Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Longest Week

This happened mid of last month on a Thursday when Wildan suddenly had fever. He hasn't been sick for quite awhile now. I was puzzled as to why. That night as I was taking his temperature, I saw his right neck/chin was a bit swollen and red. I was afraid he got bitten by something coz hubby caught a big lipan (can't remember what is it called in english. Just know it is poisonous). So, we brought him to the clinic.  The doctor said he had a throat infection but it turned out to be mumps. God!! I never wanna hear that word again!!

That night is the 1st night when I didn't sleep. Wildan was restless the whole night. It was because of the pain. As he can't it impossible to know what he wants. All we know is that he was in pain. Hubby said he had mumps a number of times when he was a kid (no wonder) as if it is a norm to him. He said it is very painful. From what I read...those who has mumps will have high temperature and headache. The mumps went to triple it size in two days. That night he cried and throw tantrum like never before. Until we finally decides to bring him for a drive around the block.

It lasted for a week. It was so sad looking at him trying to tell us he was in pain. I got to know that mumps will subside on its own within 5-7 days and that was exactly what happened. It was lucky enough I am a stay at home mom. Otherwise, I would have to skip work for this.

This entry is published later than expected. Wildan turned 22 month last month. He is such a wonderful boy and do what he is told to most of the time. He knows how to clean up his mess when told. To put back his shoes on the rack, to keep his toys and to put away trash. A little tantrum here and there is expected since he is a baby. Alhamdulillah so far his growth is where it is supposed to be except the fact that he loves to use baby talk rather than normal people talk. Huhu