Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have a few questions in mind that I really need to say out loud here in my blog.

1. Why is it after the same working hours men always seems to claim that they are more tired than the women?
2. Why is after a long day at work, the women still can prepare dinner etc and yet the men can't even give a simple answer to a question that actually makes the women's life easier.
3. Why is it even the women is mad at the man, the man always seems to make it as if it was the women fault in the first place?
4. Why is it that most women would go through such trouble just to make their men happy?


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Time Lasagna Maker

My beloved friend, Carol bought me an oven for my wedding. Why? Well, because she knows that I love to cook. Unfortunately, I didn't use it much earlier because I was living in an apartment with such a small kitchen. So, I was not really in the mood for any culinary experiment. Although, I did use it to make a homemade 'Chicken Fold-Over' since McDonald decided to stop selling it and few other recipes. I even baked a cake once.

Few months back, I bought lasagna layers when hubward asked me to make a homemade lasagna. The truth is, I have never make a lasagna before but I love a culinary challenge. :). So far, the result has never been disappointing. However, I didn't actually make one until last Monday. Yeah....that long, right? I've been looking at the instant lasagna layers box each time I open the kitchen cabinet where I put all food stock. Since we went shopping for household needs last Sunday, I bought all the ingredients I need to make a lasagna.

By following the recipe guide behind the lasagna layers box, I start making my first ever homemade lasagna. I did call my other beloved friend, Maryati who is an expert in making lasagna for some guidance. Especially on how to actually place the lasagna layers. Should I soak it in water first or can I just lay it in? Here is a good tips. If the lasagna layers are instants layers (you can see "instant" label on the box), you can just put them in provided that your meat sauce is juicy enough to soften it up. But if they are not the instant one, you might want to wipe or dip it in water. Just a fast as one second dip to wet it up.

It took me about 45 minutes to prepare the meat and cheese sauce and then to put the layers into place before shoving it into the oven. The result? Although, the outer appearance is not appealing, the taste was quite good but I might have put in too much cheese. ahahaha....we survived and no one got food poisoning or what not.  Hey people always say, the appearance doesn't matter, it's what inside that counts. LOL. As a first timer, I would give myself 7/10 marks. :P

My first not so pretty homemade lasagna. LMAO!
This is the second bowl, hubby ate the first one. Didn't manage to take picture. :P

Since I got the recipe from a box, I don't think I'm gonna share it here. uhuhuhu....now that I have done one, the second time should better because I would know how to estimate all the ingredients and maybe add other things in to make it mine. ;)

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Great Weekend and A Great Recipe

Last weekend was definitely a great weekend compared to the last few weekends I've had which consist me only lazing around at home doing household things and watch movies alone while hubward is at work. What was different?

On Saturday, I had set a lunch date with my beloved fellow twi-sisters Sunie, Kak Huda, Kak Shairli and Ari.It has been sometime since we had spend time together and share stories.  However, last minute Kak Shairli and Ari did not join us. Not sure what happened to Kak Shairli but Ari was down with fever and flu. I hope she is alright now. I did have lunch with Kak Huda a couple weeks back but it was a very short one since I had to go back to work.

We decided to have lunch at Delicious is One Utama since Sunie was craving for it. :D. We had a nice talk about what's going on in our life and also twilight things. While waiting for Kak Huda to arrive, I manage to download some movies and TV series from Sunie. uhuhuhu....thank you Sunie!!! 

Kak Huda, Sunie and me at Delicious

We had a great time and a great lunch and later went to Borders at The Curve to see if we can find any new merchandise. But there was non. :(

Later, went out with hubward to his event. That night, after I got home, I did my usual routine. Switch on my laptop and start browsing facebook, blogs and also emails. As I open Twilighters Malaysia inbox, I saw an email I have been waiting for and anxiously click it open to read it. As I was reading it, my heart beats faster and I can't stop smiling. I screamed right after I've finished reading it and start running around my house and then jump on my old sofa. My hubward was shocked and asked what was happening. At this point, I know those who are reading this post are wondering the same thing. Well, after numerous emails, phone calls and begging, I have finally manage to arrange for the first ever Twilight Convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For those who know how huge a fan am I of The Twilight Saga would understand my excitement.

Hubward was worried because I looked like as though I was out of breath and was about to get an asthma attack. ahahahaha...almost! But not really, I was so excited that I had to send message to all the members on this huge awesome news and also response to the happy email I got although my hands are still shacking. nggeee~~~~

That night, I slept smiling. Nothing can bring me down that night. ;)

Hubward has no bike riding session today and spend time with me. At last, a weekend where he is actually there. uhuhuhu. I started my day with my usual Sunday Modern Dance Class which ended at 10.00am and later, after I'm home, we went for late breakfast. After that, we went to Mutiara Damansara to buy some household needs and window shopping.

During last fasting month (Ramadhan), I had a potluck dinner (break-fast) with my beloved friends, Ninie and Carol. Carol was 7 months pregnant and came back from Bahrain as she wants to deliver her baby back home in Miri, Sarawak. Ninie brought the most delicious and to drool for sambal daging (fried spicy beef). I don't eat spicy food but this one is really hard to resist and I ate them with tears in my eyes. I had to ask for the recipe. After asking her a few times (coz she forgot to give me) for her secret recipe, she finally gave it to me last Friday. So, when we bought household needs, I decide to also buy the ingrediants for to make the sambal daging for dinner. Hubward really can't wait. He loves it too!!

