Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who Is the Subsidy Supposed to Help??

Last 2 weeks, with the increment of petrol price here, our beloved Pak Lah also announced that the government will be giving out subsidy payments worth RM625 for 2000cc and below cars and RM150 for 150cc and below motorbikes..and this was supposed to help the medium and low income earner, right??

But then, if you think closely...just how many percent cars in Malaysia are above 2000cc? Even luxury cars like BMW and Mercedes are still below 2000cc. So to me, these luxury cars doesn't deserve to be given subsidies. Why?? Because these cars normally can only be afford those will high level income. I mean come on...with the maintenance and everything....you can't be earning like 2K a month right?? So, if they feel they can't afford luxury cars anymore....I think they should consider to change their vehicle. Or maybe our PM still wants to help his beloved son in law by giving him to taste some of the subsidy as well? Can you imagine, I saw a guy driving a new BWM 3 series, parked in front of the post office and queud to get the subsidy. I just don't think what I saw is right.

I think the government really need to review this. I think they should give the subsidy to cars with engine power 2000cc and below with on the road purchase price below RM65,000 or RM70,000 which means....luxury cars are not qualified. But hey..again...that is just me.


Nizam Abdul Rahim said...

ya..betul tu!! nampaknye camtu lah.. =P

iena amoi said...

tu lah kan nize?? tol kan?? kan kan?? ehehehehe

ezrazlin said...

i don't totally agree, for some reason there is something to celebrate..maybe my posting on FUEL HIKE can help u ease hehe!

iena amoi said...

Yes it is something to celebrate....at least we get something....cuma I tak puas hati kononnya it is supposed to help golongan berpendapatan rendah....tp cam sume pon dpt jer...kalu dah Merc and BMW pon CC bwh 2.0....uhuhu. tu jer.