Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Nearly Died of Suffocation and Heart Attack

As usual, I started my morning at the office by opening the world wide web to check my email, facebook and twitter. Well, I will do that for the first 5 minutes before I start my work. I can't start work without it. hmm....this internet things is not really harmless isn't it?

Ok, well...this morning, I discover something that made me smile for the whole day today (still smiling with huge grin on my face). But before I smiled, I nearly suffocate as I forgot to breath and then nearly got a heart attack because of the shock of happiness. Ok all want to know what is it? I'm not sure if it will give the same effect to you. If you are a Twilight die-hard fan like I am, you may just want to hold your breath (again, if you know what I am talking about).

It is the picture above that nearly killed me!! I just can't wait for The Twilght Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 to come out on theater 24th November 2011. Might just fly to Singapore to watch it earlier. ;)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anugerah Juara Lagu 25 (25th Song of the Year Award) and A Nice Weekend

I was really looking forward to the weekend as I was supposed to follow hubward to Fraser's Hill on Saturday. He is going to cycle up the hill and I'm going to drive the car up. ehehehe....did u guys think I was gonna cycle too? Well, I don't have a bicycle yet. :P

However, it turns out non of the guys brought their partner or wife and hubward thought it will a boring journey for me. hmm....ok. So, end up on Saturday, I was home alone with nothing much to do. Called up a few frens but they already had plans.I did some cleaning up and send the laundry to the laundry shop. Nahhh...I rarely wash clothes at home coz I don't have any washing machine. Hubward said he will only buy one once we have our own house. I only wash the delicates ones myself. uhuhuhu...Later I went to Bangsar, yes alone again. Supposed to meet my aunt for lunch at Curve but since she had a wedding and was running late, I decided to just go back home instead.

At home, I was replying tweets with my fren Suliana and she said she wanted to make curry noodles and suddenly I had the urge to do the same. It is hubward's favorite. It would be nice for him to enjoy his favorite dish once he reach home. I called my aunt and invited her to come over and since parking at Curve was FULLED, and she was hooked on the idea on my curry noodles, she arrived just as I was finished cooking. I love having people at home and cook for them. Maybe I got that from my mom.

Sunday was a bit better. Made breakfast for two and then, hubward and I went to Mid Valley Mall. Our agenda? Bumiputera Property Exhibition 2011. We are trying to find the right house to buy. It is harder than it seems. I was happy that I got to identify the house that I like at a reasonable price range. We are going to continue our hunt next weekend and view the show house. I really can't wait for that one. Having a house of my own, that just feels so good. :)

After that, we went to an event we are quite looking forward to for a few weeks now. Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-25 (25th Song of the Year Award). Actually, normally every year, we will only watch the show on TV but this year, hubward opened his mouth saying he wants to see it live. Well, both of us wants to know what actually goes on during commercial breaks and the finalist was quite awesome too. We went with my twi-sisters Sunie, Aini and Ayu. The tickets are courtesy of another twi-sister which name I won't mention here. ;). To that twi-sister, if you are reading this, THANK YOU!!!

When we reach there, the queue was not long but the time grew closer to the gate opening time, the crowd was wild as the gate opens, OMG!! all these poeple turns into monkeys. Yes!! Monkeys. Some with no tickets just jumped up the fence and ran inside. WTF? I was nearly crushed. Luckily hubward was there. My tw-sister, Ayu was crushed literally. Lucky non of us were injured. After that, we finally got to our seats. The seats we got was not bad, about 10th row from the stage but big size people in front of me blocked the view. Not to mentioned those who put up their camera to take pictures.'s hard being small. :P

Overall, I enjoyed the show. The showmanship of each finalist was the bomb!! Their vocal was awesome! I won't know who to pick as winners if I was the jury. Maybe that's why they leave it to the professionals. LOL   Faizal Tahir, A.P.I, Hafiz, Hujan, Yuna and Meet Uncle Hussein feat Black was amongst my favorite. I didn't take many pictures. Aini and Ayu did take pictures with a few artist since we are seating just next to them. The only celebs pic I took was with Zain. He is cute! eheheheh.....

Zain and Me

Sunie, Zain and Me

Aini, Sunie, Me and Ayu in front of the stage 

Overall, it was a nice weekend for me. Can't wait for the next one. :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Song That I Like ~ Auburn : All About Him

Nothing much going on today other than the fact that today was a boring day at the office. If you are following me on twitter and facebook, you would already know. ahahahah....

As usual, my ear will be plugged into the whole day. Thank God for my Nokia Express Music (nothing fancy like iPhone). The DJ played this song a few times and it just stuck in me. The music and lyrics are cute. I like it! Since the song is new, there is no official video on youtube yet. Just a picture slide with the song playing on the background.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I like it. :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Two Days of Boredom And A Day of Twitter!!

