Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Things I can't wait for

There are only 31 days left to my reception and besides all the hassle of preparing for the day, there are few things that I can't wait for in this whole preparation process.

12th February - to finally start to finish the wedding favours
15th February - to finally see my finished wedding dress (I sent to do beadings)
16th February - to go for a dress fitting for the dress I'll be wearing on the groom side
17th February - My wedding photoshoot with D'Paris Image (this one will be exciting - but tiring)
20th February - to see the finished look of my bridesmaid dress (so cute)

Still praying that everything is in place and going well.Pray for me too yeah frens.


kawaii_desu said...

caiyok caiyok

Nizam Abdul Rahim said...

emm..emm..semoga mengikut schedule itu adik iena..!! ahahahaha..kepeh kepeh kepehhh =P

iena amoi said...

ehehehe....me kaceh..me kaceh.

Eh!! Yey!! Nize panggil aku adek...uhuhuhu.

Abg Bani said...

and also pray that i will behave during ur reception heh heh heh

iena amoi said...

hang nak buat pe bani?? bawa katak and kejar sumer org kaaaa??