Monday, May 26, 2008

Ouch!! That Hurts!!

Today, for the first time...I went to the hospital to do a health check. I've never done one before. The last time I did a medical check up was in 2003...when I got a new job and I never remembered of any blood samples taken. What made me change my mind??? Coz my hubby got a free health check voucher and he gave it to me.

So back to my story. The health check was simple....they only needed my urine sample and my blood sample. The urine sample was easy.....but the blood sample?? Was easier said than done. uhuk. It took like 4 different person to finally draw any blood from my blood vein.

The first person, couldn't find any of my veins. According to her, my blood vein/vessel is too small and fine to be detected. I asked her whether it has anything to do with me feeling very cold at that time. She said no...I was born with it. Yeah...maybe with my size...I don't need to have that big of blood vein/vessel anyway.

So, the second person came in. Poke me with a needle....finally...there was blood.....but...only like a teaspoon of blood. She tried to pull and push back the syringe to draw more blood. That seems to be failing too. The only successful thing it manage it do was...give me pain....a bit at least. If I can pass the pain that my "monthly visitor" gave me..I am sure as hell I can pass this pain. Then she tried again on my right hand. It was even blood came out at all.

End up, they send me to the lab...and told me to tell the lab technician that they couldn't draw any blood from me. So...I arrive at the lab...and took my number. After waited for a while, a doctor called me in. eheheheheheh.....he too was unable to locate my blood vessel. At first, he thought it was a success..but than the blood only took a peak of the outside of the body view than goes back in. At this point, I was bursting with laughter although the pain was unbearable...and I was holding my fist very tight. Even the doctor laughed..until a nurse came in and asked what was happening. ahahahahaha. The reason I was laughing is because I was looking at the doctor's face expression when the blood came back in...and I was thinking to myself....even my body knows that it was lack of blood and it refuse to share. wakakakakaka

Then finally, a cute nurse...finally found the right blood vein that agreed to gave away some blood samples. What did I get?? Two on my right hand...and one on my left hand as souvenirs. wakakakakakakaka. Up till now, I can still feel the pain as I lift up my hands. But I take it as a funny experience..not a harmful one.

I told my mom my experience...she said she had the same problem too. It took nine different syringe to finally find her vein. I guess small vein runs in the family then. ehehehe. The results??? Next Monday. Hope nothing negative about it.


Nizam Abdul Rahim said...

keh keh keh..mungkin kak iena hanya mempunyai kapilari darah saje..ahhh sungguh ajaib sekali! =P kepeh kepeh kepeh

iena amoi said... that possible?? kui kui kui

ezrazlin said...

i can't take needles..omg noooo!

iena amoi said...

ahahahahahah...laaa....come tough! Macho lah skit. ekekekeke

Come to think of it, last time I did see this one guy...a big size guy..fainted after the nurse had taken his blood coz dia tak tahan tgk darah tuh. eheheheheh...cute.

ezrazlin said...

be tough ke? macho ke? wahahahaha oh no..not wit needles!

do u have fear for heights?
if u do..then thats how i feel abt needles ekeke!

iena amoi said...

Fear of heights?? hmmm...let me see..hmmm. Ade skit je kot...but not critical lah. uhuhuhu

kawaii_desu said...

hi kak iena...

i tak takot tgk darah but hate the process though huhu


ezrazlin said...


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iena amoi said...

Hi Farah,

I'm r u?? ehehehehe
Tulah...the process is a bit painful. uhuk

ezrazlin said...

ienaAmoi and kawaiiDesu : the process ain't fine..ekeke! ckp lah nak ckp apa pun wahahaha..mmg taknakkkkkk klau bab jarum nih huhu!

Carol Robert Gumbang said...

Beb, aku pon kena ambik darah aritu.sib baik, aku nyer vein mmg senang nak poke. tp, still takut gak. siap goyang2 kaki for self distraction.

iena amoi said...

ahahahaha...ok ok....takpe. Hopefully you won't have to go through anything that requires needle poking...akakakaka

Tulah aku baca blog ko. Aku pon pandang tempat lain gak masa dia cucuk tuh. Agak ngeri gaklah. uhuhuh. Tp sbb dah byk kali sgt kena cucuk....aku sampai tergelak. ahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Whoa, aesome post. I just found your site and I am already a fan. =]