Baby Milan, Carol, me, Ninie and Baby Anna at my house last Ramadhan

That night, I cooked rice, sambal daging and an omelet. Again, I ate them while crying. ahahaha...seriously, the sambal daging is spicy but very irresistable. Here is the recipe for sambal daging if you want to try it with the approval of the recipe owner, Ninie. Thank you Ninie!!

As usual the recipe will be in Malay language. For those of you who are familiar with english ingredients, please feel free to translate or correct it for me by leaving a comment. :)

Sambal Daging/Spicy Fried Meet
  • Meet - sliced (according to your liking) marinate it with a bit of salt and turmeric powder 
  • 1 red onion/bawang merah
  • 3 cloves garlic/bawang putih
  • 20 pieces of dried chili/Cili Kering
  • A pinch of ginger/Halia
  • 2 slice of dried plum/Asam Keping

  1. Blend red onion, garlic and dried chilis together.
  2. Fry the marinated meet according to your liking. (I like it well done/crispy)
  3. Heat oil in a kwok and simmer the blended ingredients.
  4. Add the dried plum and a bit of salt once the chili a bit dried
  5. Wait until you the fried blended ingredients are oily (means it's cooked)
  6. Then, add sugar and the fried meet
  7. Stir well
  8. Now, you are done and it is ready to be served.
Delicious Spicy Fried Meat
Happy trying!!! :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

If Facebook Exist Way Back When.....

It had been hectic in the office these few days and I need some cheer up. Today, I opened my email and my dearest twisis, Kak Shairli sent me a funny email. So, I just wanna share. Well, I think it's funny. uhuhuhu

Thanks Kak Shairli. Needed a good laugh. ;)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stress is Raining on Me

A couple of days ago I have wrote about my new GM. I started work at the new company 4 months ago and everything was pretty okay. Considering I am new and still learning the whole procurement thing. I never had any experience in procurement before but I basically know the whole business process. The company didn't exactly have a procurement department before I joined and it was under the care of admin department. So I am basically taking over a new department and responsible of the whole standard operating procedure and ensuring all documents are in place. hmmm....for an executive, that's kind of big. :(

So, I officially took over everything starting 1st October 2010 and it was hectic. Almost everyday I have a high stack of documents for me to verify and sign. That didn't bother me that much. What's bothering me is actually my new GM adding new task without even consulting me first. Just simply giving orders and new task and giving datelines just like a commander in a military. Bullshit!!

These two weeks have been hectic due to ISO audit which will commence this Thursday and I have my hands full with my daily task plus settling things for ISO. Last week, the guy called me to his room and told me that he wants me to draft a document tender contract. Previously, the company has never done it and I have no sample to refer to so I had to do some research. The thing that piss me off is, I just got the dateline from him and it is this Thursday. Is the guy crazy??!! Thursday is ISO audit day and between 21st to 28th there are only 5 working days. How can I come up with a draft within that period with other task in hand. Did he think document tender is just a piece of paper with a couple of paragraph in them? This guy never think huh? Oh..I forgot. He did think. He thinks everything is easy because he is not the one who has to do it. He ask someone else to do it. It didn't end there, just as I was packing to go home, I received a new task email wanting me to do service/parts price analysis due on 7th November 2010. Another bullshit!!

Seriously, all of us at the office missed our former GM. Just why the hell did the higher management needs to change GM when he was only there just for a year and he was doing so well. And now we are stuck with this Commander in charge. aaarrrghhhhhhh!! I am starting to feel the stress and it keeps raining on my day by day. I just hope it won't flood.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Misused of The Word 'Fat'

It has been a few weeks since I went back to my mom's place. Wanted to go back few times before but it seems there were always things in the way. Finally, yesterday (Saturday) I went back without hubward since he had to work. :(. Good! so he can pay my shopping house bills. eheheheheh

So, the first sentence I heard as I am walking through the door from my beloved sweet mother was "Ina, you look fat". OMG!!! Mom, you are not so sweet anymore. :P. And then she added, "And you look tall too." Ok...now mom has come back as being sweet again. uhuhuhu....Tall, I like...Fat??? OMG!!! But how can a person be fat and tall at the same time. Come on mom...make up your mind already. Am I tall? Or am I fat? Ok.....don't answer the question. Coz I might just kill myself. uhuk

Honestly, the word fat has never entered as a vocabulary in my life before. I was known as the skinny tiny girl. Well, at least up till now. Ouh, I forgot. My sister arrived about half an hour after that, and the first sentence she said when she saw me is "Kaklong, you look fat." aaaaarrrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone, please kill me already!!!!!! Seriously..I screamed and my brother in law had to close his ears with his hands. After the scream, I can only reply with a question. "OMG!!! Am I that fat?". I have been hearing this word a few times already the past couple of weeks and 5 times were projected towards me. I am doomed!!!

After that, they explain that I am not really fat fat. You know what I mean? I am just a bit chubbier and fleshier than I used to be. Which is healthy. Really?? Or you guys are just being nice and don't want me to scream again? They say that my face is chubbier. uurghh...I hate that!! I mean...I can flatten my tummy by jogging and do some sit-ups but chubby face, how do I shrink my face?? I want to try eat less....but that is so damn hard to do. I have never had to change my diet before. I WANT TO BE SKINNY AGAIN!!! I am so afraid of the word FAT that I'll go screaming each time I hear that word. I only weigh 42kg and I used to weigh only between 36kg to 39kg.

