Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Journey to Japan - New Moon Tokyo Fan Event

Japan is one of the Asian country in my list that I was looking forward to go to but never in a million years I thought it will actually happen. Well, fortunately....a miracle happened and I was of to Japan..not only to visit the country but also to meet my Edward Cullen...Robert Pattinson himself and everything is sponsored. YATTAAA!!! You can see The Twilight Saga is all over my blog :D.

I think my journey was fated. If I am still pregnant, I will be on my 8th month and I couldn't travel all the way to Japan. So what do you know....God did have a good reason for my miscarriage ;)

So, you can read on how did I manage to get to Japan on the Twilighters Malaysia blog.

Departing from KLIA (Nisa, Nurul, me and Sunie)

Arrived in Narita Airport 6.05am on Tuesday 3rd November 2009. The weather was nice...but as we arrive in Shinagawa, it was cold (at least to us :P). The first day was dedicated fully for the New Moon Tokyo Fan Event. We got to Shinagawa at around 10am and went straight to our hotel to leave our luggage then go directly to Shinagawa Intercity Hall to redeem our tickets for the event. At this point of time, both of us are hungry, but being in a foreign place...we decide to skip breakfast and lunch :P. To cut it short, the event starts at 6.30pm and and ended somewhere around 7.30pm. My overall rating for the event? 5 out of 10...hmmm. BUT ROB WAS 200 OUT OF 100...ulalalalalala :D

However, I did make new frens (fellow twihard of course) at the event and was so happy to know them. Katie, Laurel and Mel are US Navy wives based in Japan, and they are so cool and friendly. I even got a gift from Laurel, a key chain from Forks, the place where the Twilight starts ;). She went to Forks, WA last summer. THANK YOU LAUREL, IT'S AWESOME!!

Nurul & I were thrilled to receive the Forks key chain from Laurel :D

The full event chronology will be posted at Twilighters Malaysia blog.

Since we are going back to Kuala Lumpur on a morning flight on Thursday, Wednesday was dedicated solely for sight seeing and shopping. So we start of our day by taking the train to Shibuya, they say it is a place to shop.'s kind of true, coz I manage to get 70% of the things I need to buy there :D. Commuting by train in Japan is a bliss of heaven. The system is superb and I am very amazed. There are like 15 train lines, and yet everything runs smoothly with no hick-up. I think if we were to have that here in Malaysia, everything will go coo-coo and delayed. All the train lines are centralize in one station in each place and it is such a breeze journey except at first we were a bit confused but later, as we got a hang of it, we were happy to hop on and off the train. I really love their system. Before that, we manage to get our breakfast at Anderson Bakery at Shinagawa train station. The bread was heavenly.

I think most of us in the world know that Japanese are very well disciplined and YES!! they are indeed. There are no cutting queues even as everyone was rushing. They even queue up to go on an escalator...seriously!! And as they got on, they will keep to the left (even if a couple is going up/down the escalator, they will separate and be in line). Only those who are really rushing will use the right side.

They are also friendly, helpful and most of them can either understand or speak English. So, it is not too hard to communicate. As I arrived in Shibuya, I was trying to find a Mizuno shop (yeap, you guess it hubby is the one who ordered) and couldn't find any. I end up in Puma shop in Shibuya and asked them where is the nearest Mizuno shop? The sales assistant gladly help and immediately help to search for the shop online using her laptop. She wrote down the address, phone number and gave me a map to the shop. So, Nurul and I began walking towards the Mizuno shop which according to the Puma girl is about 15 mins walk. Walking is such a norm in Japan, trust me and you don't feel tired at all but your feet will hurt if you don't wear the right shoes :P.

Later, we were at a junction and was a bit confused with the direction and we saw a cute Japanese guy sitting down drinking coffee (apparently it's rude to drink while you walk in Japan), so I showed him the address and asked whether he knows how to get there. At first he said, somewhere around there, then he saw the shop phone number and immediately call the shop (at this point of time, Nurul and I was a bit stunted coz we didn't expect he would help us to call). After he finished his conversation, he told us to go straight and the shop is on the right side two traffic lights down. I took picture with him. cute :D.

My dad even asked me to buy him his deep sea fishing gear a Shimano TS30. Thank God it was easy to find :P. Our site seeing/shopping did not end there. We end up going from Shibuya to Jimbocho (to find another Mizuno shop as the shoe size was not available at Shibuya), then from Jimbocho to Roppongi then to Tokyo Tower and back to Roppongi Hills. Roppongi Hills is somewhat a bit high end and the lights are beautiful at nite ;). We wanted to go to Asakusa coz they say that's the place where we can buy a lot of Japan souvenirs, unfortunately, time envy us. We ended our site seeing at around 10.30pm and went back to our hotel. Fuh, were our feet hurts like hell...but it was worth it!

Here are some facts that I learned about Japan;

1. The people are friendly and helpful, regardless they speak English or not.

2. Now, most of them can either understand or speak English. There is even an English learning show on their television channel.

3. Japanese are very well discipline and systematic. No wonder they can conquer Malaya in such short time ;)

4. If you travel to Japan, make sure you exchange Japan Yen earlier, coz their local bank doesn't accept foreign ATM card. Or bring your credit card, NOT your debit card.

5. The train system are superb!!!!! You won't want to drive!!

6. If you are taking train back to the airport via Narita Express, make sure you fully understand the train schedule. (We nearly missed our flight..uhuhuhu :P)

7. The houses are exactly like the ones you saw in Ultraman. I mean literally!!! And it is very very very clean (exterior) as if a person made a point of cleaning it everyday. I am truly amazed.

