Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wildan's Diary : Yay!! Wildan is 7 Months Old

Alhamdulillah...Wildan has just reached 7 months on last Saturday. However, the week before he got sick with fever, flu and cough. Well, I can't avoid it since he is in a nursery with other kids when I am at work. That Friday I saw other kids with running nose and cough. my 4 days weekend during Christmas was spend at home with him.

He is now 69cm (didn't grow much) and weigh about 8.1kg. His doctor asked me to feed him as his weight didn't go up that much. I had to stop feeding him solid for a week as he had constipation. But now he is back on track. He can now sit with support and sometimes without for about 5 minutes. He has start pushing himself forward but not yet crawling. He no longer sleeps in one position now. Hubby and me has to be extra cautious at night. The funny thing is, only now he starts to turn/roll onto his left side. Before this he only turn/roll to his right side. The best thing is, he can now say baba and mama and not randomly. He will say mama when he wants me and say baba when he sees his babah. :)

At this stage, he can already recognize faces so he is afraid of strangers. Not everyone he is comfortable with. He still enjoy watching Upin Ipin and Phineas and Ferbs cartoons. :)

This is mostly the position he sleeps in now.

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