Guys and girls...please be careful when you use the word FAT and don't misuse it coz you might just kill someone. Chubby is not FAT. Now I have to eat less and exercise more. Hopefully with badminton 2 times a week, jogging 3 times a week and a dance class every Sunday will help me to reduce some fat. But fat on my face..how do I get rid of that? Any suggestions?? :( 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Girlfriends, Boyfriends

Today was a normal day at the office. Nothing new and still got few things in my "To Do" list. Took everything slow today coz I was really not in the mood to work. Not sure why and I hate it when ever I have this lazy feeling. hmmmm.....

I do have one thing to look forward to today. Meeting my twigurl frens for lunch at One Utama. It was supposed to be me, Kak Huda, Kak Shairli and Sunie chatting twithings and exchange stories but unfortunately, Kak Shairli had and event she has to attend to and Sunie had to cancel last minute due to a meeting. Did I tell you I hate meetings?

So, end up only me and Kak Huda met up for lunch. Although it was a short one, we did talk not only about twilight also about other things bothering our mind. No, I'm not gonna write about it here. That's our secret. :D Just wish Kak Shairli and Sunie were there too. Maybe we can meet next time. Thank you Kak Huda for the Twilight Soundtrack!! Now my collection is complete. Yey!!

During my school days, I don't really have lots of girlfriends. To be honest, 97% of my friends are guys. I do have 3 girlfriends who I am really close with (now, not really) and we share almost everything. I guess it is easier to be friends with guys as they don't really take things to the heart and can tell everything to their face. :P. Right guys? ahahahaha...and the 3 girlfriends that I have, know how I am. I am someone who is bit vulgar. Most of my guy friends would say I am one of the guys. So, you get what I mean rite? uhuhuhu

However, during my university time, that changed. Why? Because I don't really know how to get along or try to be friends with guys at that age. I mean...I don't really look like a tomboy and I was 18. Approaching a guy at that age would seem awkward. :P. So, I hang out mostly with girls and these girls are girls that is actually the same wavelength as me. That's why I stick with them. Gosh I miss my university days!!!

Girlfriends or boyfriends, good ones are hard to find and those who are, are worth to keep. They are the ones we turn to when we have any story that we want to share. And I think you know what kind of story I meant. I miss my TTDI boys most. It has been such a long time since I really hang out with them and share stupid meaningless talks while laughing our ass off hearts out. But now, all of us have our own commitment so I guess that will just have to wait. Right now, I really want a girl night out with Ninie and Carol (my ex-uni mates) coz there sure are lots of stories to share. :)

Tomorrow, I am going back to my mom's house but hubward has to work. uhuk. Looking forward to have lunch with the family. :D

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meeting, Meeting and More Meetings

On 1st October 2010, my company officially gets a new general manager. That is after he had been hovering in the office 2 weeks prior to the official election date. All of us were never at ease as this guy is all about me, me and me. And he is talkative..not in a good way of course. He was supposed to observe and learn the company operation during his two weeks of hovering but instead of trying to learn, he is trying change almost everything. My direct reporting manager, the operation manager is up to the neck with the new guy. Luckily, up until today he can still survive.

Did I mention this new GM is an ex-navy? yes, how unfortunate is that? Although he said that he wants everyone opinion, but honestly, during a 30 minutes discussion, our opinion was only discussed for 5 minutes, and the rest of the time....yes, you guessed it right, he was the one who is talking. :P. Totally like military style. No opinion, just do what I say.

Honestly, I love working at my current new company although the pay is slightly lower than I get before this. But now, I am starting to feel the pressure. Almost every day, we will have to hear him talk a meeting and discussion and most of the time, it came back to the same conclusion. Seriously, I feel like vomiting each time the word meeting comes into mind. blueeekkkk!!!! I did literally vomit today, after work.

Last few days have been hectic, because I was in Kota Bahru for 3 days last week and when I came back, I can't even see my table top. It is full with documents I need to verify and sign. Not to mention, our ISO audit is next week and as the person in charge of a newly set up procurement department, there is a lot of paperwork need to be done especially on SOP. While I was doing this, I have lost count as to how many meetings I have to attend, and some actually doesn't even concern my department. I was there wasting my time, when I should be at my cubicle signing of lots of purchase request and payment release. One time, I even brought a whole bunch of documents into the meeting to be signed off. Why? Because I know, 95% of the things he needs to say, I have heard it before.

Today, I have no mood to work at all, but I still did my job slowly. Took the time as I please. Thank God tomorrow is Friday. But on Monday, I will have to join his health and safety environment meeting. OMG!! What does that has to do with procurement?? I am not in workshop operation!!!!

Please God...I miss my old GM. :(

Monday, October 4, 2010

What A Hectic Week

WARNING! This will be a looooong post! ahahahahah

Monday to Wednesday
This week has got to be the most hectic and tiring week ever! uhuhuhu....it all started last week when the headquarters of my company decides to organized an Aidilfitri open house for its staff and ask each subsidiary to send representative to do a performance. On last Thursday (two weeks back), my office had a pot luck Aidilfitri gathering at the office and we talked about the performance and one of the girl, Nonie suggested that we do poco-poco dance using any aidilfitri song. And what do you know, our general manager liked the idea and asked us to proceed with it.

As excited as I was to do it, we really don't have much time to practice and we don't even have a routine yet. Nonie does have the only one basic poco-poco dance routine but dancing that all the way for 3 minutes would have been boring for the audience. That Thursday, we did agree on a song we will be dancing to. Bunga Api Di Hati (Fireworks in the Heart) by Stacy, Shila, Fara Fauzana & Leya.

