Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wildan's Diary - A Catch Up Post (Part 2)

I was tired for the past two days. Mostly because I slept late the day I last updated this blog and woke up early and didn't get any day nap. Full of activities. So, part 2..the final part come in late. Finally am here to update. Unfortunately for me, I do not have a very good memory. The other day, on Wednesday..I can't even remember what I did on Monday. Gosh!! I had to think hard. So am gonna update month 15 and 16 combined together.

Remember that I took unpaid leave for the month of August? Well, Wildan had fully recover with no flu and cough for the whole month. We went for a normal 15th month check up and I managed to raise his weight to 10kg. Yeay!! However, sadly he got flu again just after 3 days I sent him back to daycare in September. My heart doesn't feel right on the first day I sent him. I saw a girl with running nose but I have no choice but to send him there. I have to go to work. sob sob. On Wednesday, third day at day care, I saw him having a running nose when I picked him up after work. Sigh...two days after that he started to cough...then fever...then the 7th day, he was admitted to hospital again for 5 days. I was so devastated. All that one month of hard work to make sure he gain weight all went to the drain. 5 days in the hospital and he lost his appetite and lost the whole 1kg he gained. uuwaaa!!! I am furious!! And the thing I hated most is he had to go through all the uncomfortable treatments to clear his lungs. :( I never want to see him like that again. So after he was discharged, I didn't sent him to daycare anymore. I was so mad! Instead, I brought him to work for almost 3 weeks. I am very grateful that I have such an understanding boss. He let me bring Wildan and go back after lunch but I need to make sure I finish my work. Some of the work I continue to do at home. Sadly, I have decided to resign to take care of Wildan for awhile. So as of now, I am a stay at home mom (SAHM). That is another different story...maybe I'll tell about that one later.

Even after he was discharged on 11th September, the fever was still there on and off and his flu didn't really stop either. On 29th September 2013, Wildan became 16 months old. By then, he is free of flu and cough. Alhamdulillah...he has gained 1kg back. He is now 10kg and 80cm tall. Mummy's handsome boy is healthy and mummy is happy. :) Wildan is a well behaved boy with occasionally normal tantrums when he is sleepy, hungry or has a wet diaper. I am blessed to have such a good boy. Not many vocabs yet. He still sticks to mama, baba and occasionally nanak (means don't want). He screams when he is in distress e.g leg is stuck, toys is stuck and he can't get it out. LOL He babbles a lot of baby talks and I hope he will start to say few words soon..the ones that I can understand of course. He knows when is his meal time and sometimes will push his highchair when he wants to eat. Loves the water and at times it is difficult to take him out of his bath tub. He still picks up things from the floor but most times he will give it to me. And each time I say "Pandai...!!" (smart boy)...and he will clap. It is like a reward to him for doing the right thing and he knows it. It is true at this age, a child can understand more than you think they do.

He loves to make frens and it is sad that he is no longer in a daycare where he can meet lots of other kids. If only those kids didn't make him sick. He also loves the playground. One time, I was passing by an indoor playground in a shopping mall. He saw it and anxiously saying "atah atah atah" while pointing at the slides. He doesn't climb the stairs to get to the slides...he normally climbs from the front. hehehe....There was one time I brought him to a playground at a park near our house. And he immediately lights up with a huge smile. He also hugged and kissed a boy who shared a see-saw (hope the spelling is correct :P ) with him. So cute! He also loves to go on a bike ride now that I have bought a child bike seat for him. Both hubby and me are outdoor person so we want Wildan to love outdoors too. Budak ni paling pantang kalau letak selipar or kasut dia kat depan dia. Terus nak pakai and tak sabar nak keluar. ahahahaha...Now that he can maneuver better he plays a lot with his push car. He will push the car where ever he goes in the car. He knows how to avoid obstables and make a u-turn now. ahahaha...precious!

Wildan, mummy and babah loves you so much. Mummy pray that you will grow up to be a good boy and a good muslim. Amin..

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