Here are some of the pics I took when I was there. But there are still more to come as half of it was taken by my fellow twilight fren, Nurul :D

Find more photos like this on Twilighters Malaysia Official Site

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Hard Lesson Learned...uwaaaaa!!!

20th October 2009 mark another black day in my life calender (before this it was 8th wedding had to be postponed due to the election...hmmm).

20.10.2009 started as a normal and quite a wonderful day to me. I went out to see my client at Zoo Negara and then went back to the office to have lunch with two of my frens. But then, after the start of the horrible incident.

After lunch, I went up from the parking lot towards CIMB ATM at LG level to withdraw some extra money to buy something at the book store. At that time, I was carrying my presentation folder and my organizer (which contains RM1033 in it..and the money was not mine!!!! arrrghhh). So, in order to free my hands, I had to place the folders and organizer on top of the ATM machine..(ok that was my mistake in the 1st place). I was how ever reminding myself of my things while withdrawing the money. But then, two of frens came back to me and I got distracted.

Well, I think...all of you know what happen next right? I got distracted and totally forget my folders and organizer. YES!!! THE ONE THAT CONTAINS RM1033....(and I only withdraw RM70..shit!!). Only after I went to the 1st floor, bought the thing that I needed from the book store....I realized that I had something with me. I ran like a road soon as I realized. Trust can ask Maryati or Nurul how fast I ran. wahahahahahahah

I almost scream, cry and faint when my things was no longer there. My heart nearly stopped coz I know....the chances of me getting back the things are very very very slim. I many percentage of human in this world...NO....let just say Malaysia...or maybe just narrow it down to KUALA LUMPUR that is human and ethical enough to return back my things together with the MONEY!!! the chances are like 0.008%. :((

But, I did search high and low!!! Finally, I gave up..and went back to office. As I reach the reception, I got a call saying my things are at the reception on the lower level. I ran like the road runner again....So, when I saw my things...I was releaved..coz one thing for sure, I will have to call my client to ask him for his documents again...and the envelop that contained the money is still there. However, my heart stopped again. The BASTARD only left the envelop empty.

The reception told me that an old chinese guy returned it and told her that he found it downstairs. hmmm.....I don't think he was the one who took it in the first place. He must have found it somewhere else after the first person left it somewhere....(after taking my money of course!! damn it!!)

After I cool down a bit and finally got my sanity back, I went to the security office, but to my suprise, the CCTV did not even focus on that area....that is just plain stupid to me. It only showed who goes up and down the escalator. I mean WTH is that? Later, I went to the police station to lodge a report in order to get the surveilance video from CIMB.

I really regret going to the ATM to withdraw money, coz I could have just used the money in the organizer first...and actually before this the money was not kept in the organizer. Maybe it was fated.

Now, I am just waiting for CIMB to call me back once the video is with them. I hope the bastard who took it did withdraw it's easier to track him. I'm gonna crucify him to death if I find him.

As of today, I got one happy that made me feel a bit better. Although..I still have to replace the money that's lost..uwaaaa!!! I am still waiting few other good news by tomorrow. So guys!!! Please pray for me..coz it will definately make my day!!! wooohooo!!

With one lost comes more gains, and with one bad news comes more good news!! ;)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I've Lost Count!!! I Give Up!!!!

It has been almost 5 months since my miscarriage. I was quite okay with the is closed to the day where I was supposed to give birth, which was 20th December 2009. At this point of time, I should have big bulging belly with fat face...ahahahahaha. Well, as Malay always rezeki. Although I was never really too sad with the miscarriage, but after looking at my frens who got pregnant almost the same time as me with big belly waiting to pop and having all those experience of being pregnant, it kinda hit me. sigh.....I was supposed to be a mommy in two months time..:(

I was trying not give a damn about all this...and just lay low until it's my time. But it is quite hard to do. As the time close by, the more I felt it. The other day, I was listening to the usual....Jay Jay and Ian...that horrible hilarious morning crew, and they asked...what was your 2009 resolution and have you achieved it? hmmm....mine was to have a baby and become a parent. Almost achieved it...unfortunately...did not went through till end.

To add to all this, I just got the news that my sister in law who just got married in September (yes during Ramadhan time), is now pregnant (bunting pelamin)...sigh. I guess..I'm gonna have to handle the golden question all over again after this. Maybe there is something wrong with me...hmmm...but the doctor seems to find everything okay...except for my retroverted uterus of course. must be asking what does all this have to do with my entry title? (that is if anyone is reading this :P). Well...since I've miscarriage, I've been trying to count my cycle. All this while my cycle is always on time but after that, everything is not the same. And up till now, I have lost count!!! So I give up!!!! I think I might not even get pregnant forever.

Now, the conclusion is.....since it's too hard for me to get pregnant or maybe I'm never gonna get pregnant....I'm just gonna do what ever I want. I was thinking of going to Aussie..since my sis is there.....but was afraid to make any arrangement, just in case I got pregnant. But now, I think I'm going in December. Fuck it!!! And I'm going ATV riding, camping and hiking. urrghhh...!!!! soooo devastating...sigh.

This is the 2nd time I give up....the first one was just before I got pregnant. But I think this time might be a permanent one. hmm....just my gut feeling. :(

Friday, August 21, 2009

Too Hot!!!!

My heart stopped and I literally melt when I saw this jaw dropping pics of Robert Pattinson. uuu.....he is just so hot, gorgeous and sexy. ulalala...:D. Mouthwatering.......