We manage to get the basic routine steps on Friday evening just before we are going back from work. So on Saturday, I browse through Youtube to find if there's any video teaching poco-poco dance. Luckily there is a 1 to 6 video for us to learn from. Hubward even suggested a few other songs to dance to. I love that he always give me ideas and get involve in things. On Monday, Nonie and me tried a couple of steps that can be collaborated with the song that we have chosen and finally....we got the whole routine done! I was so happy. Now the team who consist of 6 girls or should I say ladies (me, Nonie, Nuha, Diana, Ezaura and Maz) can learn and practice the routine. We only have Monday to practice as the rehearsal was on Tuesday and the actual show was on Wednesday.

We got to work that Monday until we get all the steps and by around 5.00pm but there was one set back. One person is missing and she is on emergency leave! Maz!!! This is an emergency too!!!!!! But at least the other 5 of us got the routine. The next day, we started early to practice and this time the team is complete with Maz. However, we got another news, Nonie won't be able to join us as she has already book a trip to Bandung with a group of friends. At first, she thought of not going because of the "situation" but when everything checked out to be ok, she decide to proceed with the vacation. Our practice with Maz ended at around 12.00noon but her steps was still everywhere. LOL. but we can't continue as we have to go for the rehearsal at 1.00pm in Equatorial Hotel. We made a move at around 12.15pm. The rehearsal was not quite organized properly but we manage to reherse a few times. We got back to the office at around 4.30pm and continued with our practice and this time our general manager (former) En Remy was there to criticise us. ahahaha.....it was embarrassing and funny at the same time.

This is our rehearsal video. ahahahaha

At last, it's Wednesday and we will be performing at around 3.00pm. To make it even more nerve wrecking, we are the last and closing performance. OMG!!! we had to add a bang to the performance. Well, at least we tried to pop some party popper and it didn't pop...:P. But as a beginner who trained for only 2 full days, our performance can be proud of. ahahahahah...ouh and I ate a lot at the event too...from fried bihun and nasi tomato, right to lemang and satay. uhuhuhu

Picture taken just before performing
From left: Diana, me, Ezaura, Nuha and Maz

I thought of taking MC on this day, but I have a guest from Italy to discuss on our business and we will be in the meeting room the whole day. When I say the whole day...I meant the whole day. And there were lots of food too. I think, everyday...I am getting fatter since I started working at this new workplace. And after a whole day in the meeting room, I bought them to seafood dinner at Taman Cahaya. That's the positive side of it, I got to eat nice for the day.

It was a bit relax but I had to go out to run some company errands and in between the morning and after Friday prayer, I had the time to take an hour nap in the car at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. That's was so what I needed. I has been a tiring and hectic week for me.

Saturday and Sunday
These two days was just a normal day for me. Went to Star Hill for a facial appointment and later to an open house. It was raining quite heavily for these two days, so mostly, we stayed at home and sleep. uhuhuhu....need to recharge. :P

So, there you go. My longest blog post ever. ;)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Climbing Broga Hills

Last Thursday, 16th Sept 2010, I woke up as early as 4.00am to get ready for a trip to Broga Hills. Hubward heard about the hill from his friend a few weeks ago and since then, we've been meaning to go there and climb the hills. I love outdoor activities and since I haven't got the chance to that alot lately, I've been looking forward for this one. :)

So, about around 5.00am we begin our drive to Broga Hills located somewhere in Semenyih. Please don't ask me for direction as I used Garmin to get there. ahahah....I love my Garmin. :D. All I know is, it's not that far from Nottingham University.

We arrive at the bottom of the hill trail at around 6.00am and there were already lots of cars parked at the area and most of them are Chinese (not the cars but the people in it...uhuhu). Maybe the malays are still in raya mood. So, we parked our car and then, we realised...it was still dark and we did not bring any torchlight. How stupid is that? Luckily, there was a group of people with torchlight right in front of us and we used it as our guide to climb up and I also used my hand-phone light (not that it's that bright).

The trail is not that challenging, but it was fun to be able to do it. It was slippery though and you need to wear the right kind of shoe or your feet and knee will suffer. We literally had to queue to get to the top as there were a lot of people climbing the 1.7km hill trail. I told you, it's not that challenging. There was even a few old folks climbing the hills. It's a good cardio exercise. :)

We reach the top at around 7.00am and it's just in time to see the sunrise. And the scenary was beautiful. Ouh...and on our way to the top there was this group of stupid asshole people who stopped and pop some fireworks. Maybe their brain haven't started working yet that early in the morning. Don't they think that everyone is gasping for air and our lungs is wide open as we are climbing the hills? The smoke from the fireworks nearly caused me to use my inhaler.

After the sun rised at around 7.30am....we begin our trip down the hill. It was nice to shed some sweat...and feels the cool morning air breeze on top of the hills. I will surely go there again. :)

Here are some tips if you want to go there:

1. Wear the right shoes. And I don't mean some Converse shoe. I mean a shoe that can grip the slippery soil, especially while you are going down. I saw few people wearing slippers...hmmmm
2. If you plan to go at dawn, remember...bring a torchlight.
3. There is no toilet up there, so make sure you do your "business" first before you climb up or you might just have to hold it. LOL
4. You may park your car in a palm oil estate for a minimal fee of RM2.00.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Women Best Friend!

