Monday, October 25, 2010

Misused of The Word 'Fat'

It has been a few weeks since I went back to my mom's place. Wanted to go back few times before but it seems there were always things in the way. Finally, yesterday (Saturday) I went back without hubward since he had to work. :(. Good! so he can pay my shopping house bills. eheheheheh

So, the first sentence I heard as I am walking through the door from my beloved sweet mother was "Ina, you look fat". OMG!!! Mom, you are not so sweet anymore. :P. And then she added, "And you look tall too." mom has come back as being sweet again. uhuhuhu....Tall, I like...Fat??? OMG!!! But how can a person be fat and tall at the same time. Come on mom...make up your mind already. Am I tall? Or am I fat? Ok.....don't answer the question. Coz I might just kill myself. uhuk

Honestly, the word fat has never entered as a vocabulary in my life before. I was known as the skinny tiny girl. Well, at least up till now. Ouh, I forgot. My sister arrived about half an hour after that, and the first sentence she said when she saw me is "Kaklong, you look fat." aaaaarrrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone, please kill me already!!!!!! Seriously..I screamed and my brother in law had to close his ears with his hands. After the scream, I can only reply with a question. "OMG!!! Am I that fat?". I have been hearing this word a few times already the past couple of weeks and 5 times were projected towards me. I am doomed!!!

After that, they explain that I am not really fat fat. You know what I mean? I am just a bit chubbier and fleshier than I used to be. Which is healthy. Really?? Or you guys are just being nice and don't want me to scream again? They say that my face is chubbier. uurghh...I hate that!! I mean...I can flatten my tummy by jogging and do some sit-ups but chubby face, how do I shrink my face?? I want to try eat less....but that is so damn hard to do. I have never had to change my diet before. I WANT TO BE SKINNY AGAIN!!! I am so afraid of the word FAT that I'll go screaming each time I hear that word. I only weigh 42kg and I used to weigh only between 36kg to 39kg.

Guys and girls...please be careful when you use the word FAT and don't misuse it coz you might just kill someone. Chubby is not FAT. Now I have to eat less and exercise more. Hopefully with badminton 2 times a week, jogging 3 times a week and a dance class every Sunday will help me to reduce some fat. But fat on my do I get rid of that? Any suggestions?? :( 

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