Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Congratulations to My Beloved Dear Friend.... Caroline Robert

First of all, congratulations to Caroline a.k.a Mrs Dennis Ruin on her wonderful wedding.

Mr and Mrs A. Dennis Ruin (and of course the minister in the middle...heheh)

Last weekend, we went to Kuching to celebrate Carol and Dennis wedding ceremony. This is the reason why we couldn't have postpone our wedding to the next week. We have already prepared and looking forward to go to Kuching to cherish our friend's important day. So, we arrived in Kuching in the afternoon of 14th March and after check in to Merdeka Palace, we took a walk around Kuching town and surveyed the shops along the Waterfront. We were accompanied by Ninie and Amril whom arrived just 20 minutes after us.
Since this is the first time going to Kuching, my hubby decided to try the famous laksa sarawak. The gravy was curry and mixed with Bee Hoon instead of yellow noodle. The special thing is, we took a five minutes boat ride to go to a village on the other side of the water front and settle at warung Pak Lah Boyan. I've also tried something new called Kolok Mee. ahahahahahahah...nice.

Laksa Sarawak

Kolok Mee

The next day, our day starts by going to the church for the church wedding ceremony. We can't wait, coz this is our first time experiencing such event. All this while we've only seen it in movies. Just to let you know, it is totally different. Not as simple as you think it might be. The ceremony took almost an hour to complete. uhuhuhu. Then, there was a luncheon at Sarawak Club. The reception dinner was at 8.00pm held at Balai Merdeka, Merdeka Palace Hotel. If you think the day ends after the dinner, u tought wrong. Later, we went to an after party at Victoria Arms Club also in the hotel. Overall, we had a full one day event..and it was a blast!!!

It was 16th March, and today....we are flying back to KL. So after breakfast, we walk around Kuching town again (not every part of the town...just some part...uhuk) to take photos and bought some things for our moms. Couldn't buy much things.....still budgeting for our big day...uhuhuhuhu. But the sad thing is, all of us forget to take any pictures at the cat statue...:P

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Abg Bani said...

aku pi kuching dulu pun tak ambek gambo kat patung kucing beso tu huhuhuhu

iena amoi said...

kan..kan....?? rugi giler...bukan selalu leh gi sana uhuhuhu

Lagi satu...sibuk dok pilih batik sarawak utk mak masing2...sampai utk kitaorg pon kitaorg lupa nak beli any souvinier...uhuhuhu

Nizam Abdul Rahim said...

Uuu..Uu..pigi kuching ka?! best.. =)

kawaii_desu said...

best best...

yg aksi lompat2 tu di mana??

iena amoi said...

aksi lompat2 tuh di depan muzium kecil kat sana....n bangunan lama giler...1896 kalu tak silap. uhuhuhuhu

Diyanazman said...

oh saye sangat suka mee kolok... ada akak kat opis ni siap masakkan masa i preggie dulu...

nany_ked said...

funny gler bc blog akak 2..
de yg bagi empty angpau..xleh bla btoi..
kuang ajau 2 name nyer..
whatever pon yg terjadi maybe ade hikmahnyer..