Friday, June 7, 2013

He's A Big Boy Now

I still couldn't believe I have one year son. Yes, Wildan turned one on 29th May 2013. We have waited for him to come into our lives for 6 years and he is such a bundle of joy. He loves to give that cheeky smile of his whenever he tease us with his behavior.

I organized his birthday party on 1st June and invited our family members, few neighbors and close friends. Thank God he slept for almost 2 hours before the party starts so he was very friendly and bubbly through out the party. He played in the ball pool and was passed around from hands to hands and he didn't show any tantrum at all. I as usual was busy entertaining guests. I really hope they had fun that day...especially their children. We had ball pool and inflatable bouncer to keep the children busy while the parents eat and catch up. More pictures will be posted later. I was I have to wait for photos from our photographer. hehehehe


Wildan is now a big boy. Time goes by so fast. He is now 74cm and 8.92kg. He spends most of his time at the nursery which I wish doesn't happen that way. If only I can quit my job and be with him all the time. hmmm...still planning on that. Now he can stand up on his own and walk a few steps. He loves his toys present he got for his birthday. Thank you for all who came. He understands more than what you think he understands....and can blabber a few words. The other day, I was trying to feed him porridge....but he shook his head and said "na nene"...which I think means "nak nenen" (I want milk) and tug my blouse. Yes, he is still fully breastfeed. I am very grateful for that. It does requires 100% commitment and determinations with lots of patients.

Wildan still loves music and he's routine is still pretty much the same. He will be awake at 7am everyday, eats 4 times a day, not fussy about drinking plain water and can drink straight from a cup. I hold it for him of course.

There are more things I wanna write but I'll have to write some other time. Till next time.....

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