It hasn't really stop raining since Monday. Well, I don't mean non-stop until today, but you know what I mean. If I am in Twilight fantasy Forks, Washington, I really won't mind because Edward will be there. LOL

That nite, I didn't feel so good. I can't stop sneezing and felt hot and cold at the same time. The next day (Tuesday), I drag myself to the office feeling 'blue' and my flu is getting worse. Not to mentioned, the air-cond at my office made me feel like I was in Eskimo. :P

By 10.00am, I just can't stand it anymore and decided to go to the clinic and what do you know, the doctor told me I had fever. hmmm....I only tot I had flu. She gave me MC for the day. Went back to office, pack my things and got home. I took the 5 types of medication given to me and then I was in stone-cold sleep. I was too tired that day, but managed to go out for dinner with mommy and my other bff Mar (yes! you are allowed to have more than one bff :P). Actually, she treated us to a nice dinner at Dome and the chicken soup really helps me. :) Thanks Mar!!

Went home, get cleaned up, ate my meds (again) and then of to sleep. Didn't even bother to open the laptop to check my facebook, twitter (sometimes I did open thru mobile) or what is happening in the world of twilight.

On Wednesday morning, I still don't feel so good, so I decide to just sleep it and took another day of MC. Wednesday was boring! No internet at home (hubward brought lappie to work) and there's nothing interesting in Astro either. sigh....what else? Sleep....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

The good thing is, today (Thursday) I am all good and even manage to get up fresh. I was afraid of going to work and see my table all pilled up with documents but somehow it was not that bad. My twitter account was busy today, or should I say Twilighters Malaysia twitter, since People's Choice Award was on and yet there is no delayed or live telecast here in Malaysia.

Being the core person for Twilighters Malaysia and The Twilight Saga is up for few nominations, it was my duty to keep updated with everything twilight. shhhh....easy to say, the first half day of my work was spend on twitter. :P

Monday, January 3, 2011

Cleaning Up Spider Webs with A New Year Resolution

Well, I think the spiders hovering around my blog are pissed at me for coming back to clean their webs. :P. I was so busy for the past months since it was end of year and there was like 3 audit session. My life is still the same and I do the same thing everyday. As usual, nothing much to update.

Well, last month on 23rd Dec 2010 was my 30th birthday. Yes, the big scary three zero. How do I get to that age so fast? Seriously! What have I achieved for the last 30 years of my life? Not much, but I did learn few things. Those which I should not repeat and those that need improvement. hmmmm.....

What did I do on my birthday? You want the truth? This is going to be lame. So, you should stop reading now!! This is a fair warning. I went to service my car, send my wedding ring for repair, went to see my gynea and had a late lunch with hubward. Yes, the lunch was the only highlight of the day. I guess after 29 birthdays, even I myself are out of ideas of how to celebrate and surprises don't seems that much exciting anymore. OMG! Is that the first sign of getting old? I am doomed!!

As I don't have any children yet and I myself is so manja with hubward and not to forget that I love cartoons, I sometimes forget that I am at that age. Sometimes, I just feel like I'm like 23-25 years old (yeah...keep on dreaming iena). :P. And to be caught up in the teenage Twilight world, it made me forget even more. ahahahahaha.....

So, today is already 3rd January 2011 and most people would put on a new year's resolution. Actually, I am not the type to put any resolution in my life. Maybe I am still finding the ultimate thing that I want in life. You know, to just put success as your life goal is too subjective. Isn't it? However, I am thankful for a few things.
  1. My hubward who has his flaws but always stuck by me! Hey, I'm not perfect either. ;)
  2. Finally I moved to a landed house. No it's not mine, but I am buying one this year. Ouh, maybe that should be my 2011 resolution. 
  3. I am healthy and my family is healthy.
  4. Twilighters Malaysia events in 2010 went well and our family grew bigger.

In 2011, although I don't have any resolutions (well, maybe just that buying a house one), I am looking forward to few things.
  1. The first ever Twilight Convention in Malaysia in June 2011
  2. Eclipse DVD release party ~ this one is to be confirmed
  3. MTV Awards (with Robsten wins Best Kiss again!!)
  4. Breaking Dawn Part 1
  5. Perhaps a child of my own 
Hmmm....what else do I want to write? Ouh yeah...last Sunday, I hang out with my bff Farah after God knows for how long we haven't done that. It was fun. She treated me to a nice lunch at Chilli's One Utama and a blouse from Zara. ahahahah....all that for forgetting to wish me a happy birthday. Which was nice. ;)

I am not sure when will I write again. I will try hard to at least write something everyday. Not that anyone cares, I think. LOL