Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who Would Have Thought??

It is always a joy to see best frens end up being in love and get married. Well, I'm not talking about me. My best fren married to our best fren Yusry on 9th August 2008. We have been best frens since in UM and I've never pictured the two of them together. Well....that change right after my nikah ceremony last year. To all happens so fast....and I am thrilled and so happy for them. Even my sister was shocked when I told her the news.

Oh well....there is an old saying...everything starts well ends well...(am I right??)

Congratulations to both my frens..Shelly and Yusry. May both of you live a well marriage life.


Diyanazman said...

aiiii.. Kak Shelly dah kawen ke?? huhu lawanya dia....

iena amoi said...

yup sanding thn diriku ini jua...wahahahahaha

ramai dah ikut trend ni. uhuhuhu