If being this hot is wrong...then I don't want him to be right..:P

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

House Hunting

Remember this post? The one where I mentioned my new neighbour? hmmm...since hubby and I was thinking of moving..but since I was sick, we had to postpone our plan. Then later, I was pregnant....and after that the miscarriage. And now, hubby is away. So...until now, we are still in the same 3rd floor apartment....and everyday I have to climb three floor of stairs to reach home. Guess that may have contributed to one of the reason for my miscarriage. :(

Now, I am determine to move. We'll move the earliest during Aidilfitri since hubby is only gonna be home 1 week before Aidilfitri (gosh!! I miss him soooo much!!). But who knew house hunting can be such a hassle. We both have decide to move to a terrace house, no more appartment or condo. It's just easier for our family especially our moms to come to our home without having to climb the stairs or waiting for the lift. type...DONE! Well, that's the easiest part. :P

Second part, location. This one is a bit tricky. Hubby works in Subang and sometimes he has to travel to Port Klang while I work in the centre on Kuala Lumpur. So to find the right location is the tricky part. Of course.....there are a lot of houses for rent situated in location that are located in the middle of both of our workplace.....but then...come the third part, budget. If we pay RM1000 just for renting a house, might as well we just buy the house. Right?

As of today, this house hunting thing is far from over. Although today I found an add of a house at a quite good location with a good affordable price, it was taken away just in a matter of seconds. uurggghhhhh!!! Back to search now. :(

Monday, August 17, 2009

Melaka oh Melaka

First of all, i am very sorry for not updating this blog for a while...( i hv any followers anyway :P) Well, there is nothing interesting happening in my life after the miscarriage. Everyday is just like a normal life cycle for me. The only thing different is my beloved hubby is away to Melaka until 1 week before aidilfitri. uwaaaaaa.....i miss him like crazy. uhuk.

Started working at a new company...but there is nothing interesting to tell there. But i do love my collegue and boss. Yes!! My boss. ahahaha....he's just awesome. lol. So, since hubby is away in Melaka, so I spent almost every weekend there. Travelling and lodging can cost quite a lot, so I travel by bus...since hubby took my CLK660 there. lol...and as for lodging goes...we are not that picky. As long as the room is comfortable, clean and with basic necessity...we are good. So, I booked a room at Chong Hoe Hotel. The hotel is situated in Jonker Street.

The price is so very RM45.00 per night. It's really cozy and only about 10 minutes walk to Dataran Pahlawan. But the downside is, for's very hard to find halal food there. Actually, to's very hard to find good malay food in Melaka town. Maybe only the locals know. Even in Dataran Pahlawan, I can't find good food. There are only few choices of restaurant available...and the food court? seems older that the mall itself.

What ever it is...i just want my hubby back at home. Can't wait for him to finish up everything in Melaka. Soon....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Laugh till You Drop: Ice Age 3

Since last week was the last weekend before hubby goes back to Melaka....I asked him to treat me to Ice Age 3 movie. Aahahahah....I've always love cartoons. I even changed our Astro Discovery channel to DisneyWorld channel. ahahahahaha. I'm like a 6 year old when it comes to cartoons. I guess they made me laugh...that's why I love them. My hubby never really understands why...until he watch Ice Age 1 for the first time on HBO. He laugh his heart out. it's easier for me to ask him to watch cartoon movies together. :D

To those who haven't watch Ice Age 3 yet....please please please go watch it. I guarantee you won't regret it. It is damn hilarious. I laugh from start to finish. At some point I was laughing like no body's business until I forgot that I was actually in a cinema. I am always amazed by the imagination of all the writers who wrote such good and interesting stories that we all enjoyed so much. They must be damn creative. uuhuhuhu. I just love the Sid character...and not to forget that creature that is always hunting its nut. is just a sideline that made the cartoon much more fun to watch.

oh yeah....btw..I did watch Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen a week was awesome. So don't miss that one too. It is humor and thrill combined. To read a hilarious review...go to DIYANAZMAN. (Diyana...kasi komisyen skit....akak promote blog hang nih) :P

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life Goes On ;)'s been a while since I wrote anything here. I have a lot of incidents to write about...but never come to write about it in the end. is exactly 1 month 1 week after the grulling incident at the hospital with my miscarriage. The truth is, I am long passed that. Hey, life must go on. uhuhuhu

I am glad when everything was over before my hubby left for his outstation duty for 4 months in Melacca. He went just 1 week after I miscarriaged. Hate to think he would have to come back and forth for me if I was still in pain or in fragile condition. Everything worked out for the best in the end. Allah always know what is best ;)

Nothing much had happened in this 1 month. I've recovered completely....physically and mentally...i guess. Although....I am missing my hubby. Haven't been away for so long from him before.....not even when we were dating.....eheheh. Few of my frens were quite amazed by how I handle the incident. To tell you the truth...I am quite amazed of myself too. To be able to handle the emotional wreck that happened was a great deal. A fren of mine had the same experience, she was mopping for a long time. Luckily, she got pregnant 2 months of the miscarriage....and that made her stronger. I guess, too many things happened in my life that the experience helped me to be a stronger person mentally. I am greatful for that.

