Thursday, July 3, 2008

June 2008 - Really Was NOT My Month!! has been quite a while since I've updated anything in my humble blog. Truthfully, I wasn't feeling quite well over the pass few weeks.

It started as early as by the end of the first week of June. At first I was feeling a bit malaise....that goes on until about a week or so. Most my gfs tot I was pregnant...and I was about 5 days late and they tot wrong. And when I started to feel a bit better...the flu came down on me. Arrrrgggghhhhhh!!!! The malaise...I can stand...but flu???!!! I felt like wanting to tear off my nose...pump everything out of it and put it back in. Wanna know y?? Becoz this is the worse flu I've ever encounter...not only my nose itch...but my throat and ears itch too!!! To make it only start to itch in the middle of my good nite sleep...which means...I'll eventually woke up and can't go back to sleep. This..when as long as almost two weeks.

By the 2nd week of flu epidermic...I can't take it anymore and went to the all the necessary medicine. It was starting to wear off...but then as the medicine is finished....the symptoms came back. Shit!!! So I had to take further action buy buying shit hell expensive medicine at the pharmacy. This happens in between of my encounter with the breakdown of my car. uwaaaa!!! As if anything could go more wrong than all this. Well...guess what?? It did not end there.

Just I was about to declare myself free from illness (malaise and flu)...I got the cough. uwaaaa!!!! As of today, 3rd July 2008...I am still coughing like nobody's business. The worst cough will be around 2am and 4 am everyday. There goes my beauty sleep gaian. I haven't got any decent sleep for almost a month now. Pity my beloved hubby...kept on woken up by my horrible cough. So after a few nites, I decided to sleep in different room after he that I won't be disturbing his sleep. I know he needs it. Hell!! Who doesn't need a good nite sleep?? On 30th June, I went to the hospital...coz I tot that my cough was due to asthma allergies coz I used to have asthma. The peculiar thing is....after x-raying my lungs and inspection...the doc conclude that there was nothing wrong with me. No asthma or infection or what so ever. So end up I got cough syrup and a prescribe medicine that is supposed to give a relief to the cough. I was trying to recall any abnormal activity that I have done to encounter such sickness. The only changes in my life was....I have a new next door neighbour....who rings his bell everyday between 7-8am and 7-8pm to call down his god...and burn all this candle..and all the smell and smoke will come flying into my house. Arrrghhhhhh!!!! Tension giler!!!

In this condition, I don't feel like going out and do business with anybody. I just pray everything will go back to normal soon. So I can do my activities as usual. I think I'm not the only one suffering from this coughing epidermic.....few of my frens encountered the same too...and some of it lasted for almost a month. Please...a month??? NOOOOOO.....not me... please!!!! uhuhuhuhuhu.


Carol Robert Gumbang said...

Beb, aku jenis yg batuk mcm tu lah. tak sah kalau tak sebulan paling kurang. i was having bad cough masa my wedding hari tu. my mom in law bagi mcm2 tips tak berkesan gak (which incl minum wine). there this one time, i was coughing for almost 2 months. sebab? aku terhidu tempoyak yg dah expired straight from the bottle. yg tu aku rasa aku kena lung infection oleh fungus kat tempoyak tu. ewww..grosss kan!!haha

iena amoi said...

Tulah pasal....thn ni lah first time aku kena batuk sampai camtu sekali. First yang masa wedding ko tu lah. Sampai Ninie and Amril pon jangkit sekali...uhuhuhu. Sib baik hubby ku ok jer.

Aku rasakan..aku ni infection pasal aku terbau clorox yang sgt kuat....uhuk. But then the doc said takde infection or anything. Tu yang buat aku pelik. hmmmmm (sambil garu kepala). ehehehehe

Tempoyak?? Expired?? eewww....that is grossss.....uhuk

ezrazlin said...

auwwwww that's a long period of flu u got there! hope u get well soon..was wondering where u were..tot u stop blogging!

ezrazlin said...

had this this king of coughing before..bad cough and pro lasted for abt 2 months..tot it was my bad smoking habit but finally diagnosed 'water in my lungs'..infection at my lungs(yup..bad smoking habit)

admitted for 8 days..friends came and bought mcD for me..drank up a bit of coke..the next 20mins i was in ICU haha!

iena amoi said...

Ezrazlin, flu is long gone now. Just the coughing. And today...for the first time, I did not cough in the middle in the nite.

Did you really got into ICU for drinking Coke with bad cough?? So how's your lungs now?

ahahahah...... Yeap..Smoking is a bad bad habit. Not only you effect yourself..but also love ones that are near to fact their effect are doubled. I think you've heard that one before. ehehehehe

iena amoi said...

Btw, me?? Stop blogging?? I don't think so. eheheheheh