When I say women best friend, what comes into your mind? If you heard this before, most would say diamond. :). Yes, it is...but only for those who can afford it. uhuhu....for others...well maybe....cheap jewelry accessories, handbags, dresses and shoes. ahahaha...I know that's a lot.  That's why they say, for a women, the best theraphy is 'retail therapy'.

If I talk about myself, there's not much of retail therapy going on except for occasionally on twilight merchandise. Oh yeah....that's my best friends. A lot of these items, I don't dare to use them except for tee. ahahahah....my precious collection. Hey! Maybe I can make a lot of money selling them on ebay one day. Not sure if I would though.....

Well, I do love handbags and shoes. And since raya is just around the corner, it's time to buy a new one. hmmm....when was the last time I bought a shoe? Actually, I got two shoes this year. Both of them are from my hubward. :D. One is for me to do my favorite activities (which I don't really do much these days) which are sports and exercise. The last time I bought a sport shoe was hmmm.....when is it? ouh..like 8 years ago. ahahaha....and it's already worn out. Thank you hubward!!

And a few days ago, as we were window shopping at One Utama, hubward dragged me into Vincci. He knows that there's a stiletto that I would love to buy and he bought it for me! yey! I got my raya shoe. ahahaha....the stiletto is gorgeous! At least for me. :). So, I got me a new shoe to flaunt this Aidilfitri!!

Last but not least, I would like to wish all my muslim friends, SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sleeping Disorder

If you read my short self profile on the left column of this blog, you can see that I'm insomniac and I hate it. And Ramadhan doesn't help it either since I have to wake up at 4.30am everyday to prepare sahur meal for the last 26 days (including today). Last year, there was a few days I missed sahur as I overslept. Why? It's so damn hard for me to even get to sleep and having to wake up that early is frustrating. But this year, hubward says he wants to sahur for the whole 30 days of Ramadhan. uhuk.

Can you imagine, I tried to sleep starting around 11.00pm and I think I finally fell asleep at 1.00am. And as I was in my deepest sleep I already have to wake up. :( And everyday (work day) I will feel like a zombie at work. I think most wives with hubby who wants to sahur experience this. I said to hubward that maybe we can take turn to wake up early to prepare for sahur. But, hubward being the normal guy that he is.....what will he be preparing anyway? So, no take turn. It's always my turn. Seriously, I can't wait for raya and after that, I will get back my normal sleep which is not that normal in the first place.

I hate that, just when I put my head on the pillow, my brain started to reminisce all things that I need to think of or recall and it will take me at least around 1 to 2 hours to go to sleep. No, sex counting lambs sometimes doesn't really help either. I really envy those who gets to go to sleep as soon as they put their head on the pillow. uhuk.

Hope things will be better after Ramadhan because my sleep will not be interrupted so much. :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Special Request Break Fast Menu - Chicken Stew

Two days ago, as we were going to sleep, hubward and I started to talk about food. Yeah..I know. It's kind of funny to talk about food as you are going to sleep. hehehe. And as we were talking, suddenly hubward said he wants to eat chicken stew. ehehe..it's been awhile since I cooked stew coz normally I only cook it on certain occasions. :)

So, as requested I cooked Chicken Stew for break fast meal for hubward. For those who have never tasted chicken stew before, it is delicious to be eaten with bread. Toasted bread is even better. uuu...yummy!! I know my beloved friends Bani and Diyana loves my chicken stew. :D

The recipe was given by my mom to me and I have passed the recipe to few others as my mom did too. But somehow, not everyone quite manage to get the best taste result. Not sure why though. So, here is the recipe if you are interested to try it at home. However, since I learn my spices and recipe in Bahasa Melayu, I'm not quite sure what they are called in English and will list down most of the ingredients in Bahasa Melayu. To those who know the translation please do give your translation in the comment box. I want to know also. :)

CHICKEN STEW (For two person)

Cooking oil
Black Pepper powder
10 x Red onions (Bawang Merah) and  4 x garlic (Bawang Putih) - Blend
A pinch of nutmeg (Buah pala)
cinnamon stick (Kulit Kayu Manis) x 1
Cardamom Pod (Buah Pelaga) x 3
Cloves (Cengkih) x 5
Star Anise (Bunga Lawang) x 1.5
Corn Starch (Tepung Jagung) - need to estimate yourself based on how much is your sauce
Ketchup (Tomata Sauce)
Salted Light Soy Sauce (Kicap)
Potato (Kentang) - cut into blocks
Carrot - cut into blocks
Chives (Daun Bawang) - cut into small fine cuts
Chervil (Daun Sup) - cut into small fine cuts
Chicken (4 pcs/cuts) - u can add more if you want
Tomato x 1

Heat you pot and then put some cooking oil and butter. When they are hot enough, put in a pinch of nutmeg (Buah pala), cinnamon stick (Kulit Kayu Manis), Cardamom Pod  (Buah Pelaga), Cloves (Cengkih) and Star Anise (Bunga Lawang) and later blended red onions and garlic. 

Let it simmer until you can smell the aroma and then at the black pepper (as you feel like it) and some water. Let it cook for awhile. Then, add in more water + corn starch (as much as you like) + ketchup + light soy sauce. After that, put in the carrot and potato. After awhile, put in the chicken and macaroni. you may add some salt if you want. You might want to add chives and chervil from time to time to add flavour.

Finally, after it's cooked, you may add the balance of the chives and chervil and also tomato.