Actually, I was imagining the joy of going back for raya with a big bump on my belly. I guess we'll see if that will happen next year. uhuhuh

So....nothing much has change. I go to work everyday...and hassle through the traffic with idiot drivers everyday. The only thing that has changed is my weight. I did gain 3kg (most of it goes to my belly), bigger boobs, butt and thigh. hmmmm.....bigger boobs and's a plus.....but fat belly??? Is a damn NO now am dieting to reduce it. ahahaha...but my hubby said to leave it it can be a cushion and pillow for the next baby. Yeah right?? :P

Friday, June 5, 2009

Miscarriage: The Experience

WARNING: This entry might not suit anyone with faint hearted or those who can throw up easily. Read at your own risk...uhuhuhuhu

It has been a few days now....since the day we had to swallow the fact that we have to try again. At this time....we are now able to take it positively. My hubby even get to joke about how I looked like while I was in pain in the emergency room. Come to think of was quite funny. But the fact be able to handle the pain...fuh.....need full concentration and determination.

I finally got the result that I had a missed-miscarriage due to blighted ovum on Monday morning. We went to the Sg Buloh ER at I cannot stand the pain (I am thinking of D&C at this time). So as usual....government hospital......nothing is too late unless you are truly dying.....or maybe they just wait till you die first. I don't even know how do they classify EMERGENCY. So to see the doc at 2.30am...yeap...after 2 hours waiting. Then..after a few minutes of consultation...I was brought to see the gynea. OMG!! At this point.....I am scared. Want to know why? The gynea is so fierce and rough. She said that I am pregnant...but the sac is empty and the sac has stopped growing when it reached 6 weeks (I am supposed to be 11 weeks pregnant). So when she asked me to choose either to rescan in to weeks time, let it come out by itself or to do the D&C.....I opt to rescan another two weeks.

Yes! I know...I wanted to do the D&C....but after facing the fierce and rough gynea...I couldn't imagine her doing such procedure to me. I mean...OMG!! I am gonna end up with a teared ***** and uterus. No!! I am not gonna take that chance. I think...If I got her as my gynea for my delivery....I would definitely held my go to another hospital. YES!! I am that scared of her.

So..later in the afternoon....I asked my hubby to bring me to PPUM. my relief....the service is much much much better and I don't have to wait that long either. This time, the gynea is more polite and I'm very comfortable with him. Yes....him. He took my pregnancy history...(which the earlier gynea failed to do so) and also my health details before he does any physical check. Later, he did the physical check up and did pap-smear as well since I've never did one. See how good he is? In my condition..I would never have thought of doing a pap-smear. I can only think of my miscarriage and the dissappointment at this point.

The gynea also come out with the same conclusion....I had a missed-miscarriage or blighted ovum since the sac is empty and has stopped developing at week 6. He also said...with first pregnancy at my is quite a normal thing to happen. Gosh! When he said 'at my age"...I feel so old. I guess that's why a lot of people said it is better to get pregnant before 30. Even I am only 29..I am already at risk. However, according to is unwise to do a D&C....coz this is my first pregnancy and doing so might damage my uterus cells. So I took his advise and went home to rest. story does not end 9pm....I start to feel lower abdominal pain. At first it was my normal period pain. But as the time pass....the pain got stronger and it was hard for me to ignore. around 12am..I was rushed to the ER in PPUM. At this point, nothing I do can reduce the pain...sitting...lying...nothing works. All I can do is just lay on one side while trying to make the pain go away...but with no luck. At the ER....they gave me 3 shots of pain killer. My hand still hurts from the needle they put in to make the water line...and to draw my blood. But the painkiller did not manage to kill any pain. Yeap...the pain is as painful as before.

At around 3am...the gynea I saw this morning manage to arrive at the ER (I wonder if he ever sleeps). He said that my body is in the midst of rejecting the empty sac...and what I am experiencing now is a small scale contraction or a small scale delivery. Damn!!! This pain is only small scale??? Sish!!! What about the actual labour pain???? OMG!!! OMG!!!! I can't even imagine. Even my hubby cannot stand looking at me trying to cope with the pain. He even told me that it is ok if I don't want to get pregnant anymore....looking at me in pain is too painful. Yeah I'm gonna pass the experience of being a mother. However painful the experience might be...I think I'll live through it. To cut it short...I think I passed out at around I felt the last blood rushed coming out.

At of the staff nurse woke me up and said that I can go home first and come back to see the gynea at the clinic. Upon waking up, I realize...the pain was gone and I can feel like a piece of meat is coming out. It was the sac. Finally it's over. Fuh.....what and experience. So when I came back to see the gynea.....he did an ultrasound and confirmed that everything is out, my womb is in a good condition and my blood test come out in a healthy condition. I am thankful for that. He also wished me luck for the next one.

To wrap up.....miscarriage is a painful experience..mentally and physically but I am glad I got through it. Thank you for those who showered me with their best wishes and supports. I am also glad that I did not take it to0 hard mentally...and both my hubby and me are taking it quite positively. I am now in the process of recovering (which i hope i am doing it the right way) and hope for the best in the future. I do pray I don't have to go through that again coz I don't want my hubby to be sad again. He's dream of being a father is long overdue. So pray for us ok. ;)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Blighted Ovum..Not as good as it sounds

Hi to let you guys know that I had a miscarriage. It was official last nite when I was rushed to the ER due to bleeding. We are swallowing the fact slowly.....and try to think positive of the thing that just happened. was conclusive that the miscarriage was due to blighted ovum. The fetus did not develop well as it should be.

However, we are happy to know that we are able to conceive and we will definately try again with no pressure of course. Hopefully our next one will be a good one. Pray for us ok? At this moment...I am resting...and hoping next time will be a better one.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I am one HOT Pregnant Lady

Yeah...yeah...i know..i know...once you read the entry title...some of you might want to vomit blood...and think that I am one self-absorb person. ahahahahah....well, now i know why some men thinks that pregnant women are sexy and hot. I mean...with bigger breast and plummer solid butt...who doesn't?? eheheheh

Cool down guys....when I said I am one HOT pregnant lady....I literally meant hot! As in under the sun hot!! It has never been a moment where I left a place without cool air...that I wouldn't sweat. Still thinks that's sexy?? Yish...try being pregnant guys. uhuhuhu.

