrediants for to make the sambal daging for dinner. Hubward really can't wait. He loves it too!!

Baby Milan, Carol, me, Ninie and Baby Anna at my house last Ramadhan

That night, I cooked rice, sambal daging and an omelet. Again, I ate them while crying. ahahaha...seriously, the sambal daging is spicy but very irresistable. Here is the recipe for sambal daging if you want to try it with the approval of the recipe owner, Ninie. Thank you Ninie!!

As usual the recipe will be in Malay language. For those of you who are familiar with english ingredients, please feel free to translate or correct it for me by leaving a comment. :)

Sambal Daging/Spicy Fried Meet
  • Meet - sliced (according to your liking) marinate it with a bit of salt and turmeric powder 
  • 1 red onion/bawang merah
  • 3 cloves garlic/bawang putih
  • 20 pieces of dried chili/Cili Kering
  • A pinch of ginger/Halia
  • 2 slice of dried plum/Asam Keping

  1. Blend red onion, garlic and dried chilis together.
  2. Fry the marinated meet according to your liking. (I like it well done/crispy)
  3. Heat oil in a kwok and simmer the blended ingredients.
  4. Add the dried plum and a bit of salt once the chili a bit dried
  5. Wait until you the fried blended ingredients are oily (means it's cooked)
  6. Then, add sugar and the fried meet
  7. Stir well
  8. Now, you are done and it is ready to be served.
Delicious Spicy Fried Meat
Happy trying!!! :)