Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Quick Review on Thor - The Dark World and Tips on Bringing Infants into Cinema

** Alert - May Contain Spoiler **

I gave the first Thor movie 8/10. At first I didn't want to watch it but I followed hubby and end up liking it. :) So last Monday we went to watch the sequel "The Dark World". I give it 7/10. I think because the story line was a bit more simple but I still enjoyed it. It is to be expected that the story also revolved around Jane Foster the earth mortal. This time some supposed to be extinguish creature planned to attack Asgard and all the 9 realm and make it a dark world. It has lots of sense of humor this time mostly with Dr Erik character. Loki was surprisingly kind of funny too. This time it seems that Thor and Loki worked together to try save Asgard...or is it? have to watch the movie to know the twist. You will also get to see one of the Avengers character make a short appearance. Who? Am not giving out you'll need to watch it yourself. hmm...when is The Avangers sequel coming out? Does anyone knows? I can't wait for that! Some people said the sequel is slow and some said it is not worth watching. Each person has different opinion even your close friends. So, if you want to know whether you like it or not, you will have to watch and judge it yourself. To me, it is one of those not to miss movie.

We brought Wildan to cinema with us. I have never been away from him since he was born. Alhamdulillah he is able to 98% behave himself. However, there are things to help us make sure that we are able to watch the movie without interruption by him and for him not to become a nuisance to other cinema patrons. It doesn't mean that if you have problem getting a babysitter for your infants you can't enjoy a movie or two. Here are my tips which I think most parents also do the same.

  1. Always buy a couple/twin seats so that your child can seat or sleep comfortably when he/she wants to. You will be more comfortable too.
  2. Watch at night when it is near his/her bed time. We also trained Wildan to fall asleep in a noisy surroundings like in front of tv or with music on. So he won't be bothered with the movie loud noise.
  3. Always bring a bottle of warm milk. It is better if you breastfeed. I breastfeed Wildan to sleep in the cinema while I watch the movie. It is dark, he is fed and it is cool inside the cinema. Eventually, your child should fall asleep.
  4. Last but not least, if it is your 1st time bringing your infants into cinema, be ready to get out of the cinema when necessary. The 1st time we went to watch Iron Man 3 and we were ready to bail if Wildan made a ruckus. We were lucky he didn't and fell asleep after 15 minutes the movie starts until we are home.

Some people say the fun is over when you have kids...I think the fun is just starting. You just need to work on the 'how' a little bit more. :)

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