Fortunately, this heat of pregnancy is also shared by my beloved hubby. And thank God, most of the "pembawakan" of being pregnant is being dealt by him and not me. He is the one who has been having bad headache and back pain. All I do is eat, eat and eat.....and sleeps. He sleeps also. It seems that it is easy to dooze off these days. I think I am gonna be a gundu soon (wanna know what gundu is? Ask my sis Diyana or her friend Bani)...uhuhuhu

Although I haven't gain that much weight...only about 2-3kg...but most of it goes to my face. Yes!! My face....uuuurrrghhhhh!! Why must my face? that is the first thing other people will see...and when they see me....OMG!! they'll absolutely think I'm fat. Although...the enhancement of the breast and butt are most welcome. ahahahah.

The only downside is....I need to find new pants. I can't fit into mine anymore. I know...just 2 months pregnant...and already I can't fit into my pants??? I still can fit into them...but I'm just not comfortable. well....if you know know how skinny i was before this...i guess my body is getting ready for the occassion. I hope I won't be as big as baby elephant...and if I do...OMG!!!! I will have to hit the gym.....5 hrs a day after this. uhuhuhu

What ever it are making mommy fat....but mommy still love you. Later, when you are born...please make sure you are an active I can chase you around until I'm skinny again. ehehehehehehe

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mat Rempit - Misunderstood or Overated

Nowadays, everyday when we read the newspaper, there will always be a news on this Mat Rempit eperdemic (can I classify it as that?..hmmm). But I think they are misunderstood and most of the time overated.

In my days, (wow!! writing that made it seems like I'm so old) at least last 14 years ( has been so long)...this term Mat Rempit was never heard. All we called this motorist was "Budak Motor" hubby was one of them...and of course I'm one of those minah motor....wakakakaka. Those time, you can say that these Budak Motor are not so daring as they are now. Well they do race on the highway and at times in Jln TAR...but most of their cases are minor cases.

I think because of the overated and the wide coverage of the so called gang-bang activities...made all this hot blooded youngsters crave for more attention and they started to do even "langsi" things. But I think it is not fair to mock all the motorcyclist as mat rempit. Those who race illegally...maybe...yes...but I don't think they are all bad...even those who race illegally...maybe some....but i think only 30% of it. Last time, we race for fun....for excitement...I'm not sure about now...but I think the goal is about the same. And we also like to take long trips with our group and sometimes joined by other groups too. It is not like all the time we only think about racing and doing something rebellious. But, to label all the crimes done by any person who uses motorcycle as Mat not the right thing to do.

Snatch Thieves...MAT REMPIT!!!....Gang Banging...MAT REMPIT!! Have they ever thought that it is easier to snatch using a motorbike? And isn't it ever easier to run away after you beat someone up with a motorbike....easy to "cilok" your way around. So I don't think all this crimes are all done by Mat Rempit....a label given by the media to this so called outlaws. I mean, motorbike are the cheapest transport you can afford. If the snatch thieves can afford a car, why bother to snatch anyway. Am I right?

Let me share a story with you. One day, I was on my way back home from my office. This happened quit sometime ago. Unexpectedly, the route I took is in a massive jammed and I am stuck with no where to turn. As I sat in my car for almost an hour (stuck in that bloody hell jammed) car petrol....finally ran out..and the engine went dead. So....if before this I was only moving few cm each minute..I am now stuck there for good. Okay, my first instinct was to switch on my double signal...then to call my hubby. Manage to call him..and ask him to bring some petrol. Although, it will be a while until he gets here from Cheras. Then I went out of the this time..I am obstructing traffic on the fast lane. Well.....we know that Malaysians like to watch....and they did just that. They watch!! Can't they see damsel in distress here?? uuurrghhh.

Even a patrol car went by me and never stopped to help or at least ask what's wrong. They too, just watch. So after few minutes standing outside my car...few youngsters on motorbikes pass by.....suddenly one of them stopped just few feet from my car and while the rest followed, a guy (he seems young...student maybe...not sure) approached me.

Guy: miss....awak ok? (Miss, are you okay?)

Me: Kete saya enjin mati. Tapi saya dah call husband untuk datang. (My car engine stopped, I've called my husband to come.)

Guy: Perlu saya tolong? Saya tolong bawa kereta ke tepi. (Need my help? I'll help bring your car to the side).

Me: Thanks. Boleh jugak. Nanti kat sini sesak lagi. (Thanks. That will be great. This will only make the traffic worse)

Without hesitation, he called his frens who were starring at us to help. He ask one of his frens to put his motorbike in the middle of the road so that the trafiic won't move forward to make way for my car. After that, the rest of them push and maneuver my car to the road side. I can't thank them enough. So after they have successfully set my car on the road side (they even put out the triangle emergency thingy behind my car)...the guy approached me again.

Guy: Ok miss? Betul awak ok? Betul dah call husband? (Ok miss? Are sure you are ok? You've called your husband right?)

Me: Yup. Saya ok. Saya dah call husband saya. (Yup, I'm okay. I've called my husband)

Guy: Okay. Duduk dlm kereta. Jangan keluar. Kunci pintu sampai husband awak sampai. ok? (Okay, just sit in your car, lock it and don't come out until your husband comes)

Me: Okay, terima kasih banyak-banyak. (Okay, thank you very much)

Then they just went off. I didn't even get the chance to ask his name. Until now, I still wish I had asked.