** It is advisable for you to mix the corn starch with water first rather than just adding it into the hot sauce/soup.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Package from United States

Today, I received a package from US that I really have been waiting for. As you can see, The Twilight Saga dominates about 45% of my blog. Yes! You guest it right. The package is full of twilight merchandise. But no...not all are mine. :). Some of Twilighters Malaysia members order together so that we can enjoy lower shipment after we divide it amongst those who ordered.

I am so thankful to have a friend is US (Katie Dirga) who is willing to help me acquire some of the merchandise that they don't send to Malaysia. Especially those limited edition and also from ebay. So, what did I get for myself? A Cullen Crest Hoodie (and a matching one for hubward, of course!), Eclipse Bella & Edward water bottle, Cullen Crest T-shirt (for hubward), Eclipse Deluxe Edition Soundtrack and Eclipse Team Edward Pin Set. And the best thing is, Katie put some extra stuff for me as a gift. Actually, a Team Edward Eclipse tee, Team Edward Eclipse Bandage (this is cute), New Moon trading cards and Volturi Lip gloss are from her and Edward bookmark from her friend Shari. Thank you girls!! Love yah!! :D

All the merchandise I receive today
Cullen Crest Hoodie and Team Edward Eclipse Tee
Cullen Crest T-Shirt for my hubward :D

All these merchandise will be added to my existing collection of twilight stuff that I own. ahahah...yeah...I have damn a lot. ;). Tomorrow, I'm gonna pack other merchandise to be sent out.

Note: Hubward is what we twimoms call our hubby..:P, I'm a twimom just by age, not that I have any children, yet.

The One Day Holiday - Malaysia 53rd Independance Day!!

So, what did you guys do for your one day holiday? Did you all go for raya shopping? OMG!! KL is so pack! No...I didn't go shopping for raya. Well, my clothing are all ready and will only buy raya biscuits literally like one day before raya. uhuhuhu. Maybe when I have kids....I might have a lot more to shop for.

What did I do? The eve of Independance day, my hubby and I went strolling around KL on his motorbike. (who would insanely go on a stroll around KL in a car on the eve of Independance day?). Before that, we stopped at Chidas, Taman Tun to hang out with my TTDI clan just to catch up. It seems like ages since I've seen and chat stupid things with them. :P. Around 1.30am we left and head to KL. I guess that's the perks of not having children yet. uhuk.

Since it was Ramadhan, the celebration was a bit mellow, I guess. There were no fireworks or concert but there were sure a lot of people in Dataran Merdeka (Independance Field/Area - that's the best translation I can come up with). Not sure what they were doing there of course.....maybe Dataran Merdeka  seems the right place to be on an Independance Day celebration. We reach there around 1.45am and still there were so many people gathering around the area and the road is OMG so jammed and packed. There was a group of people (not sure what they were doing) that attracts so many people just stopping there looking at them. Hubby stopped, but when we discover that there's nothing to see, he stroll off and just ride around Jalan TAR. Again, massive traffic and bazaar ramadhan/aidilfitri was still open with lots of people hovering around it. We didn't stop of course. Both me and hubby don't really like to thrive through crowds unless we really really really have no choice.

So, at around 2.00am, we start our journey back home and arrived home at around 2.25am. It was such a hard thing to wake up again at 4.30am for sahur and hubby nearly missed it. :P Not my fault since I've tried to wake him up like a million times. ahahahah....

For that day, I had a break fast gathering with my old Banting friends. That's another whole story. ahaha....you know, when you didn't see your friends for like 6-8 years and now they are with their family with kids running around here and there. LOL...I went alone my friend Farah (who went alone too, coz we think our hubby will be bored to death to hang around with us and friends they don't have history with). All in all, it was nice to see them again. Most of them didn't change much :)

And today, I am back at work as usual and writing my blog working like my normal day routine. ;)

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Shocking Yet Flattering Discovery

My life has been such a boring routine for quite sometime now. Everyday, I will go through the same thing :P. And on weekend, well...sometimes....I'm just at home. Yes! I told you, my life is boring but used to be so fun! uhuk. I really need some girl time and laugh my a** off. I miss those days. sigh.....

Seriously..my life is so boring, I decided to google my own name. ahahahah..I know, it seems cheeky to google your name when you are not even famous. :P. but hey....I have time in my hand and googling about twilight, Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart doesn't reveal any new result now.

So, you would have thought that nothing interesting will come out after googling my name, right? Well, you are almost right. I am shocked to find out that my final year thesis (2003) is now online and was used by my thesis supervisor as a revision. Yeap..I told you, shocking yet flattering discovery. :). She gave me a B+ and not an A for the thesis as according to her, I only did the thesis for one semester. yeah...I wasted one whole semester with this stupid lazy ass brilliant lecturer who just shoved me a thick book and tell me just do what ever I want. Hey! you are supposed to guide and supervise. uurghhhh....

The first page of an overview of the study paperwork done. :). View full here!

The best thing is, the paperwork or study done is now online and people will need to pay in order to view the full version. Well, not my whole thesis is there, but the lecturer did put my name of the paper. How cool is that. Do you think I should ask for royalty? I mean, my name is there....uhuhuhu. So, maybe you would want to google your own name too :) ouh...and yes, my full name is super long. :P and the email she put, is not my real email address.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I will post question of the day on which ever day I have question of the day. If you have any answer or comment on the question, please do leave your comments/answer because I would really love to hear it!


Not sure if many people read my blog...but what the heck...just trying my luck here. LOL

Inside My Head

There are a lot of things that I wanna write today, but unfortunately...I can't publish them here publicly. I wish I could. Sometimes, I wish I can just go to therapy so that I can just talk talk talk and still it's private and confidential (or is it?..ahahah).

