Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Me in The Star Newspaper about being instantly famous! As you've already read from my previous entry, I went for the E! News Asia host audition in Lot 10 last Thursday. I think I didn't mentioned being interviewed by The Star newspaper. Well, actually they interviewed a few of us fresh faces who are trying our luck. So, here is the article.

Although the competition is really stiff, I still hope I get the chance to go to the next level. ;)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Trying My Luck @ E! New Asia Host Audition

Wow!! It has been so long since I've updated my blog. Well maybe becoz my life now is more of a boring routine. :P. Plus, I am bit busy with my work (uurghhhh!!! I hate targets) and Twilighters Malaysia at the same time. Though, I love managing Twilighters Malaysia. I love all the twihards!!! LOL

Well, to break out of my routine...I decided to go for E! News Asia host audition. I got to know about the search for quite awhile but decided to go for it at the very last minute. Actually, 2 days before to be exact. ahahahahahah. The audition was on 11th Feb (Thursday) and I went to search for new clothes/dress just the day before. I haven't shopped for new clothes for quite sometime now. Yes!! Trust me.....I can't remember when was the last time I really shopped other than shopped online for Twilight merchandise.

I wasn't feeling that nervous rite until I arrive at the registration counter as I saw all these celebrities also trying out their luck. Who? hmm....Sazzy Falak, Sarimah Ibrahim, Nina, JJ, Rudy, Jac Victor, Hani Madu and I'm sure there are more that I didn't mention. Talk about intimidated.

Me at the audition :D.

I registered, got my script (Thank God for the script!!) and my number. We were asked to remember 2 paragraphs from the script given. Oh! And my beloved fren Nurul was there to give me support and coach me a bit on how to present the script. Thanx Nurul ;). Love yah!!

The wait was excruciatingly nerve wrecking. I just felt like I want to get done with. I even thought of going back coz it was damn hot and I have been standing for almost 2 hours. Gah! parking is gonna cost me a fortune. LOL! But, I didn't and I am glad I stuck around and did the audition as it was a fun experience. No doubt my heart was beating fast like I was doing bungee jump.

How did my audition go? I think I can only give 5 out 10. :(. I had to do a few retake to get rid of the nerves. But hey, as a first timer, not so bad. :D. The director (I think he is the director, I was to nervous to remember his name, sorry) said I looked good an screen. eheheheh...that is a bonus and flattering. Now I know how I look on screen. The one thing I regretted was not asking to do a last overall retake :(. sigh...and being the perfectionist that I am, I am gonna punch myself every time I look back on that day. And that, will be for quite sometimes. Gosh! I am gonna have a lot of bruises. ahahahahah

Well, maybe I can make up for it if I do get through to next level. Daydreaming.....:P. But who knows if it's my luck and my life is changed forever!! Ah! I also want to thank all my friends for all the wishes and support!! Thank you very much!! xoxoxo