So.....that's why I don't really agree with all this Mat Rempit eperdemic. I just think that it's just something small that made big by the authority and the media. Not all budak motor are mat rempit and not all mat rempit are criminals. Why don't they label the car drivers that race until the accident they were in killed others what happened last week. Why aren't they handling that for a change? Just because most of this mat rempit come from low income group and they can't afford a car, they are somewhat label as lower than others and even worst criminals. Everyday, stupid and reckless car drivers pissed me even more compared to those who ride bikes.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Perfect Birthday Gift

As usual when it comes to my hubby's birthday, I have to really think what to give him. Luckily, it was pretty clear what he really wants. He has been saying he wanted to buy an MP3 player. Well....he does like to jog and went to the gym to keep fit...I guess it is a good gadget for him to have. I've bought him a PSP last year...but it's too big to carry around while jogging and working out. So after looking and surveying all the MP3 players...I finally bought him one.

Although...that wasn't really the actual thing I wanted to give him as a present. Since last year, I wanted to give him this one wonderful gift...but since last year we had our wedding reception, I had to settle for a PSP for him instead. But, to my own addition to the MP3 player...I manage to actually present him the wonderful gift I wanted to give him. Want to know what it is???


I am tested positive for pregnancy!!!

So...this is the biggest birthday gift for him. I am very happy I am able to give him that. Want to know the irony thing? The announcement of there is a living being in my womb is a birthday gift for my hubby, insyaallah the arrival of the little one in Dec 2009 will be my biggest birthday gift. :D. I am now almost 6 weeks pregnant.

So frens, please pray for health and safety. ;)

I'll post the scan picture in my next entry.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I am in pain!!!

aaaaaa!!!!!! uuurrghhhhh!!! uuuuuu!!! Arrrghhhhh!!!! aaaa!!!! uuurrghhh!!! uuu!!!! aaarrrghhhhh!!!!aaaaaa!!!!!! uuurrghhhhh!!! uuuuuu!!! Arrrghhhhh!!!! aaaa!!!! uuurrghhh!!! uuu!!!! aaarrrghhhhh!!!!aaaaaa!!!!!! uuurrghhhhh!!! uuuuuu!!! Arrrghhhhh!!!! aaaa!!!! uuurrghhh!!! uuu!!!! aaarrrghhhhh!!!!aaaaaa!!!!!! uuurrghhhhh!!! uuuuuu!!! Arrrghhhhh!!!! aaaa!!!! uuurrghhh!!! uuu!!!! aaarrrghhhhh!!!!aaaaaa!!!!!! uuurrghhhhh!!! uuuuuu!!! Arrrghhhhh!!!! aaaa!!!! uuurrghhh!!! uuu!!!! aaarrrghhhhh!!!!aaaaaa!!!!!! uuurrghhhhh!!! uuuuuu!!! Arrrghhhhh!!!! aaaa!!!! uuurrghhh!!! uuu!!!! aaarrrghhhhh!!!!aaaaaa!!!!!! uuurrghhhhh!!! uuuuuu!!! Arrrghhhhh!!!! aaaa!!!! uuurrghhh!!! uuu!!!! aaarrrghhhhh!!!!aaaaaa!!!!!! uuurrghhhhh!!! uuuuuu!!! Arrrghhhhh!!!! aaaa!!!! uuurrghhh!!! uuu!!!! aaarrrghhhhh!!!!aaaaaa!!!!!! uuurrghhhhh!!! uuuuuu!!! Arrrghhhhh!!!! aaaa!!!! uuurrghhh!!! uuu!!!! aaarrrghhhhh!!!!aaaaaa!!!!!! uuurrghhhhh!!! uuuuuu!!! Arrrghhhhh!!!! aaaa!!!! uuurrghhh!!! uuu!!!! aaarrrghhhhh!!!!

Those are the sound of pain I made each time I have to see the huge advertisement of the most desireable thing on earth.


I WANT iPHONE!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Am I just that unlucky?? hmmm

Yesterday, I went out with one of my gf. I wanted to find and buy one of those gladiator sandals. Yeap..I did find a few nice designs and choices...but each time.....they had no size. That really pissed me off. Why do they have to make the gladiator sandals in only medium sizes? Don't we with small feet love to have tjose too?? Ok..I do have kinda small size feet...I wear size 3 or 4 which are equal to size 35 or 36...and none of those sandals that I've found are made within that size range. Am I that unlucky?? I guess I have to order a custom made one...but that'll surely cost me quite a sum...doesn't it? hmmm...sigh

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Okay!! No More Hopes Up!!!

I am done!!! I am done trying and putting hopes up. People say it will come when you've given up trying....and it comes when u less expect it. Good then. You might be wondering what the hell am I talking about. I'm talking about my project baby junior. Each time I've tried to not to put too much hope.....but still...I can't help myself. But now I've decide to give up. Yes!!! I give up!!

I am now focusing on the benefit of not having one. I have an aunt who's married for 9 years now...and doesn't have one. She seems happy..and free as a bird. I mean she can travel with her hubby without worrying about anything else part then themselves...and for sure there will be less one mouth to feed. So there you go! I give up!!

Now....I am just gonna have routine sex (wahahahahaha)...without having to make my leg numb for putting it up for 20 minutes after or waking up having sour back and backpain for putting pillow under my hips/butt all night after it.