Today is a public holiday for Selangor and few other states, however...although my office is located in Batu Caves, somehow it end up at the borderline and considered as Kuala Lumpur. sigh.....so, hubby is on holiday today and I took leave. huhuhuhu....I really can't take it. Yesterday, I almost can't open my eyes....super damn sleepy. I didn't do much today, just lazing around at home and tidy up few things at home. Actually, I am still in the process of wrapping about 20 more mugs to send out.

Ok, some of you might be blur about this whole mug thing. Remember the Eclipse screening I organized in July? Well, these mugs are door gift we gave to the guests. So, after the event, we had some extras, we decide to sell them of to cover back the cost. (Yes, we don't take profit...next time maybe I should take profit for all the hard work). This will be the 3rd and final batch of delivery.

However, at this point of time, I'm having problems on how to wrap the mug. I have wrapped them the best way I know how (with bubble wrap, few layers of newspaper etc) but the 2nd batch delivery (20 mugs) had problem and some of them were broken. I send it via normal parcel delivery and I also put "fragile" sticker on each box. One of the buyer received the mug broken and the postman told her that, if normal parcel...no matter if we put "fragile" sticker, they will simply ignore it. WTF?????? Then why the hell the guy at the counter gave me the stickers in the first place? Just to have fun looking at me pasting it one by one on all the boxes? And the postman also said that only if we sent via poslaju they will give special treatment. Again....WTF???? What the hell is the difference? What I know is, poslaju means....it will arrive the next day (and it cost more because of the urgency) and normal parcel will be send within 2-4 working days (and cost a bit less). But parcel is still a parcel and if the customer indicate there "fragile", it's their responsibility to take care of it.

They even say that, they are not liable for improper or poor packing. Just how is good packaging looks like? And if only 15% from the same item send out was damage during delivery, who's fault is that? Me for poor packaging? or the postman for stupidly irresponsible handling?? uuurghhhh.....to me, if poor packaging, each and every unit that I send out will be damage. Seriously!!! I felt like I wanna kick some a**!! That's the problem with our service industry....most of the staff only work because they need to work and does not have the sense of responsibility. That's what you get when you work with human. sigh.....

So, now..I'm trying to find ways to again minimize the damage during delivery. I will have to spend more time wrapping this final batch. To those who still haven't receive your mug, if you are reading this post, please be patient as I'm working my best to ensure that the mug is delivered to you safely.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good Philosophy

This afternoon, I got an email from my ex-boss (yeah...he's a cool guy and always forward me some cool emails). Somehow, I love this one email with good philosophy (quote) and a particular one really grab my attention.

Somehow I think the philosophy is so true :). When you start making someone else as a priority and not yourself, you start living for them and not yourself. So, if you are doing this, STOP!! Live your life to the fullest first....before you start living for others. Make decisions that will benefit you without taking into account others. I know it may seem selfish....but sometimes....you need to.

But then again, that's just me. Different people might have different perspective. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just Another Day

I know I said that my next post might be about my 3rd year anniversary trip to Bali, but not feeling like it. So, today started as any other normal day in my life. It's basically just a boring routine. Gosh! I need to do something to break this boredom. Seriously! I wish I can just skip work just like I skipped classes during my school and university days. ahahaha.....those days were awesome! hmmm....I missed those carefree and nothing to worry days.

How did I get to where I am now? Sometimes, I wished I would make a better decision in my life. But what the heck..I'm gonna be 30 this year....so it would be too late to change it, I just have to live with it and hope to make better decision in the future :P. So, as usual...I was still "asleep" when I reach my office and I did my task as usual while yawning once in awhile.

The only thing different is, my dad got back from umrah today and I am supposed to meet him. I missed him during his departure to Mekkah because I actually forgot that he's flying that day. I got a call from my brother at around 11.00pm saying my dad is at the airport and he is with him. hmmm....since it's a weekday, I opt not to go because it was already late. However, even today I didn't get the chance to meet him because he's boarding at 6.40pm flight back to Terengganu and I got home at 5.00pm. So between then and waiting for my hubby to get home, it was too late to drive to KLIA. I miss him actually. Not sure how long have I not seen him in person.

Nevertheless, I thank God for the modern technology that we have nowadays. I made a video call to my dad and get to see him. He was cute with his incomplete row of teeth (I know it might sound cheeky...but he was cute).... ahahahaha....and he laughs when I wave goodbye to him. ahahaha....once in a while I would chat with him via skype and other chat channel that he has. :)) Technology does bring things closer than it looks, doesn't it?

Sometimes, I wonder....if my dad didn't get married another one and my parents didn't get a divorced, how would my life turn out to be? One thing for sure, I might not meet my beloved hubward (that's what we twihards call our husband..LOL). So, things happen for a reason and Allah have a funny way of putting everything in place.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Things Happened

Wow! It has been like almost 6 months since my last entry on this blog. I wanted to write, but everything is so scrambled up inside my head, I decided not too. For one, I don't think anyone would miss my entry at all. I mean, look at the number of my followers. Only 4, how sad is that? ahahaha...well, I created this blog mainly just to write down what's in my head and don't really expect many people would love to read it or follow my blog. :). So, 4 is good enough for me.

