Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Result is Out!

Remember the incident where it took 4 different person to draw my blood?? Well....finally the result is out. Actually it was out early last week....uhuhuhuhu. Well...from what the doc told me...we can say that...I am perfectly healthy...except that I might have fatty liver. ahahahaha. That is sure a first time. I have never had the word FAT associated with any part of my body before...and liver had the liberty to receive the award. Wakakakakakaka. And..I have a high level of protein.

Well, now..I think I have to become a vegetarian for a while and eat no meat to reduce the protein content. That means no soy beans either...uhuhuhu. Gosh!! I love soy beans. I just hope that I can stop myself from eating any meat for the time being. uhuhuh. Well....I think I will not be 100% vegetarian.....and consume less meat than usual.


ezrazlin said...

how can i forget the needle thing kan ekeke! i'm in it too wahahahaaha!

gud to hear u're perfectly healthy and just take care on the protein!

a joke for u : if vegetarians eat vegetables! than humanitarians should eat humans right?


iena amoi said...

ahahahahahaha... u r funny. Thanx. I guess we should avoid bumping into humanitarians then....wakakakakaka