I am gonna enjoy this "honeymoon time" a while longer. ;)

P/S: Those who've been waiting for the good news....well guess what....there won't be any for quite sometimes...until it decide to come by itself. :P

Friday, March 13, 2009

OMG!!!! I'm Fat!!!

All my least before I reach the age of 25, my weight was always below 40kg. yeah....that is totally underweight and skinny..uhuhuhu. But I'm comfortable like that...although....i did try to gain a little more weight. weight 42kg....and still according to my BMI....I am underweight. The one thing I am concern about is...I am not used to being chubby or "berisi" and it's making me feel fat. And being unactive not like I used to be....making me feel even more scared. I'm scared that I'll gain more weight and become fat for sure. uwaaaaa!!!!!. A lot of my frens said that I'm not the type that can be fat.....I sure hope they are right. Otherwise...I'm doomed. A fren even gave a theory to me. He said that I'm won't be fat, but if I'm not antibody will become I'm more vulnarable to become sick. After giving some thought to it..I think what he said was true indeed.

In a way....because I'm trying to get pregnant...gaining weight is a good thing. I can't stop eating like mad for the last two weeks. Being a person who had never have to diet before in my whole control eating is a quite difficult task and a challenge indeed....eheheheheh. I really wanted to excercise and do some push up...but I'm afraid that it will effect the chances of me getting pregnant. As of today....I'm already one day "late". So...I think....gain weight...get pregnant.....give birth.....then only workout like mad...ahahahah.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...hmmmmm :P

I got tagged in Facebook. So decided to post it here as well :D
Thanks Mar for tagging me...uhuhuhu :P

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I am happily married with my 12 years lover. Thank God for that.

2. Am trying to produce juniors....ahahahahah

3. I am hyperactive and can get bore easily...and suffer from Insomnia too.

4. I have a condition call "Retroverted Uterus" so have to work twice as hard than women with normal condition.

5. I don't eat spicy food. My mom says that I'm more chinese than chinese. eheheh

6. I plan to buy a house by end of this....yeah...haven't bought one of my own yet.

7. I love cats but am allergic to them coz of my athma and sinus condition. sigh..

8. Would love to have a dog as a pet...but then it is quite leceh for a muslim to pet one. uhuk

9. It took me 9 years to gain weight from 38kg to 41-42kg.

10. Plan to retire by the age of 35. Still figuring out on how to achieve that.

11. Love to cook and experiment for new recipes.

12. I love sports and outdoor activities e.g. netball, badminton, ATV, hiking, jungle tracking, camping etc.

13. I am sort of a handyman at my mom's house. Fixed the toilet and sink, change the bulb and starter, fixed the iron.

14. I am a very indepedent girl or is it women already? ahahahah

15. I always like to plan ahead in everything that I do..including which route to take everytime I travel.

16. I love to watch cartoons and switch from learning package to disney package...ahahaha

17. I always try to be happy at any time. Altough there are lots of things in my mind.

18. I am quite particular in cleanliness and how things should put and arranged in my house. Kinda OCD...;)

19. I am the eldest yet the smallest in my family.

20. I can still wear my clothes when I was in primary school and hope to maintain that even after I gave birth to few children.

21. I love to dance and wish to be a dancer....but I don't think it would be a good career here in Malaysia. uhuhuhuhu

22. I love to act in a teater if given the chance.

23. I am half Chinese but cannot speak the language...and I think that's a huge lost for me.

24. I have two step moms and 6 other siblings with them....uhuhuhu

25. I like to drive fast and hates "turtle" on the road!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Retro..... What???!!

It has been almost two years since I got married and we've been trying to get pregnant since middle of last year...but with no luck. So...I ask my hubby to accompany me to see a gynea. Just to get more knowledge on how to prepare for pregnancy and preliminary check up. I mean with today's' can never know.

So...after a few months of asking him....finally he caved in and we when to the gynea last month. It was a relief to know that everything is in good condition. No ceast or Fibroid. I was afraid of these two things. But there was something else.....I have a condition called RETROVERTED UTERUS....or in simple word my uterus is tipped to the back (pelvic)...or in malay..."rahim terbalik".

Ok.....I know it sounds scary when you read this....but I got to know that 1 out of 5 women were born with the condition....but I think as for me maybe because I was too active before and fell on my butt too many times already. So according to the gynea 20% of women in this world have the condition and it doesn't effect fertility. It's just that it might be a bit hard for us to conceive rather than women with normal uterus. The gynea suggested us to try different positions to increase our chances. we have to get creative. However, the gynea suggested a second visit if there is no success after 3 months for further test. OMG!!! I hope I don't have to go through that one. This is our first trial after seeing the gynea. The result will be in on 10th of February....eheheheh

I also got to learn how to predict my most fertile week and ovulation date...after consulting the gynea. All this while I got my info from my girlfrens....which some of them gave almost accurate info :D. But now.....I am relief to know everything that I need to know. So PROJECT BABY JUNIOR is officially launched!! ;)

I strongly suggest those who've been trying to get pregnant without success to see a gynea. Coz he/she can really help you to understand more. At least get a preliminary check that you know everything is okay. And if it's can find ways to cure it at early stage.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Damn U!!! I'll Kill When I Find U!!!

Thank God I have this blog to express my joy, pain and anger. Fuh!!!!

I've been living in my neighbourhood 6 years now, since I graduated. Since then, there have been so many types of people living here. I also have a neighbour that voluntarily wake me up with her loud screaming at her boy everyday at the exact time (wish I could strangle her each time she does that!!!). And since early last year...I also got a new next door neighbour who voluntarily smoked my house with their lovely smokes that smells like shit!! (this time I felt like burning their house down)...lucky my hubby went to give them a word or two.