So, what have I been doing for the last 6 months? A lot! Let me see.....I was super busy with Twilighters Malaysia event for the screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and was happy that the screening went superbly well. I sincerely hoped that all those guest had a good time. I put a lot of sweat and hard work into it. Actually I am proud to say that I manage to pull it off alone. However, I was also lucky to have those who helped me on the event day itself. Otherwise, I might have to be a supergirl to do all that work. Fuh! Ouh...btw, the event was on 07.07.2010 ad you can read about the event here.

I was also interviewed by Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI), TV3 to explain the twilight phenomenon. ehehehe...not too bad huh? First time on tv and I was a bit nervous but excited at the same time. I am excited to share my passion for Twilight (I can never explain why I actually love it!..I just love it). ouh, I was not alone, I was with my partner in twicrime...Nurul Naseron (the one who went to Japan with me). If there was no time limit, we could have explain and go on and on and on about twilight. aahahaha...the positive side was, Twilighters Malaysia gets the publicity and since then, our members have grown.

A screencap taken by my ex-roomate of me on TV. ahaha

Twilighters Malaysia (me and Nurul) featured in Galaxie Magazine for Eclipse event

While I am talking about event here, my sister got married in May while my brother in June. See, those past three months were full with events. :)

Hmm...let see, what else did I do? I moved house (yes! finally) end of June 2010. Now, I don't have to climb up stairs just to get to my third floor apartment, there's no stupid leaves stuck all over my car and I don't have to worry about where to park my car if I decide to come home late. Well, my hubby was happy too. Finally, he gets to buy a new bike and a bicycle without worrying someone would steal them. uhuhuhu. Ouh..did I mention I had a miscarriage again? yeah....again. But this time, it was at a very early stage. I guest it's due to all those heavy lifting while I moved house. At least I get to be happy for 6 days. :P

Ouh, I was also busy seeing a gynea...yeah....to help me get pregnant. Honestly, I am already tired of it and think I wanna give up altogether. Too much money have been spent. Might be, I'm not meant to have a child. But then, I pity my hubby and know he would be disappointed. sigh....so....I'm still trying. The doc said, there's nothing wrong with me. Seriously?? hmmm......

I forgot to mentioned I also switched job. Now, I am in procurement. A totally different thing than what I've did before. I wanted something to do with event, but then...you can't always get what you want, rite? As of now, I am enjoying this new workplace. I even get to do some sports activities with my new colleague. :D. And the best thing is, my new workplace is only 10-15 minutes from my new house. Superb!! And I will be home by 6.00pm. Awesome!!

Ok, I think I have babble quite a lot and don't want to bore you with my boring life story. :P. My next entry might be about my 3rd year wedding anniversary trip to Bali. :))

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Me in The Star Newspaper

Ahahahah.....talk about being instantly famous! As you've already read from my previous entry, I went for the E! News Asia host audition in Lot 10 last Thursday. I think I didn't mentioned being interviewed by The Star newspaper. Well, actually they interviewed a few of us fresh faces who are trying our luck. So, here is the article.

Although the competition is really stiff, I still hope I get the chance to go to the next level. ;)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Trying My Luck @ E! New Asia Host Audition

Wow!! It has been so long since I've updated my blog. Well maybe becoz my life now is more of a boring routine. :P. Plus, I am bit busy with my work (uurghhhh!!! I hate targets) and Twilighters Malaysia at the same time. Though, I love managing Twilighters Malaysia. I love all the twihards!!! LOL

Well, to break out of my routine...I decided to go for E! News Asia host audition. I got to know about the search for quite awhile but decided to go for it at the very last minute. Actually, 2 days before to be exact. ahahahahahah. The audition was on 11th Feb (Thursday) and I went to search for new clothes/dress just the day before. I haven't shopped for new clothes for quite sometime now. Yes!! Trust me.....I can't remember when was the last time I really shopped other than shopped online for Twilight merchandise.

I wasn't feeling that nervous rite until I arrive at the registration counter as I saw all these celebrities also trying out their luck. Who? hmm....Sazzy Falak, Sarimah Ibrahim, Nina, JJ, Rudy, Jac Victor, Hani Madu and I'm sure there are more that I didn't mention. Talk about intimidated.

Me at the audition :D.

I registered, got my script (Thank God for the script!!) and my number. We were asked to remember 2 paragraphs from the script given. Oh! And my beloved fren Nurul was there to give me support and coach me a bit on how to present the script. Thanx Nurul ;). Love yah!!

The wait was excruciatingly nerve wrecking. I just felt like I want to get done with. I even thought of going back coz it was damn hot and I have been standing for almost 2 hours. Gah! And....my parking is gonna cost me a fortune. LOL! But, I didn't and I am glad I stuck around and did the audition as it was a fun experience. No doubt my heart was beating fast like I was doing bungee jump.

How did my audition go? I think I can only give 5 out 10. :(. I had to do a few retake to get rid of the nerves. But hey, as a first timer, not so bad. :D. The director (I think he is the director, I was to nervous to remember his name, sorry) said I looked good an screen. eheheheh...that is a bonus and flattering. Now I know how I look on screen. The one thing I regretted was not asking to do a last overall retake :(. sigh...and being the perfectionist that I am, I am gonna punch myself every time I look back on that day. And that, will be for quite sometimes. Gosh! I am gonna have a lot of bruises. ahahahahah

Well, maybe I can make up for it if I do get through to next level. Daydreaming.....:P. But who knows if it's my luck and my life is changed forever!! Ah! I also want to thank all my friends for all the wishes and support!! Thank you very much!! xoxoxo