Thursday, June 27, 2013

One Year Down, One More Year To Go!

I think you have read many times my disbelief on how fast a year has past by since our little precious came into our lives. It also means I have successfully fully breastfeed for a year plus now. Wildan will be 1 year 1 month old this Saturday. I am proud of myself for reaching to this level. I was determine to breastfeed even before I was pregnant and was even more determine when I was pregnant. I used to talk to my belly and said to the little one inside that I will nurture him with all the nutrition a mother's milk can give. At first I was a bit concerned since even my mom only breastfeed me for 19 days. Yes ladies and gentlemen...19 days coz she can't stand the pain. I think most of you know why the pain. The longest she breastfeed was 4 youngest brother. But still, I was determine.

It wasn't easy especially if you are a working mum. To husbands....don't take it for granted when your wife decides to fully breastfeed. Support her in anything she might need. Help her. Breastfeeding is more than just putting your baby's mouth to the teets and feed it. It requires strength, effort and patience. SERIOUSLY!!

I think one thing that helps me reach to this level (chewah...mcm level apa jer kan?) that I have never instill the thought of..."eh...nanti xde susu macam mana?"..."susu kuranglah"....all I can think and put in my head was...I want to breastfeed and I want to do it at least until Wildan is 2 years old. That's it and I just do it. Your body will react to your positive mindset positively.

No doubt there were times when the production did go down especially when I was sick...and that happened at least twice. So I had to take extra effort to wake up at night and pump to get extra EBM for Wildan's supply. Even my production is not like some lucky people that can get 20 to 30oz in one session of pumping...Alhamdulillah...until today I can still manage. I think for me, having the right pump also helps a lot.

I have 3 pumps. Yes, 3. Why 3? hmmm...kind of a long story. When I was still pregnant, I bought Medela Harmony Manual Breastpump. Why? Because I think it was good and I can do manually and it was on sale. But when I gave birth...I find that it was tiring and takes extra energy to pump. My hands were tired. So, I bought Medela Mini Electric Pump. It is a good pump. No doubt all Medela pumps are good but you need to choose the one that suits you best. I used it until I went back to work. Then, I realized, pumping each side will take 15-20 minutes which made it 30-40 minutes for me to finish both sides. Which also means...I will have to excuse myself from work for at least one hour to pump. 3 sessions mean 3 hours. hmmm....that is not good isn't it? So, I decide to invest to buy another pump...Medela Freestyle. Although it is expensive but it was worth it!! I love it! It has hands free function which means I can pump while doing house chores, can tandem pump with my hands free and I can double pump. Which also means...I will take half the time to be missing from work since I can pump both side simultaneously. So, I've been using Medela FS since October 2012. :) My other two pumps have been stored. I wanted to sell but......kind of sayang lah pulak.

Medela Harmony (Manual Pump)

Medela Mini Electric

Medela Freestyle
** Pictures from google

There have been ups and downs throughout the year. There are times when Wildan is teething and he likes to bite. OMG!! I felt like crying coz of the pain...during the bite and my skin was cut becoz of it. Each time I want to start to pump, I would close my eyes...and pray for it not to be painful. Fuh! But I need to pump. At home, Wildan doesn't want bottle if am direct feed all the time. Sometimes, I will take weeks for the cut/wound to heal. Ouch!!

Some people are not well informed about breastfeeding. Be it about how to breastfeed to the goodness of breastfeeding. It is the best supplement you can give to your child to boost his/her immune system. Someone said to me when Wildan was sick last two months.."eh..Wildan bukan fully breastfeed ker?". In my head I said..."Noks....ko ingat susu aku ada ilmu sakti boleh bagi anak aku kebal?" When you breastfeed your child it doesn't me he/she will not get sick. They will still do becoz it is one way for them to build their immune system. Breastmilk contains antibody that helps built the immune system. Bukan buat anak-anak anda jadi kebal yer puan-puan. Plus, you will have to see your genetic as well. I have asthma, so Wildan might be sensitive and prone to have sickness that can relate to it. Again, it doesn't mean he is immortal. :P

So, am going to continue my conquest for at least another year. Lets do it!! :)

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