These two things I still can tolerate...although everyday I hate them more and more. But when it comes to my beloved CLK 660 Smurfy....I really cannot tahan already. Few years back...somebody stole one of my front windshield wiper...and it was newly changed. I had to spent to buy a new pair. It really pissed me off!!! However, the latest event that occur really sets me off....until I felt killing the bloody bastard who did this!!! FYI, this is the first time I felt killing anyone. The other nite, my hubby and I went out to Sunway to for his weekly futsal game, so we came back late...around 3am. Since the number of cars in the apartment area have naturally there was not enough parking. We managed to find a spot that we KNOW for a fact won't disturb anyone and since we plan to go out quite early that Sunday, we decide to park there.

The next morning, it came to our astonishing surprise to see two of our tyres were flattened. The front wheel were totally out of air and we couldn't move the car while the back wheel was half empty. So, after few phone calls to workshops, my hubby decide to buy the small pump just to pump the tyres so that we can move and pump more air at the petrol station. Thank God it works.

Wait....the story doesn't end there. So at the petrol station, we managed to pump the front wheel but not the back wheel, so we went to a workshop to get pump it. Okay.....this is the time where I really felt like really search for the bloody bastard for a revenge and killing him after that. We got to know that the bastard poked the tyres and we cannot repair the damage. It's either we change the tyres completely or we use tube. &^%#!*&^#(!. I've just change the few months back and new tyres gonna cost me a lot. So my hubby decide to just use tubes. Wait....there's more......while putting the tubes in.....we found out that...the other back wheel was also punctured in the same manner. My gosh!!!! 3 tyres????? As I was going trough this mad situation, I remember that a fren of mine had all of their tyres puncture in front of their I know how you feel D.

OMG!!!! I really can't wait to move out of this area. Still collecting money for the deposit. I can't take it anymore to live around selfish and uncivilized people!!! Arrrghhhhhhh!!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Got Tagged!!!

Tagged by Ezrazlin.....uhuk

1. Put your recently photo first.
2. Tagged 8 people who you want to tagged.
3. Answer the questions.

8 people I'm tagging - Diyana, Bani, Nize, Carol, Shelly (ok i know only 5...that's all i've got...uhuk)

1. How are you? Fine, just recover from fever and flu

2. Who was the last person you hugged? My dearest beloved hubby of course

3. Look to your left, what do you see? My dining table...hmmmm feeling hungry.

4. Where do you like to be the most? At home laying beside hubby on the sofa watching tv.

5. Whats your fav. film? Gladiator & What Happen in Vegas

6. What does the last person you commented on FS mean to you? Currently not active

7. What did you last laugh about? My hubby's reaction to something i did....eheheheheh

8. Where was your default took? Damansara

9. Whats the first thing you look for in a girl/guy? Attraction.

10. If your still in school, whats your fav. lesson? Math...numbers..numbers..numbers

11. What do you work as/want to work as? event to be a dancer

12. Do you play video games? if so, which is your fav. game? No!!!!

13. Who never fails to make you laugh? Who else?? My hubby lah

14. What are you listening to right now? Dreams - Cranberries

15. Who did you last have a sleepover with? Fiza...but she slept in the other room....does that counts?? I slept with hubby of course...eheheheh

16. I bet you miss someone, who? Hubby!!!! He is still at work. uhuk

17. Are you happy with your life right now? Partly yes....hmmmmmm

18. Why did you last get upset? Irresposibility. That really pissed me off...%$%#$@#@&**

19. Who was the last person you texted? Hubby

20. Who do you live with? Hubby

21. Do you like living with them? Definately

22. Who did you last shout at and why? A client.....but not to their face....ahahahahaah

23. Are you normally a happy person? 99% of the time

24. What was the last thing you went to see in the movies and with who? Australia with hubby

25. Whats your fave food? baked/mashed potato

26. Are you in love? Definately yes

27. Do you remember how you was 3 years ago? Struggling

28. If so, does it make you cringe? I'm satisfied but not yet overwelhemed.

29. If you could be with someone right now, who would it be? Hubby

30. Whats your fave thing in your room? My bed.

31. If you had one wish, what would you wish for? To redo my past 5 years.

32. Any last words? I hate being the first in my family...uwaaaaa!!!!!

Being No 1 Isn't Always the Best Thing

wow!! I think it has been ages since i've update anything in this humble blog of mine. Not that i think anyone would miss it. uhuhuhuhu. I was sick since august.....up to after aidilfitri, then was busy assisting a fren with an event..(well this one is a whole new story...uhuhuhu)

Now...lets start. I think almost everyone wants to be no 1 as no 1 is the best place ever. I myself for instance want to win the first place in anything that i do....i mean who doesn't? But...of all the no 1 place that i've got...the only no 1 place that would willingly let go is being no 1 in the family. Coz to me, being no 1 or easy to say the eldest....everything with me is always an experiment, like guinea pig. uuurrrghgghhh...i hate that. I also hate being blame for mistake that no 2,3 or 4 makes just becoz i'm no 1.......whats with that????? It is true what they say, being no 1 means you have to be though and ready for any challenges. Even my mom say i'm rough.....and don't behave like a girl/women should be. Well i was raised to be though and have to look upon my own what i am now is all becoz of that. But then, the no 1 position i hold cannot be handover and i'm stuck with it forever. it or not....i've hold that position for 28 years.....and am still trying to get used to it. :(