Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wildan's Diary : Time Flies

I was suppose to update this last two weeks and had out it in draft but Wildan was sick for the whole week last week. Started with flu then cough with wheezing then he got fever. Well, is is last two weeks story.

It is scary to know how fast time flies. It feels like yesterday I was updating this blog about Wildan reaching 9 months old. And now am here again to update about him reaching 10 months old.

Now Wildan can understand simple instructions like 'go get your turtle toy', 'sit and eat properly' and the word 'NO'. Although, the word 'NO' made him stop doing what he is not supposed to be doing, it only last for about 10 seconds. Only if I add 'Wildan is such a good boy'...then he may stop permanently. Notice I put the word 'may' there? LOL

He had fever last three weekends and 2 days after that (24/3/2013) I can see his first teeth coming out of his gums. Such a joy thing! I just hope he won't bite me while nursing. Lots babies tend to do that.

He is still furniture cruising, will put almost everything in his mouth and he can now stand without support for about 3-5seconds. When he wants milk he will say 'nenenenene'...which I thing he means nenen. A terms we malay use for breast feeding for babies. Lol alhamdulillah...up until now he is still fully breast fed.

I am worried about him at nursery when now I realized that other parents will still send their kids even when they are sick! End up Wil will get it too. Today he is coughing and wheezing and had to be given a dose of nebulizer treatment. I HATE this! Truly hate it! This is the second time this happen. I think I should talk to the nursery's owner. I remember reading the t&c in the registration form on not to send your kids if they are sick. I guess I should know better when I live in Malaysia. Rules are not something people follow here. Uurrghhhh!! I wanna try to find a private babysitter for Wildan.

As of today (10/4/2013) he is still coughing with slight flu. Last nite his temperature rose and it went down after I gave him his fever meds. :( I hope he is okay today.


nizamohamed said...

Hope Wildan gets well soon..and hope he doesn't bite you while son did! Sakit ooo...hahaha..but Alhamdulillah I breastfed him till 14 months' old..

Azlina Ilzdaf said...

Niza - ouh dia penah bite I sekali...pastu i jerkah dia. Until now dia tak bite dah. Tp dia suka kutil...pedih. uhuhu....