Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Little Wildan 1st Time Swimming

We have been wanting to bring Wildan swimming since he was 5 months old but the weather, our time and sometimes his condition (flu and all) didn't allow it. Finally, we brought him yesterday. I bought him his float the day before. Mummy yang terlebih semangat..padahal mummy swim pon tak tau.

At first we wanted to join our dear friend Diyana and her baby Rafa at POGH but it was late and the place is far from our house. So we decided to go to my aunt's condo instead. Wil was kind of nervous the first time he hits the water. I think becuase it was cold and the float moves by itself. ehehehehe...after about 5 minutes...he was already moving his legs, giggling and smiling playing in the pool. He loves swimming as much as he loves bathing. hahahaha....Love you cikenit bambam!

He was nervous the first time....

Enjoying the water after 5 minutes getting use to it..:)

All smiles and playing

Maybe we'll do this again this weekend...

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