Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Magic Broom

If you have been directed to this site after you Googled 'How to become a witch' or 'Where do I purchase a magic broom' or anything related to it, you might be disappointed coz you won't get the answer here. My magic broom don't fly like Harry Potter's and it doesn't come close to looking like it but it is magical to me. How so? Well, I guess you will need to read my entry to the end (like anyone ever read my blog :P).

I'm a mother to one active 8 months old baby, a wife and a full time 9-5 kuli salary earner. Anything that helps me ease anything that I do is magical! So, you get what I mean now? Okay, now you can leave the blog. No flying magical broom here.

My magical broom is actually 'Scotch-Brite Easy Sweeper'. I think you can get it at any hypermarket. I got mine at Speedmart for RM34.90. Why is it magical? First of all, I have long hair that falls quite a lot and it is superbly hard to find time to go to the saloon. There are hairs everywhere around my house. Having an active baby who puts everything is his mouth, you will need to make sure at least the house is 95% clean. Who can get 100%? Please give me your tips.

Can you see the hair and dust stuck on the cloth?

The Easy Sweeper uses special oil coated cloth that maximize dust pick-up (took this quote directly from the box) and hairs sticks to it like glue. The cloth is actually disposable and can be used both sides. When I bought it, it came with 10 pcs for free. The cloth will cost you RM9.90 (30pcs) if you buy it separately. I got that price at Speedmart. Not sure if you go to somewhere else. The sweeper is light and it is flexible so you can move it around corners. The fact that it pick up hairs better than a normal broom and vacumn cleaner made my day! After I sweep, I can easily mop the floor. Then, I'm done.

So, if you are looking for something that has similar function, I really recommend you to buy it. ;)

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